We Need to Talk About Metacritic’s Sequel-Heavy ‘Games of the Decade’ List

Metacritic’s list of the top-rated games of the decade makes for sober reading, since over 80% of the list is just sequels and re-releases.

5 Alinity Scandals Even Worse Than the Infamous Twitch Dog Clip

Alinity was already a controversial figure before the recent ‘dog clip’ incident. Here are 5 scandals that may be much, much worse.

Here Are the Absolute Best Ways to Spend Christmas as a Gamer

Here is a a definitive list of the best gaming-related Christmas media on the market. You’re welcome.

YouTube Rewind: 2019 Edition Should Have Quit Trying and Embrace the Cringe

YouTube has promised us ‘something different’ for Rewind this year, and we all know it’s just going to be as cringe as it always is.

PlayStation 4 Gets Away With Terrible 2019

PlayStation might be a popular brand, but that doesn’t mean they should get away with having a really terrible year game wise.

YouTube Rewind 2019 Is the Blandest Thing on the Face of the Planet

YouTube Rewind 2019 is here, and it is the blandest video that has ever existed.

This Alinity Dog Clip Isn’t Just Gross – It’s Proof Twitch Should Ban Her Forever

Alinity’s infamous “dog clip” should trigger a permanent Twitch ban, and even that may not be enough punishment for the streamer.

American McGee’s YouTube Copyright Strike Shows How Bad the System Still Is

American McGee has been copyright claimed for playing his own game on his own YouTube channel.

RIP PlayStation Handhelds: A Look Back at PSP and PSVita

PlayStation have produced some great handhold devices over the years, but it looks like that might be over forever according to Jim Ryan.

Eagle-Eyed Twitter Users Slam PlayStation Japan for Art Theft

PlayStation Japan recently released a new promotional music video and folks on Twitter appear to have uncovered some acts of theft.

Why the Halo: Reach Story Is All Wrong

Halo: Reach has just been made available on Xbox One and PC, and as much fun as it is, the story still just feels a little wrong.

5 Genius Decisions That Made PlayStation the Best Console of the Past 25 Years

It’s PlayStation’s 25th anniversary today, and the brand sits on top of the gaming pile. Here are five of the decisions that got them there.

Virtual Reality Is Gaming’s Next Great Gamble

While it’s unclear if virtual reality is a fad, it may go on to define the next console generation.

Star Citizen Has Crowd-Funded a Cool $250 Million, but Will It Be Any Good?

Star Citizen has managed to accrue record-breaking amounts via crowdfunding, but does that money lead to a good game in the end?

Microsoft’s ‘Project Scarlett’ Killer Feature Puts Xbox Ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 5

Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 are the two biggest competitors for…

Battleborn Shutting Down Showcases Problem With Online Games

Battleborn is an online-dependent FPS game with single-player modes, all of which will be shut down in early 2021.

Twitch’s Biggest Streamers are Fleeing the Platform Over Restrictive Contracts

Twitch is one of the biggest gaming live stream platforms on the internet, and yet they are getting close to losing their biggest names.

Netflix’s The Witcher Series Sounds Like It’s Going to Be Epic

Journalists got a sneak peak at Netflix’s The Witcher series, and it sounds like this show is going to be flat-out epic.

Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Play the Original South Park Game

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to avoid annoying relatives by playing video games. If you’re looking for a game, try South Park on PS1.

Forget Black Friday: Xbox Game Pass Remains Gaming’s Best Deal Ever

Looking for Black Friday gaming deals? You really don’t need to look any further than Xbox Game Pass, which is a spectacular value all year.

Valve Finally Does Quality Control But There’s Plenty of Hot Trash Left

Steam is filled with terrible games, and although Valve has now banned 1000 ‘abusive’ Steam games, they still need to do more.

The Pokemon Company Really Shouldn’t Be Suing Game-Hyping Leakers

Pokemon Sword and Shield was subject to many leaks in the weeks leading up to the release, now it seems that those leakers may be punished.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR Game Proves the Series Must Die

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series that just doesn’t know when to quit. With yet another entry just released, will it ever stop?

This Destiny Cookbook Exists – And It’s as Stupid as It Sounds

You might find a Destiny-themed cookbook under your Christmas tree, and trust us when we say it looks as stupid as it sounds.

New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remake Rumors Gather Wheels

Skateboarding games have been rare over the past few years. Rumors suggest…