October 3, 2014 9:00 AM

Brawker CEO Cyril Houri Puts Bitcoin Hating Author in His Place

Every now and then, people try to do their very best to tell people what a farce Bitcoin is. In that process, they often focus on the Bitcoin enthusiasts. Getting them angry seems to be the point of these pointless attacks.

CCN knows better than to pay attention to this but, sometimes, the Bitcoin community reacts in such a way that the story becomes worth telling.

Meet Jeffrey Robinson. Robinson recently wrote a book about Bitcoin called “The naked truth about Bitcoin.” We did not read it but it seems the book tries to convince people that they can’t buy anything with the virtual currency. To stress the this even more, Robinson claimed that his book could never be bought with Bitcoin. Robinson was all over Twitter, antagonizing people and trying to anger the community.

Educating Jeffrey Robinson

Luckily, the Bitcoin community is smart enough to counter stuff like this. When Robinson tweeted about his book and how it can’t be purchased with Bitcoin, Brawker CEO Cyril Houri decided it was time to step up and face Robinson. He used Brawker’s platform to buy the book with Bitcoin. Brawker is a platform that allows its customers to buy any item they want from any online store. By using Brawker, customers are able to pay with Bitcoin for their items. The same happened when Houri bought Robinson’s book.

We don’t have to tell you that this made for an interesting answer to Robinson’s tweet.

Robinson:  The “naked truth” book that explains why you can’t buy this book with :

Houri:  Just purchased your book with on : Here’s how it works:

Robinson:  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the book.

Brawker CEO Cyril Houri had a great reply for writer Jeffrey Robinson after he tweeted that his new book was not buyable with Bitcoin.

It seems innovation in the Bitcoin space is coming so fast that some authors are having a hard time keeping up with what’s impossible and what’s happening every day. Let this be a lesson for everyone that thinks he or she should give a public opinion about Bitcoin without checking the facts first. You can buy virtually anything with Bitcoin. Brawker is one of the companies that facilitate this process. When asked about his platform, Houri responded with a short answer that says it all.

“We think Brawker is a significant addition to the Bitcoin ecosystem as it allows bitcoin owners to buy anything they want from any online retailer with their bitcoins. The purchase of this book on Amazon that was supposed to be un-buyable with bitcoins is the perfect example.”

His action showed why his company is a great addition to the Bitcoin community. Interested in buying something with Bitcoin? Don’t hesitate or think some things are impossible to come by. Nowadays, Bitcoin can be used for everything. As it should be!

Images by Amazon Digital Services and Brawker.

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