MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 28, 2019: Aimed at giving a tough challenge to the existing cryptocurrencies with limited or nil functionality, SGC (Secured Gold Coin) has released its long-awaited whitepaper.

Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited is proud to announce the release of its strategic document for a brand new revolutionary hybrid coin, backed by a physical reserve, that operates on SGCs own state-of-the-art blockchain. Its asset-backed property is designed to offer its users intrinsic value, mitigate price volatility and market fluctuation concerns, and encourage a fair market of supply and demand.

The Asset consists of Gold Bullion stored in a vault with the highly reliable and secure Gold Silver Central Pty Limited in Singapore. The Gold Bullion is insured by Lloyd’s of London, another trusted name, with the insurance applicable to the entire Gold Bullion reserve and covers the value of Gold Bullion starting from US$100 in case of theft, damage, or loss. 

What is Secured Gold Coin?

A project of an Australian-based company, Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited. SGC or Secured Gold Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency, integrated with SGC Pay Debit Card for enhanced usability of crypto in conjunction with existing fiat currencies. Each Secured Gold Coin is a combination of digital assets, which represents the utility, and a physical asset backing.

“Gold itself is a supremely stable asset as compared to other rare metals and this fact motivated us to conceptualise a gold-backed hybrid cryptocurrency, minimising the fear of fluctuations and instability. Not just that, association of digital assets increases the liquidity aspect of the currency, which is otherwise not possible, and these two concepts form the backbone of the SGC vision.” Qazi Ahmad Mukhtar, the CEO of SGC said.

The world economy today, is obscure, manipulative and is extremely unfair. There is a huge count of miscellaneous cryptocurrencies that have made huge claims and subsequently, failed to deliver on their promises. Some cryptocurrencies have demonstrated massive market fluctuations and rapid lows and highs, whereas others have no utility or usability.

Furthermore, other cryptocurrencies that entered the market by raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering lost their value over time simply because coin holders could not exit their positions; a consequence of poor liquidity and the lack of being able to use or spend those coins. All in all, only a few cryptocurrencies can be considered reasonable alternatives to traditional issues faced by the investor and user markets.

From this perspective, SGC or Secured Gold Coin, combining all of its properties and addressing issues faced by its ancestors (coins, utility tokens, asset-backed crypto), is a cryptocurrency of today, leading to a brighter future. Based on SGC’s own innovative blockchain, Secured Gold Coin is the epitome of security, stability, and usability. It is a perfect fit for everyone, be it users or investors. Being a crypto-enthusiast, you can buy SGC coins without the fear of volatility, unreliability, and lack of liquidity.

SGC can be used for both online and offline transactions, with the capability of using the cryptocurrency itself as a means of transaction or using the integrated SGC Pay Debit Card, that is accepted worldwide for any and all transactions. You can also send, receive or transfer your coins instantly, without any territorial restrictions and without paying hefty fees associated with such transfers. Furthermore, Secured Gold Coin comes with liquidity enhancement and attractive referral incentives. For more information, access SGC’s Whitepaper now by clicking here.

For more information, please contact:

PR Representative – Natalya Bronzova

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Marketing Director – Waleed Paracha

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Secured Gold Coin Pty Ltd.


Australian Company Number (ACN) – 624 066 860

Company Email – [email protected]

For media enquiries, please contact us via email on [email protected]

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