PlayStation 4 Gets Away With Terrible 2019

PlayStation might be a popular brand, but that doesn’t mean they should get away with having a really terrible year game wise.

Where Chelsea FC Should Spend the $200 Million Transfer Budget in January

Chelsea has a $200 million transfer budget to splurge on players come January. Here are the players they target in the transfer window.

What You Can Expect from PlayStation’s Final 2019 State of Play (Hint: It Involves Resident Evil 3)

PlayStation unexpectedly announced one final State of Play for 2019, and Sony fans should expect news about the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Facebook (FB) Is the ‘Most Deceptive’ FAANG Stock; What’s Mark Zuckerberg Really Hiding?

Facebook’s Q3 earnings transcript suggests the firm was far less transparent than the rest of the FAANG stocks

Dow Surges After Blowout Jobs Data Distract from Sluggish Economy

The Dow surged on Friday after blowout jobs data dovetailed with new Chinese tariff waivers to distract from a sluggish US economy.

Tesla (TSLA) Insiders are Not Buying Elon Musk’s Robo-Taxi Pipe Dream

Tesla insiders know Elon Musk’s promise of launching robo-taxis in 2020 is going to fall flat on its face and are dumping shares.

Will the Longest Bull Market in U.S. History Lead to Economic Ruin? History Says Yes

The U.S. stock market is in the longest bull market in history. The last time there was a decade-long rally, a tragic recession followed.

Bitcoin Holders Will See ‘Life-Changing Profits’ in 2020, Trader Predicts

Bitcoin price action has been boring as of late. However, a trader believes that this will change for crypto in 2020. Other analysts agree.

Legendary Trader Presents Two Scenarios for Parabolic $100,000 Bitcoin Price

Legendary trader Peter Brandt shared his bitcoin report to the public. In…

Rockstar’s Terrible PC-Mod Nukes Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam Launch

The PC version of cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Steam yesterday and it hasn’t gone well at all to say the least.

Dow Futures Tread Cautiously Despite Strong Jobs Growth Expectations

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures were up by 0.23% in Friday’s premarket hours ahead of the release of the non-farm payrolls report.

Hideo Kojima is Patching Death Stranding’s 3 Most Frustrating Mechanics

New Death Stranding patch arrives mid-December. It should fix three of the…

France Hates Facebook’s Libra So Much it’s Developing its Own Digital Currency

France’s answer to Facebook’s Libra threat is to launch its own wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC) per its central bank governor.

Consumer Credit Bubble Could Drag Economy into Recession

Consumer credit card and other debts are showing distress after years of easy money chasing risky profits like the subprime housing bubble.

Jason Garrett May Not Survive The Weekend After Cowboys Lose again

Jerry Jones has been critical of his coaching staff after the Cowboys…

5 Things Nintendo Desperately Needs to Fix in 2020

Nintendo has made a lot of mistakes in 2019, and the game company needs to fix them in preparation for the next console war.

Alex Caruso Hype Is Out of Control, but He’s Still Been Indispensable

Alex Caruso has received outsized attention from fans and media in the season’s early going. What’s the real justification behind his rise?

YouTube Rewind 2019 Is the Blandest Thing on the Face of the Planet

YouTube Rewind 2019 is here, and it is the blandest video that has ever existed.

Primetime Superstar Dak Prescott Leads Cowboys Into Hostile Territory vs. Bears

In a must-win road game against the Bears on Thursday night, the Cowboys have a trump card in primetime superstar Dak Prescott.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 3-Point Range Looks Real, and The NBA Should Be Terrified

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s three-point range seems real, perhaps leaving the rest of the NBA powerless to stop him and the Bucks.

Treasury Yields Drift Higher as New York Fed’s Recession Indicator Flashes Warning Sign

U.S. Treasury yields edged higher on Thursday, as investors monitored ongoing trade talks between the United States and China.

NBA Would Open Pandora’s Box by Awarding Houston Rockets a Win via Protest

The league would open the door to all sorts of contested results by either awarding the Rockets a victory over the Spurs or ordering the final 7:50 of regulation to be replayed.

Dow Stuck Ahead of Friday’s Jobs Report & Next Week’s Tariff Time-Bomb

The Dow Jones stumbled sideways ahead of Friday’s jobs report and a troublesome weekend, as Trump’s December tariffs loom large.

The Strange Tale of Soviet Jump Game, the Original Battle Royale

A lost, unfinished Dendy game? The first-ever Battle Royale game 30-years before its time? Soviet Jump Game seems too good to be true.

Lakers Silence Skeptics With Brutal 48-Hour Beatdown

The Los Angeles Lakers quieted skeptics over the last 48 hours with impressive back-to-back wins, but more tests await.