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Canada’s most advanced exchange is including DGB in 61-country expansion.

Amsterdam, 2 November 2018, The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) is pleased to announce that DigiByte will be listed on the CoinField™ Cryptocurrency Exchange and included in the revolutionary new moonGO™ App.

From its launch in February 2018 by Central Crypto Exchange Corp, CoinField™ is quickly becoming Canada’s top cryptocurrency exchange. This regulatory compliant platform features cutting-edge security and instant KYC for a worry-free trading experience.

CoinField™ has also partnered with Manticore Ventures to expand its services globally through the moonGo™ App. This full-featured app allows for commission-free cryptocurrency trading, and digital assets can be transferred to wallets outside of moonGo™ anytime.

Users can also withdraw fiat currency directly to moonGO™ cards, and use the cards to make purchases online or at any retailer that accepts credit cards. The moonGo™ account can be set up and verified in about 60 seconds and funded with fiat or cryptocurrency.

DigiByte will launch on the CoinField exchange in Q4, 2018 as a trading pair to BTC/XRP. It will become a base trading pair to fiat in Q1-2, 2019 with 6 available currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED). DigiByte will also be included in the moonGo™ App as a direct USD/EUR pair when it launches later this year or early 2019.

According to Rudy Bouwman, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of the DigiByte Awareness Team: “This is a fantastic opportunity for DigiByte to expand its reach through the CoinField™ platform. The addition of fiat pairs will provide DigiByte users with more liquidity and trading volume. The commission-free trades and fiat withdrawal features of the moonGo™ App are truly unique and forward thinking.”

About CoinField™

CoinField is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Crypto Exchange Corp. based in Vancouver, with the mission of making a seamless cryptocurrency trading platform accessible to Canadian traders to build a more secure, faster, and more inclusive digital economy.

About moonGo™

moonGO™ is a partnership between CoinField and Manticore Ventures based in Malta. The moonGo™ App offers global, commission-free crypto currency trading.

About DigiByte and The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT)

DigiByte is the fastest, most secure and most decentralized open-source blockchain. The DGBAT is a community-driven marketing and education campaign to promote awareness and utilization of the DigiByte blockchain. For more information about DigiByte please visit For additional information about DGBAT, please contact or visit

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