5 Alinity Scandals Even Worse Than the Infamous Twitch Dog Clip

Alinity was already a controversial figure before the recent ‘dog clip’ incident. Here are 5 scandals that may be much, much worse.

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Xbox ‘Anaconda’ will be the fully-loaded console while the Xbox ‘Lockhart’ will be more affordable and won’t have a disc drive.

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An eagle-eyed Redditor has spotted a massive boost in Metacritic’s user-score for Death Stranding overnight. What happened?

PlayStation 4 Gets Away With Terrible 2019

PlayStation might be a popular brand, but that doesn’t mean they should get away with having a really terrible year game wise.

What You Can Expect from PlayStation’s Final 2019 State of Play (Hint: It Involves Resident Evil 3)

PlayStation unexpectedly announced one final State of Play for 2019, and Sony fans should expect news about the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Rockstar’s Terrible PC-Mod Nukes Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam Launch

The PC version of cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Steam yesterday and it hasn’t gone well at all to say the least.

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The Strange Tale of Soviet Jump Game, the Original Battle Royale

A lost, unfinished Dendy game? The first-ever Battle Royale game 30-years before its time? Soviet Jump Game seems too good to be true.

This Alinity Dog Clip Isn’t Just Gross – It’s Proof Twitch Should Ban Her Forever

Alinity’s infamous “dog clip” should trigger a permanent Twitch ban, and even that may not be enough punishment for the streamer.

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The grand march to next year’s PlayStation 5 release is ratcheting up a notch as online retailers publish pre-order notification pages.

Nintendo Needs to Step Up Its Super Nintendo Game for Switch

More Super Nintendo games are coming to Switch online, but the company really needs to get on the ball and add more games more often.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Flexes With Project Scarlett Humble-Brag

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has a Project Scarlett console at home and is having a great time of it.

American McGee’s YouTube Copyright Strike Shows How Bad the System Still Is

American McGee has been copyright claimed for playing his own game on his own YouTube channel.

CD Projekt Red Leaves Gwent Console Players High & Dry

CD Projekt Red announced today it is axing support for its digital collectible card game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on console.

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Eagle-Eyed Twitter Users Slam PlayStation Japan for Art Theft

PlayStation Japan recently released a new promotional music video and folks on Twitter appear to have uncovered some acts of theft.

FBI Demands Details on This Cocaine Dealer’s PlayStation Library

An FBI agent contacted Sony last month to find out what this brazen PlayStation player-come drug peddler has been playing.

$400 Billion Tencent Spearheads Next Week’s Nintendo Switch China Launch

Nintendo Switch to launch in China next week. Tencent named as official…

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