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Meghan Markle Kept a Diary – Now Tell Me She Didn’t Plan This All Along

Meghan Markle kept a diary throughout her time in Britain. She'll use it to shamelessly push her narrative. Now tell me she didn't plan this.

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Kate Prince
May 14, 2020 5:09 PM
  • Meghan Markle kept a diary about her experiences as part of the British royal family. Is anyone surprised?
  • This journal could be the biggest threat to the royal family yet.
  • Why would Meg write everything down? Because she’s going to sell it.

Another day, another reason to distrust Meghan Markle. The latest evidence? The Duchess of Sussex kept a diary about her experience with The Firm when she was living in ol’ Blighty.

Forget the new biography. This is the book that Queen Elizabeth will fear the most.

The big question is, why on Earth did Meghan keep a diary in the first place? Why did she feel the need to write down the ins and outs of royal life?

There are many reasons people keep journals, but Meghan? To her, it’s a weapon of the highest order.

Meghan Kept a Diary as Collateral

meghan markle
It’s beginning to look like Meghan Markle planned this all along. | Source: s_bukley/Shutterstock.com. Image edited by CCN.com.

When Harry and Meghan first got together, I saw a young couple in love that was criticized for no good reason. I continued to give them the benefit of the doubt, but when they decided to leave the royal family, the game changed.

Meghan and Harry twitter
Source: Twitter

Suddenly, they were retreating for a “quieter” life away from the press… but suspiciously landed in LA. They were “accidentally” spotted volunteering during the pandemic. They’re living on the charity of others in multi-million-dollar homes.

The life they’re striving to lead isn’t quiet. It’s deafening.

Twitter reacts to Meghan diary
Source: Twitter

Nothing adds up. I can’t help but feel this is a calculated move to reignite Meg’s career, but was it already planned?

Meghan has already told the press she won’t talk to them. She’s alienated the ones that dare disagree with her. The only ones the couple speak to are so far up her backside that they can see what she’s had for lunch. They’re effectively censoring the media.

And now a diary? It’s a grenade without the pin. Forget about “Finding Freedom.”¬†They won’t need it.

The Diary Will Be Published – You Can Bet on It

meghan markle diary
Meghan doesn’t want to shy away from the front pages. She just wants to control them. | Source: MattKeeble.com/Shutterstock.com. Image Edited by CCN.com.

I would bet my last dollar Meg’s diary will hit the shelves in less than a year. If it’s something that Meghan herself has crafted, it will serve to help her stay relevant.

Heck, I would even read it to see how she presents her narrative in a way that sucker-punches those that don’t kiss the ring.

Twitter reacts to Meghan diary
Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle is a master manipulator. She knows full well that a diary such as this would sell incredibly well and keep her in the spotlight.

We already know that the couple needs to start making money – and fast. To her, this is like finding the Fountain of Youth.

Make no mistake. Meghan doesn’t want to shy away from the front pages. She just wants to control them. What better way to do that than to release an entire book full of her own words? She’s already an expert at shoving them down our throats.

Open wide. It’s coming.

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