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September 30, 2019 3:37 PM UTC

SmartMixer: A Cryptocurrency Mixing Platform that Restores Privacy and Security in Bitcoin and Altcoin Transactions

Croydon, London, Great Britain. August 30, 2019 – A new cryptocurrency mixing platform has gone online promising anonymity in all cryptocurrency dealings undertaken via its innovative system. The platform makes it possible for people to carry out online cryptocurrency transactions without the fear of such…

Croydon, London, Great Britain. August 30, 2019 – A new cryptocurrency mixing platform has gone online promising anonymity in all cryptocurrency dealings undertaken via its innovative system. The platform makes it possible for people to carry out online cryptocurrency transactions without the fear of such transactions ever becoming public. This development is a welcome move in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, which already is hazy with increased attempts at fraud.

Crypto enthusiasts fronted the coins as anonymous forms of making payment or transferring value. It, however, is emerging that this statement is not wholly true. Cryptocurrency is pseudonymous at best, not anonymous. People on either end of a cryptocurrency transaction, as such, can learn more about each other, including personal information just by pecking the links available in the address of a cryptocurrency wallet.

The launch of the SmartMixer platform, as such, is very timely. Aside from helping users restore privacy and security, it will also help fend off government and oversight authority intrusion, and eliminate invasion by hackers.

Overall, the SmartMixer platform aims to conceal the origin of Bitcoin and altcoin transactions, allowing users to make anonymous payments and eliminating the possibility of anyone tracing the transactions of another person. The developments and innovative features of the SmartMixer platform, it is hoped, will address the evident gaps that cryptocurrency transactions pose.

The SmartMixer Cryptocurrency Mixing Platform

Most of the complications and fraud cases related to cryptocurrencies stem from the fact that cryptocurrency wallets reveal a lot more information than is necessary. A recipient in a transaction, as such, may, just by a few clicks, determine the balance in your account and take stock of all the transactions you have undertaken. If such a person is up to no good, he may go further and defraud you, again, with just a few clicks.

The SmartMixer cryptocurrency mixing platform is putting a stop to all this by allowing you to put your money into pools of cryptocurrency, make anonymous payments if you want, and get the rest in an equally anonymous wallet. The coins you receive in the said wallet will have no relationship whatsoever to the crypto you pumped into the SmartMixer platform.

Also, your transactions will be discreet and no associate, business partner, client, or recipient in your crypto transactions can associate you with the wallet from which they received money from you.

The core development team at the SmartMixer platform understand that cryptocurrencies easily are the most convenient form of transferring value. However, they also understand the risks that come with using crypto. Their solutions, as such, seeks to make crypto irreplaceable.

Reasons Why the SmartMixer is Timely

There are three main reasons why cryptocurrency mixing is essential. These reasons are; privacy when transferring value, anonymity when conducting business or when buying goods and services online, and secrecy when holding crypto in jurisdictions that are indifferent to the potential of cryptocurrency.

To understand how the SmartMixer addresses the issues highlighted above, it is prudent to provide a definition. According to the legend on its website, the team has defined their product as a cryptocurrency mixing service or a tumbler where crypto users mix their coins with many others in the tumbler. In the end, the user gets altcoins into a discreet address that have no traceable connections to him or her.

The Reasons Explained

As explained here above, there are three reasons why this product is timely. Here below, is a look in depth at the issues and the solutions that SmartMixer offers.

When transferring money or value – Many people now send and receive payments through crypto. And, while these people thought that such transactions are anonymous, it turns out they are not. The recipient can easily dig for and unearth confidential information.

Integrity of e-commerce and other forms of online transactions – It is common practice to furnish online vendors with personal information such as home addresses, especially when doorstep delivery is part of the transaction. Such information can give you away if it is linked to the crypto address from whence your payment comes.

Holding Crypto in Dictatorships – Some regimes have not wrapped their heads around the potential of cryptocurrencies. Such governments are deliberately making it cumbersome for their citizens to hold wealth in crypto.

The SmartMixer solution addresses all these issues raised here. Users can now make anonymous payments that are not traceable to them, or they can channel money into discreet accounts without giving themselves away to oversight authority.

The Features of the SmartMixer Platform

For the purposes of creating anonymity, the SmartMixer has three features that make it apt for the assignment. These are:

  • It does not keep post-transaction logs
  • Is wholly anonymous
  • Can be customized

In a world where privacy and security is a dear currency, having anonymity when transacting online is ever more important. Learn more on how to reclaim your privacy using the Smart Mixer using these contact details: Email: and through the Telegram channel:

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