Utopia P2P Ecosystem and its Crypton Cryptocurrency Have Officially Launched

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December 10, 2019 11:59 AM UTC
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The Utopia is an exclusive software that was developed by a team of network technology enthusiasts with the ideology that the value of freedom of speech must not be underestimated, but, by all means, it must be implemented in the online world, too. Albeit, the concept of “freedom” isn’t confined in terms of expressing without boundaries, but it extends to further significant issues, such as conducting financial transactions unhindered. Thus, the team’s mission was to bring the revolution to the online world in every field that people could interact with the internet.

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that guarantees the full anonymity, privacy, and security of its users. The network is independent, as its blockchain technology doesn’t use any central server for data storage and transmission. Thus, its users can communicate online without having to reveal their physical location, while their personal data is secured from third party interception of any kind. Furthermore, all the data is encrypted and is stored on the user’s device only.

Utopia comprises abundant apps such as encrypted instant messenger, channels, secure and spam-free e-mail named uMail, electronic wallet with built-in Crypton cryptocurrency, private browser, file manager, maps, and plenty of others. All these apps can be used on a daily basis and simultaneously, as users have the option to open them on a separate tab. 

In addition, the software’s ecosystem has adjusted to its platform a combination of AES256 and Curve25519 encryption methods. Thereby, all and every data (messages, files, contacts, etc.) are being encrypted by default. 

Regarding financial functionality, the team of Utopia carried the challenge to make online transactions safer. They managed it by incorporating a mineable cryptocurrency as the software’s native coin, the so-called Crypton. Crypton is a part of uWallet, and it allows its users to conduct anonymous and more secure payments, as it is not obligatory to disclose the public key that has been used if you issue instant virtual Crypto Card. Measures have been taken to prevent other organizations or the government from exploiting the coin of Utopia. In other words, Utopia is the only platform that secures 100 percent of its users’ financial transactions, and that can set the mediation of third party trust organizations as avoidable.

Being in favor of stability and speed, Utopia also awards its users with Crypton’s. All they have to do is to support the software by remaining online and participating in data transmissions. The reward is credited to the users every 15 minutes. Besides, Utopia allows its users to use more than one device to run mining bots and multiply the power and speed of mining. Hence, they earn more in less time. 

Except for uWallet and Crypton’s, Utopia offers many other possibilities. Once logged into the platform, the user can enjoy all benefits of private and group messaging with secure nstant messenger, by sending and receiving messages and voice records that are encrypted and secured. As a rule, in Utopia, in every form of communication is used cryptography.

Moreover, this ecosystem includes the uMail, which is an alternative spam-free email platform. The layout of the uMail is similar to the original one, as an inbox, a trash folder, the filters, and a search mode are the main options. As a result, the uMail is handier for the Utopia users who were familiar with the traditional form.

The software also has a built-in Idyll browser that allows its users to anonymously surf the websites hosted in the Utopia network. Besides, the Utopia Name System (uNS), which incorporates packet forwarding, built-in P2P hosting of websites, network dashboard, and treasury data, is available for the users.

Currently, Utopia is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, albeit, by the year 2020, the mobile app will also be presented by its team. The software is fully functional for the public that is concerned about its anonymity and security and challenges them to experiment with all its tools – instant messenger, spam-free email, file storage, electronic wallet, and Crypton mining. As the team behind Utopia wanted to make sure that all the users could benefit from every capacity that the software has to offer, they designed a dashboard with a simple layout and a convenient interface. 

In the world of integration, the internet has enabled people to communicate directly through calls, emails, and instant messages that travel from the sender to the receiver without any interference. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the money transactions, where third party mediation is mostly inevitable. Although, trusting some mediators is difficult, and potential acts of malefaction can lead to a significant loss. On this ground, in the Utopia’s blockchain network, all the transactions are being verified by thousands of computers, and this fact diminishes the requirement of human involvement in the whole process. 

Summarizing, the Utopia can be characterized as the ideal partner to people who desire to escape from the 24/7 surveillance camera and the censorship that paramount in every action realized online. Download and install Utopia on your device at https://u.is.

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