Fixy ICO Opportunity Last Call before Exchange Listing and Multiple Partnerships Announcement


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Cryptocurrencies continue to slow down today as all major coins are in the red on the recent weeks. Bitcoin (BTC) is struggling for gains above $8,000 following concerns over increased regulation and governments crackdown.

In a report issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the government reiterated its position against “certain risks that cannot be ignored” in regards to ICOs, pyramid schemes, and fraudulent behavior. Recent crackdown also happened in the US, where The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) announced one of the largest coordinated series of enforcement actions by state and provincial securities regulators in the United States and Canada to crack down on fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency-related investment products, and those behind them.

Despite of the uncertainty and current bear market status, there was bullish statement coming from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak compared Ethereum to Apple, saying it, “interests [him] because it can do things and because it’s a platform.”. The statement shed some light about the bright future of Ethereum based platform, which Fixy Netwok currently running on.

Within the current context, Fixy Network ICO is a rare opportunity in the current bear market as an investment that abides the law and will yield good Return of Investment for investors. On track project progress since the idea inception, dedicated team members, and already secured multiple partnerships among the reasons of why that is the case.

Multiple Partnerships Announcement

In retrospect, it was already teased that Fixy Network has secured NDA partnership with two established franchise companies. Today, we are more than happy to announce that four companies will also join strategic partnership with Fixy Network which three of them are pointing the Fixy CEO, Hasan Turgut as one of their board of advisor members.

The four companies that joining partnerships with Fixy Network are :

PlanEx (, an ecosystem where financial assets and crypto assets, meet hedge funds. “PlanEx” freely converts financial market assets into crypto-tokens (XPX standard) and vice versa, without any restrictions. Fast, cheap, safe and anywhere in the world. Da Vinci Capital, Crypto Global Capital and ITI Capital fully support this project!

CryptoRiya (, is a unique crypto platform for to spend, withdraw, sell, buy & sends any crypto-currency anywhere globally without any bank account

INVOLVE (, who is the unique crypto platform for mobile apps. “Involve” aims to show how mobile gaming industry should look like in the digital currency era by combining the best taken from traditional mobile platforms with blockchain technology.

U.K. based cryptocurrency exchange CurrenX ( CurrenX will allow you to trade almost all Cryptocurrency out there with a trading fee and FIAT gateway. Fixy (ticker : FXY) Token will also be listed here in July as one of the first tokens on platform. GoByte (GBX), Linda (LINDA), Blue Protocol (BLUE), NEUTRON (NTRN) support this project.

We are excited to inform all investors that more following partnerships are in the pipeline !

Last call to all interested investors to join Fixy Network ICO !

Project continuation is guaranteed regardless the crowdfunding status and tokens will be listed on 2 exchanges (with BTC and ETH pair) shortly after the ICO is finished.

Last level ICO will commence from 25th to 31th May 2018.

Total supply  100.000.000 FXY (68% of total supply is available for sale)

Price rate : 1 ETH = 5000 FXY




Unsold tokens will be burned.

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