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Microsoft’s Halo Infinite Delay Could Unravel Into an Xbox Disaster

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:26 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:26 PM
  • Halo Infinite might be pushed back to 2022, according to one Microsoft insider.
  • This delay could also see the Xbox One version of the game canceled altogether.
  • While a short delay to make the game better was right, this long delay could do real damage to the Xbox brand.

The launch delay of Halo Infinite drew a variety of reactions from the gaming community. On one side, people were happy to see that 343 Industries were doing the right thing for the development of the game. People on the other side of the argument said the delay would harm the Xbox Series X at launch, as the platform’s premier next-gen launch title pre-delay.

No matter which side of the argument you fall on, the situation seems only to be getting worse. According to an Xbox insider, Halo Infinite might not be coming until 2022, and might not be coming to the Xbox One at all .

In a revealing post on gaming forum ResetEra , Microsoft insider Sponger wrote:

I was considering a lot to post it or not, but after few consultations with few different sources I’ll put it; Microsoft/343i is currently very busy with idea of dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite.

Even idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table. It’s pretty messy up there with decisions but they are convinced that they need to make best Halo game ever.

Halo Infinite Delay Was a Wise Move up to a Point

Halo Infinite being delayed was a good move on the part of 343 Industries. While it may have upset a minority of the fanbase, making sure that Xbox’s flagship franchise had a high-quality next-gen entry is a good call.

The concern, however, comes from these latest rumors. The Xbox One version of the game being canceled isn’t that big of a deal, at least it’s not a big deal outside of the fact it would potentially break Microsoft’s promise. The issue is with a potential 2022 release date for Halo infinite.

Being pushed back that far would show that development issues with Halo Infinite go beyond an engine change. Not only does this mean the Xbox Series X won’t have a flagship game for over a year, but it could also shake consumer confidence in the console. You can see a discussion of the rumors in the video below.

The Xbox Series X Needs Consumer Confidence To Survive

Xbox has stated that their goal with the upcoming console generation is not necessarily to sell as many console units as possible . With services like Game Pass and xCloud, they’re just hoping that people will buy into the Xbox brand more than the Xbox Series X.


Microsoft is certain to garner criticism if it dropped Xbox One support for Halo Infinite, in favor of its next-gen Xbox Series X (pictured). | Source: Microsoft.

Halo Infinite was a big part of strengthening the Xbox brand because it is their flagship franchise. Halo was one of the first majorly successful franchise of the Xbox line of systems , and since then has become intrinsically linked with the brand.

If Xbox can’t produce their flagship game on time, then are they ready for the next generation?

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