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Prince Harry’s Royal Star Is Burning Out – And I’m Scared He’s Getting Desperate

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • There have been numerous reports that Prince Harry isn’t a happy camper since his move to Hollywood with his wife, Meghan Markle.
  • The coronavirus pandemic effectively trashed the plans of the two royal family ex-pats.
  • Brand management expert Eric Schiffer reveals what lengths Prince Harry could sink to next.

We’ve all read the reports that Prince Harry is finding life in Hollywood more difficult than he expected.

He may not have realized it at the time, but by going to Los Angeles, Prince Harry effectively severed his ties to the life that he knew so well in the U.K.

This includes his friends.

Source: Twitter 

A royal source told Vanity Fair  recently:

He has a lot of friends in the military community in the U.K., and of course he misses them. This is a very strange time for us all, but I think Harry is missing having a structure to his life right now.

Prince Harry has lost his friends – and even his sense of purpose

While Prince Harry lives a life that has been, by his own admission, “turned upside down,” his wife is getting precisely what she wants.

Not only is Meghan Markle back in the Hollywood scene, but she’s come with a Prince in tow who she hopes will land her the jobs she wasn’t talented enough to get on her own.

The woman who’s long been championed as a feminist has always relied on the men in her life to get her where she needs to be.

Go figure, right?

‘Simply’ Harry’s Hollywood Entrance has been simply unimpressive

While there are many reasons I’ve never been confident Prince Harry will carve out a real life for himself in Los Angeles, not everyone thinks he’ll be “rudderless” forever.

Vanity Fair’s “royal insider” continued:

He doesn’t have friends in L.A. like Meghan, and he doesn’t have a job. So at the moment, he’s a bit rudderless, but it won’t always be like this, and he knows that.

This gets to the crux of the problem. Any friends he makes will be Meghan’s friends – or at least heavily vetted by her.

After all, it was rumored that she wasn’t all that keen on Prince Harry’s old friends in Britain. And I think the feeling was somewhat mutual.

That puts even more pressure on him to fill his days with useful employments. But aside from that “Thomas & Friends” episode , his new career as a professional celebrity is not off to an auspicious start.

Maybe things will improve, but what if guest appearances on children’s shows and Bon Jovi albums turn out to be the high points for Hollywood Harry?

What happens if Prince Harry gets desperate?

prince harry
Would Harry really sell out his family for a quick buck? | Source: Chris Young / The Canadian Press via AP

It was always going to be tough to transition from the royal family to life as a semi-celebrity in Los Angeles. But the coronavirus pandemic has made things even worse.

Eric Schiffer, a brand and reputation management expert in Southern California, spoke exclusively with CCN.com about the desperate lengths Harry could sink to just to secure a paycheck.

Schiffer, who has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and Forbes 400 billionaires, commented:

Americans during a pandemic don’t largely care what an entitled Royal who walked away from millions prior to the worst financial crisis in modern history does during his princely adventure of arrogance in Tinseltown.

That’s not to say he won’t get press from stomping his Royal footprint where he goes, but Harry’s royal star is going to meltdown when he is forced to hawk second rate brands in some quasi infomercial style to pay his extravagant bills during this modern-day depression.

This should be a wake-up call for the Hollywood Royals and their devoted followers.

Expert: ‘Plan B’ may involve selling out the royal family

will prince harry and meghan markle sell out the royal family?
Royal family ties are already strained. Could a desperate Prince Harry sever them altogether? | Source: Phil Harris / POOL / AFP

Eric Schiffer believes that the original plans Prince Harry had for his time in L.A. will have been turned upside down by the virus.

It seems the couple is already pursuing the one real shot they have at making some serious money.

Their book deal.

Eric highlights this when he says:

Prince Harry’s most likely and safest move would be a book deal and speaking, but the speaking business has crashed and burned in America. Harry will need to turn to plan B and that means he will choose to sell out his monarchical legacy.

His future set of career moves after the book will be like pouring high-octane gasoline on a British dumpster fire because it will ignite immense anger behind the gates of Buckingham Palace.

I remain unconvinced that either Prince Harry or Meghan Markle is stupid enough to go down the route of bashing the royals for dollars.

But desperate people make dumb decisions.

I guess time will tell.

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