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Bon Jovi’s Prince Harry Collaboration Is a Desperate Cry for Relevance

Last Updated September 25, 2020 12:23 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 25, 2020 12:23 PM
  • Aging and largely irrelevant rockers Bon Jovi released a new single, “Unbroken,” which features the hidden musical talents of Prince Harry.
  • Proceeds from the track, which was recorded at Abbey Road studios, will go to the Invictus Games Foundation.
  • The single will feature on Bon Jovi’s upcoming album, which looks like a cynical ploy to sell records.

It seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a busy power couple these days! Not only has Meghan secured a voice-over gig with Disney,  but Prince Harry is jamming with legendary rock band Bon Jovi. 

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All while the rest of the world deals with the dreaded coronavirus, including Prince Harry’s father.

Still, breaking away from the royal family means not having to burden yourself with the plight of the plebs, right? While the commoners have to self-isolate, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can flaunt those rules and jet from Canada to Los Angeles. 

Jon Bon Jovi takes a leaf out of the Meghan Markle playbook

Let me start by saying that I enjoy dancing around, doing housework to the Bon Jovi classics as much at the next gal. I really do.

But the harsh truth is that Bon Jovi hasn’t been relevant for years.

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A question asked back in 2013! Answer? They’re not | Source: Twitter 

The band’s last album, “This House Is Not For Sale,” owns the dubious distinction of being the album with the most substantial drop-off in sales from its peak, according to Forbes. 

It hit the top spot in the Billboard 200 for one single week before crashing to number 43 the following week. Of the eight singles that the album spawned, not a single one charted in the top 100.

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Yikes! A far cry from the days of “Slippery When Wet.”

Just like Meghan Markle, Bon Jovi needs someone who can help raise their profile.

Enter royal rocker, Prince Harry!

At least this Prince Harry-Bon Jovi track is for a good cause

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There’s a reason “Unbroken” will be on Bon Jovi’s upcoming album. And there’s nothing charitable about it. | Source: Kyle Besler/Shutterstock.com

Yes, I’m making fun of Bon Jovi’s status as aging rockers today, but I will give them and Prince Harry some credit for donating the proceeds from “Unbroken” to a worthy cause. The Invictus Games Foundation supports the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded military personnel.

Prince Harry addressed his role in the project, mentioning his own military career:

With military people, there’s a way of being able to talk about the scars of war in a positive way. Some suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress, some of them suffer from depression, anxiety, but they are stronger for it. Those are the kind of ambassadors and role models that we need.

Despite his blindspot when it comes to the manipulative Meghan, I do agree with Prince Harry here.

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It’s not all about charity for the New Jersey has-beens

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. This isn’t all about charity.

Speaking about Prince Harry’s role on the track, lead vocalist Jon Bon Jovi commented:

Well, I thank you for what you’ve done to bring a light to that. It’s what you’re doing, really. I just got inspired to write a song from it. It’s touching, their desire to serve and what they gave, and what they get out of singing.

Nicely said, Jon.

But there’s a reason the track will feature on the upcoming Bon Jovi album. So the band can use it to boost sales for their latest desperate attempt to stay relevant.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll stick to the classics.

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