Blockchain, Smart Contracts Come to the Digital Advertising Market with SaTT

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US company ATAYEN develops a Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT) to utilize blockchain technology for the online advertising and publishing market. The new project utilizes its own smart contracts, which allows advertisers to set exact parameters of ads and to make automatic payments to the publishers or affiliates instantly after they accomplish all campaign objectives. Publishers can also check campaign performance from the publisher directly with analysis from the chosen “oracle” app.

The Gauthier Brothers and Stephanie Clement joined Facebook as developers in 2011. Since then they have released the IFrame Suite of apps for Facebook pages, communities and websites, such as Contact Forms and Sharing Tools. In 2014, the team found a company called ATAYEN, that have reached more than 4 mln corporate users in 120 countries.

As Gauthier and Clement state, their experience in development of digital advertising tools led them to the idea of using blockchain for solving “major issues of digital ads”. To realize this, ATAYEN’s team created SaTT. SaTT is a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, which is generally used to access the SaTT platform and as a means of exchange within it.

Smart contracts for digital ads

The SaTT platform lists advertising offers with all data held securely on the Ethereum network. The reliability of deals between advertisers and publishers in the SaTT platform is based on smart contracts and third-party “oracle” apps, which is the service for evaluating and validating an advertising campaign’s performance for the customer.

The developers say current affiliate networks’ centralized structure is vulnerable hacking attacks and technical accidents. Blockchain as a distributed network is harder to hack or malfunction completely. Smart contracts within the blockchain is capable of preventing fraud, securing transactions and faking ads campaign data.

In addition, the smart contract is a way of making deals on the SaTT platform. It consists of several stages. First, an advertiser announces ads campaign objectives with certain criteria for participation of the publishers or affiliates, and also selectan oracle to track the campaign’s performance. The appropriate contractor then executes the campaign according to the conditions. Once the campaign successfully finishes and is approved by the chosen oracle, the smart contract automatically makes the payment to the affiliate.

Performance validators for advertisers

An oracle is an analytical tool for advertisers to obtain accurate results of the campaign directly, bypassing publishers. Oracles are being constructed by the Atayen and other developers on the base of existing analytical services, such as Magento, Socialmention, Datadome etc. They perform different tasks: count views, clicks or lead engagement, evaluate the reputation of the publisher on social networks, validate the quality of the campaign, prevent potential fraud and much more. It uses analytical data to determine if the conditions of the smart contract are fulfilled. Several different Oracles may be involved in the process before a transaction is approved.

Oracles can be developed directly by ATAYEN or any other developer via the SaTT API. The advertiser can choose the most relevant of the validated applications or create a custom one. Application developers get a fee when transactions are approved and validated.

Store, crowdsale, and roadmap

In order “to make SaTT more liquid” ATAYEN also developed a  “PayBySaTT” function for its application store and plans to offer an SDK to implement exclusive goods and events inside the platform, that would be available for exchange with SaTT.

SaTT crowdsale began on May 1 and will last until July 1. The company issued 420 mln tokens with the price of $0.42 each. A minimum amount of purchase is $50. There is a bonus of 50 percent tokens in addition to the volume of acquired ones. Tokens can be exchanged on the ATAYEN official website using Ethereum, Bitcoin or USD.

The team is going to release payments for existing ATAYEN apps with SaTT tokens and SaTT-based invoices for e-mail campaigns in June, even before crowdsale ends. In September there will be different Oracles introduced and the campaign offer directory will be launched. A release of the SaTT smart contract, developer API, and SDK is planned for November.

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