Prince William Calls Out Prince Harry on His Nonsense – And I’m Glad!

  • Once again, Robert Lacey is taking pot shots at Prince William.
  • The future King has been accused of being ruthless.
  • Someone had to step up and deal with Harry and Meghan’s nonsense.

Another day, another quote from Robert Lacey. Man, Prince William must have done something really nasty to tick this guy off.

Old Netflix Bob has been continuously talking up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while doing the media rounds pimping his book, all the while he’s been quick to get real personal with Duchess Kate Middleton.

Is he angling for a job with the Sussexes? Maybe a sweet number on their sure-to-be exciting Netflix projects? Who knows, but he’s done far more for their PR in the past month than their actual PR team.

Prince William is “ruthless” according to Robert Lacey. | Source: Twitter

Prince William is ruthless. Just like his grandmother

According to Lacey, Prince William was just as ruthless as Queen Elizabeth in his dealings with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Honestly, Bob. What did you expect him to do? The Hollywood Royals had just received a dream wedding that cost the taxpayer over $40 million, and Meghan had reportedly spent over $1 million on clothes in a single calendar year.

Now they wanted to just down tools and walk? No wonder Prince William was seriously pissed.

Lacey commented to Vanity Fair and reported by The Express:

At the end of the day, we saw a ruthlessness from the Queen over her absolute refusal to allow the Sussexes to use the word royal for their new branding, and we’re seeing the same ruthlessness in William.

And what would Robert Lacey have done? Allowed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to not only walk away from their responsibilities but to freely cash in on their royal status for profit in the U.S.?

Thankfully, this push-over of a man isn’t the one charged with protecting the royal family’s future.

I’m not sure why, but it appears that Lacey has it in for Wills and also Duchess Kate

Look, Robert Lacey works for Netflix. He’s a staunch supporter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who also work for Netflix.

In fact, he rather embarrassingly refers to Meghan as “Rachel Zane” when discussing the exit negotiations for both Harry and Meghan.

I get that he’s just trying his best to ingratiate himself to the Sussexes, but fawning over Meghan as though playing a lawyer in a television show somehow makes her a hard-nosed negotiator in real life is just plain silly and somewhat embarrassing for a man of his age and experience.

What next? Draft Gillian Anderson in to deal with Brexit due to her role as former British PM Margaret Thatcher in The Crown?

Wait, that actually might work! Bad example!

I guess we’ll see if he’s handed a role when the Sussexes finally get cracking with that “epic entertainment” that Reed Hastings has promised us.

All of the ridicule will have maybe been worth it then.

Lacey’s comments on Meghan and her fictional character in Suits was laughable. | Source: Twitter

Prince William did precisely what was needed. He’s the future King

As much as people like Lacey want to cry about Prince William and how “ruthless” he was with both Harry and Meghan, the truth is that someone had to step up to the plate.

Prince Philip had washed his hands of his grandson, and who could blame him? At almost 100 years old, he doesn’t need that kind of grief in his life.

Prince Charles? He’s a push-over. I hate to say that, but he’s blinded by Harry and seems destined to forever bail him out of tough spots.

That left Queen Elizabeth, and there was no way Prince William was going to leave her to deal with the savvy legal negotiator that is Rachel Zane!

In reality, not everyone has the option of running away and playing at being “woke” the way Harry has.

Prince William is the future King. He has to take life seriously and can’t shirk his responsibilities.

Harry and Meghan can go play at being celebrities, but don’t expect to damage the British royal family’s name and reputation while you’re at it.

Prince William simply will not stand for it.

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32 thoughts on “Prince William Calls Out Prince Harry on His Nonsense – And I’m Glad!”

  1. I honestly believe that Meghen Markle never intended to be a “working” royal. She just was after the royal title for self-promotion. The Queen was absolutely right is not permitting them to use the term Royal in their branding. Personally, I think they should be stripped of their titles as well. They certainly are by no longer a Duke no or a Duchess!!!

  2. The RF could see the Sussex end game. By allowing them to cash in on their titles would be to dilute and cheapen the importance of the gift they were given.

  3. I only wish the Queen and Prince Charles had been more ruthless in the beginning – if they couldn’t stop the marriage, they could at least have refused to pay for a hugely expensive wedding, a million-dollar wardrobe, the HRH and Duchess titles until she had become a British citizen (not that she ever intended to become one) and no royal tours until she had proven that she could fulfill the bread-and-butter duties of a working royal instead of loudly whining that meet-and-greet events were boring.

    • She drilled the royals. What a joke. California Compton trailer trash achieved any success on her back using men. You brit’s are total dum dum’s. Paid for wedding and wardrobe and now any success she has is through royal title and HorNY soldier boy. Awesome! ! You are fools.

      Me again for president!!!

  4. I get so annoyed at the “boo – hoo….they were stopped from using the word Royal by the queen..” mantra.
    She had no option. Its simply not legal, as H and M’s advisors should have been able to tell them from a ten second google search.
    I can’t remember the name but there is legislation signed up to by ( i think thats the correct number ) 172 countries not to allow the word Royal for commercial gain…..
    Here we are, less than ten seconds ;-) Don’t know why those hign prices advisors missed it!! Its the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of 1883. Signed by 173 countries and covers use of royal terms, coronets, names etc. including the much vaunted word Royal.
    See that last line below? Sensitive words include the word Royal!!
    HMTQ and PW didn’t have any alternative, and for all H&M’s bitter rants about the British monarchy not having jurisdiction worldwide, well, they might not, but when 173 countries out of 195 in total sign up to something its a pretty clear indication you simply can’t do it.
    Company Names
    Sections 55 and 1047 of the Companies Act 2006 and Regulation 8 of the Limited
    Liability Partnerships (Application of Companies Act 2006) Regulations 2009
    prohibits companies (including overseas companies) and limited liability partnerships
    from being registered under a name which includes any of the sensitive words
    specified in the Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business Names
    (Sensitive Words and Expressions) Regulations 2014, unless the approval of the
    Secretary of State has been obtained. The sensitive words specified in the 2014
    Regulations include Royal, Queen, King, Prince or Princess.

    And because i like to back up my facts, unlike the Sussex Squad or this Robert guy, you can read for yourself.

  5. Well done Aubrey!, I have been wondering when someone was going to step on this Lacey guy.He is way off course in his criticism of William and Kate and the RF. He definitely leans blindly towards M and H but now I see the Netflix connection and it all makes sense. William is doing what is best for the Monarchy after all they have been through this once before and will rule the day. The Hollywood Royals will just have to make due and I hope they do lose their Titles after what they’ve said about the Commonwealth and HM they should be cast off!,

    • “Haters gotta hate.” People read tabloids out of curiosity. Doing so on a regular basis can make people very, very aware of the behavior of famous people to the point where they are able to make judgments. And that’s not a bad thing. People are able to see the difference between good behavior and bad. We want our famous to behave well because they are examples and role models for the rest of us. When they don’t, we become angry and will call them out as we do when we post.

      People don’t hate Harry and Meghan. They hate THEIR BEHAVIOR and that’s a big, big difference. If H&M were to repent and show remorse for their actions, all would be forgiven. Human beings love humility and honesty.

  6. In Robert Lacey book, some of the facts may be right but his interpretation is all wrong or he is trying to twist the facts in favour of his narrative. A few examples, 1. He stated that the royal family suddenly find time to meet Harry after announcement of exit. He is implying that the royal family was ignoring Harry deliberately prior to the announcement and denied him a chance to talk with the family. In fact they have 3 royal courts at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace and it is hard to coordinate all of them to come together. Of course they have to cancel their own schedule to meet Harry after the announcement due to pressing nature of situation. That does not mean that they did not have individual schedule prior of their own. Robert twisting things is clear with this.

    2. He put out a narrative that Kate is a social climber and trapped William. If you think about it, they had a long courtship of 10 years before marriage. If she is a social climber as Robert claims then William being a cautious person that he is which is confirmed in this book would have see through her in all those years together. Would William marry her knowing that Kate is in for status and fame only? I don’t think so. In Harry case however, they had 2 years courtship before marriage and it was clear that he was head over heels and was in lust to see anything else. William warn Harry on Meghan and William was right to warn as later events proved him right.

    3. Robert claims in interview that William should try to mend the relationship with Harry and reject the role for Captain General of Royal Marine. Seriously every relationship is 2 way street and why is it William’s responsibility only to mend the relationship. Why not Harry’s as well. If Harry is not admitting his wrong then why should William be the one giving in? It is unfair for Harry to continue on the role as Captain General as he does not even live in UK and he is not putting any effort in as recent articles suggest. why should William make public statement about his relationship with his brother the way Harry did undignifiedly. It is utter rubbish from Robert Lacey’s delusion. It is embarrassing to claim that he is a royal expert.

  7. If speaking the truth and give wise advices is “Ruthlessness” then old Bob is using the wrong word. During mother and son’s talk, I am sure Princess Diane has urged William always to look after his little brother. Mother knows better and that exactly what William does. William only has one agenda is to protect not just the monarchy but also the Great Britain. Bravo! Prince William.

  8. Aubrey you were spot on when you said William has to take life seriously and he’s done an outstanding job as future king. The Markles meanwhile having being spoiled little brats with big mouths going for them. True hurts, huh Meghan?

  9. Audrey love your articles. Keep them coming! Personally I think they have all been too generous with MeGAIN Meg and Hand-bag Harry. They should be stripped off all the funding except for his mum’s inheritance and keep their security. Everything else should be stripped until they start behaving. I would also make Me-gain make a public announcement that she was the ghost writer in FUNDING FREEDOM as we ALL know she was and a public apology for how she has treated the Royals in addition to that I would strip them of their titles. I think they have all been too nice to them including William. This Lacey guy is clearly acting like their PR and very pro-Me-Gain and Harry.

  10. It’s great to see William standing up to those two & I’m sure he’ll stand up to Charles about caving to every request that is from Harry & Meghan. Those Californians have disrespected the Monarchy’s history and The Queen in more ways than I’m sure we even hear about & it’s great to see a backbone like the Queen is showing through Prince William. It’s not easy to be the bad guy but once he realizes how many support his standing up to the worthless Liberals there will be no stopping him. As for the reporter what a shame to put stock in the two that I promise won’t offer him anything at the end but I’m sure promises are being made but he’s putting his eggs in the wrong basket!! Thanks goodness William has the support of his precious Princess Kate, Prince Phillip & the Queen with that group dealing with the “woke” couple there is no failing! It’s not an easy task but William is doing what he was born to do.

  11. William is performing exactly as we expect a future king to. The Queen has set a high bar and he along with the wonderful Kate are going to carry on her high standards. As for Lacey, of course he has to heap praise on Mrs and Mr Markle aka the duke and duchess because without their titles Netflix has nothing to sell – and neither do their wokenesses. Netflix and the Markles will be very nervous about the fast approach 12 month review.

    • No one marrying into the royal family goes in blindly. They make sure of that. Meghan knew exactly what she was going to do from the beginning. She never was going to stay away from Hollywood. I do believe that Harry is the one who will pay for this in the long run when Meghan no longer reaps any benefits of being married to the prince and dumps him or his blinded-by-love stage is over. He will sadly realize a wedge has been driven between him and all of his family, which is no longer there for him. I’m sure she has never hesitated to point out when she thinks he isn’t being treated right by his royal family and how he shouldn’t stand for it. She married him with the intent of not ever conforming to the Royal way. She may think she has won, but it was just a battle the royals have allowed her to win, but they will never let her win the war, even if it means she is taking Harry with her.

    • As long as Netflix support these two idiots they will never see any money of mine I think they’re a disgrace to the human race and to the royalties


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