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About Us

CCN.com, owned and operated by Find.co, is a site focused on cryptocurrencies, business, finance and technology – with an occasional foray into the worlds of culture and science – that informs, enlightens, empowers and, sometimes, even entertains a global audience. We aim to cover the news and explain why it matters, provide in-depth and authoritative analysis and research, showcase interviews with industry insiders as well as feature opinion from thought leaders.

We aim to inform, interpret, rate, scrutinize, enlighten, empower and entertain. Our reporting comes from a place of authority and sets out to offer clarity on a range of complex topics – from crypto and blockchains through AI to global financial markets. We feature content distinguished by comprehensive insight using an informed and engaging tone that is at once accessible, interesting and insightful while also maintaining its editorial integrity.

Our Approach

CCN prides itself on unbiased, in-depth reporting of the stories that matter. We thoroughly research and investigate a wide variety of topics and present our findings in jargon-free language that caters to all readers – from the novice to insider. We rely on expert insight to guide our coverage, which is timely, thorough and transparently sourced.

CCN is focused on publishing coverage that reports the news and delves into what it means, providing the answers to questions that readers are asking in a fast-moving world of ongoing and relentless technological advances.

Our Audience

We cater to readers’ diverse demands within the cryptosphere as well as the worlds of business, tech, culture and science by providing comprehensive coverage of news that is interpreted and delivered in an easy-to-understand manner without pandering or compromising on professionalism or quality. CCN is not only a resource for news and analysis, but a destination for thought-provoking content tailored to answer the questions readers are asking.

Our History

CCN.com was founded in the summer of 2013 by Norwegian entrepreneur Jonas Borchgrevink with a focus on cryptocurrencies. In 2018, its scope was expanded to cover a greater range of topics including politics, sports and entertainment. In 2023, the site was acquired by Malta-based Find.co and subsequently relaunched.

Our Responsibility

Our journalists take the responsibility for accuracy seriously and endeavour to correct errors in a timely manner – if a story contains inaccuracies or requires correcting please let us know. We’d also love to hear from you if you have news tips or story ideas, feedback or just want to say hello.

Contact us at [email protected] 

Our Team

Head of Content: Robert Galster
Senior Editor: Darryn Pollock
Deputy Editor: Samantha Dunn
Education Editor: Alisha Bains
Deputy Editor: Giuseppe Ciccomascolo
Technical Writer: Valdrin Tahiri
Price Analyst Reporter: Peter Henn
Education Chart Analyst: Andrew Kamsky
News Reporter: Teuta Franjkovic
News Reporter: James Morales
News Reporter: Shraddha Sharma
News Reporter: Eddie Mitchell
Technical Analyst: Nikola Lazic
Features Writer: Stephen Samuels

Get in touch
At CCN, accuracy and transparency are core values. If you see an error in our reporting, please let us know so we can act on it promptly.