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Warsaw, Poland-Oct 31, 2018

Bitcademy has registered in Estonia as part of its plan to commence an Initial Coin Offering in December 2018. Bitcademy has selected Estonia as its country of registration after a careful selection process focused on protecting the rights of Bitcademy and its token holders. Estonia is a recognized hub for tokenized platforms with over 1000 successful ICOs choosing to be domiciled there. Bitcademy will be releasing more details as the Initial Coin Offering approaches including a Bounty Program and other important information to our growing community and the greater public. For more information regarding Bitcademy, visit

About Bitcademy

Bitcademy is revolutionizing Football Industry by leveling the playing field for aspiring football stars in the least developed countries. The platform enables token holders to influence the game by selecting and funding future superstars based on a next-generation player dashboard incorporating innovations in wearable devices and artificial intelligence as well as traditional coaching assessments. Our unique approach is rooted in the real economy and will be extended to other organizations and sports around the world as a solution to assess and fund sports prospects everywhere.

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