censoredBitcoinTalk staff quietly banned multiple accounts that were connected to Sir William’s protest against BitcoinTalk for allowing people to buy and sell their BitcoinTalk accounts.

MajidBC, the account who messaged SirWilliam in an attempt to purchase his account, is now banned along with the “CozyLife” account as they found the write-up on their practices not to their liking. CCN’s policy is only to report what authors can prove and to update the articles with new information as it arrives.

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BitcoinTalk Staff Quietly Bans Those Who Speak Up

A new petition encourages Theymos, the administrator of BitcoinTalk, to give his side of the story for an addition to the article about his website, instead of quietly banning accounts. While the accounts still appear to be active accounts as their member status has not changed, the accounts in question are unable to PM people or post on the forum. The Bitcoin community is founded on decentralized behavior, and the actions of the BitcoinTalk staff reflect how centralization can effect others when a select handful of people can control the masses.

Media must follow certain ethical standards when reporting the news and at CCN, our team follows the standards to the letter. We believe that our readers have a right to know what’s going on in the world, and we don’t believe in hiding or altering any aspect of that reality. Even when it might hurt to hear the truth about something, you have the right to know that it happened. BitcoinTalk’s attempt to silence people from speaking out will not stop the media from reporting on it’s folly, but it will spur new articles on how they handled the situation. Everyone should have a voice. Everyone deserves to know the truth. You deserve to know the truth.

BitcoinTalk Staff Decentralized
Decentralized Future

You’ve had to endure the dishonesty of politicians, while business owners seek to control what information you receive and form monopolies on their market. With a decentralized future, you can make decisions for yourself along with your fellow man. BitcoinTalk and other major players could benefit from a decentralized control structure. If enough people vote to remove an account, it will be removed. If enough people wish to reinstate that account, it will be reinstated. Blockchain technology makes all of this possible, and all the largest Bitcoin forum needs to do is implement it.

BitcoinTalk staff wouldn’t need to moderate the forums any longer if they become decentralized, and their already existing trust from the community would only get stronger for it.


Do you think that the BitcoinTalk forum should become decentralized so that the members control the site? What ramifications would they need to consider? If there was a BitcoinTalk coin to govern the weight of people’s votes on the forum, would it be useful? Would you buy it? How do you feel about BitcoinTalk’s staff members quietly banning people for speaking out against them? Leave a comment below and express your views.

Disclosure: BitcoinTalk staff banned my “CozyLife” account for speaking up.

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