New Hampshire: The Bitcoin Capital of America

January 14, 2014 02:33 UTC

Just recently. began accepting Bitcoin payments. The launch was a massive success, with the company seeing over $125,000 in sales. After less than a week, Overstock has decided to share some statistics on its Bitcoin transactions.

The items most purchased with Bitcoin were:

  • Sheets
  • Cell phone cases
  • Flash drives
  • Bath towels

And the number one state for purchases? New Hampshire. New Hampshire had the most transactions per capita, about 14.36 per million residents.

Image from Business Insider

Of course, it hasn’t really been much time since Bitcoin launched on Overstock. It’ll be interesting to see these statistics next year when more data is available.

On a side note, Arkansas ranked last for Bitcoin transactions per capita. Just 0.68 per million residents. Better step it up, Arkansas.


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