University of Nicosia Accepts Bitcoin

The University of Nicosia (UNic in Cyprus announced to the world in a press release that they are the first University to accept Bitcoin.  Besides that gigantic piece of news, the University is also specially promoting their acceptance of Bitcoin for their new Master’s Degree in Digital Currency.  They plan to release their new course of study to students and to the online community in Spring 2014.  The first class in their Master’s Degree program is going to be offered online free of charge, we will of course provide the link to that here at CryptoCoinsNews.  Hopefully many, many netizens around the world will take advantage of this coming opportunity to educate oneself on the future and on digital currencies.

UNic is not only the largest private university in Cyprus, it is one of the largest English instruction universities in the whole of the Mediterranean.  No word yet has been released on how UNic will be accepting Bitcoin; specifically, which exchange or Bitcoin payment processor they would be using.  Apparently, UNic will also be accepting Bitcoin at any of their associated schools or programs all around Europe.  No individual has yet paid their tuition in Bitcoin yet, but the opportunity has just begun and I’m positive that someone will step up to the challenge.

Their International Fact Sheet for Tuition and Fees has not been updated to include Bitcoin as an accepted form of payment.  The average cost of a year’s tuition at UNic is around ~9.000 Euro or a little under 16 BTC at current exchange rates.  Whether or not current exchange rates will hold until Spring 2014 remains to be seen.

RT has a very in depth article on the subject here.

I really hope that organizations around the world step up to offer Bitcoin scholarships to individuals that would like to get their Master’s in Digital Currency from UNic.  I would definitely apply!