U.S. Election: Joe Biden Gets Closer to Presidency

Joe Biden is on course to win presidency after record participation. The Democrat candidate takes lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Donald Trump falsely claimed the Democrats were “trying to steal” the election from him. Who wins the U.S. election could be decided today. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday increasingly takes the advantage over … Read more

[Hacked.com] Trump Says ‘Nobody Gets Hacked’ — And He’s Wrong

In a recent viral video, United States President Donald Trump said that “nobody gets hacked.” Trump’s comments were subsequently slammed as “dumb and dangerous.” Trump, himself, has been hacked twice — and the statistics on hacking get scarier each year. On October 19, 2020, during a campaign rally in Tuscon, AZ, United States President Donald … Read more

Jennifer Aniston complains of exhaustion… to an unsympathetic audience

Jennifer Aniston says an unprepared project she completed before her Apple series ‘The Morning Show’ “sucked the life out of her”. She recalled that filming left her “disinterested” in acting and made her consider quitting the business altogether. Fans have been unsympathetic to the qualms of the successful actress, who is estimated to have a … Read more