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grand theft auto

2K’s New Studio Could Be Making Its Next GTA-Sized Hit

According to Michael Condrey, the studio’s first game will be “an ambitious and inspired new IP.” Condrey has mostly developed shooter games, but now that he’s at 2K, he could be making something completely different with the 31st Union team.

sonic hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog Merch Is About to Get Insane

If the new Sonic movie is good (it won’t be), then Sonic might become a relevant brand again. With that kind of sales potential, Sega would actually have to be insane not to capitalize on it.

Shuhei Yoshida

Sony Exec Shuhei Yoshida Trolls Keen PlayStation 5 Fan

Yoshida’s troll also shows that Sony’s attuned to what’s driving discussion among the PlayStation community. The company’s executives must be reveling at the success of drip-feeding details to a fan base increasingly thirsty for morsels of PlayStation 5 news.


Nvidia’s GeForce Now Could Be the End of Google Stadia

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s answer to live game streaming, and it’s an amazing product. So amazing in fact that it might even spell disaster for Google Stadia. Since Alphabet’s streaming service launched, it’s been met with nothing but criticism.