Meghan Markle Can’t Have Her Feminist Cake and Eat It Too

  • The notion that Meghan Markle is a feminist is laughable.
  • She lives off the money and titles bestowed upon her by wealthy aristocrats.
  • Practice what you preach, Meghan. Instead of telling others what they should be doing.

Meghan Markle loves to position herself as the Queen of Woke, and naturally, that means, as a female, she has to be a feminist.

Of course, today, being a feminist is more about telling people you’re a feminist than actually doing the work.

Ironically, Meghan Markle is the exact opposite of a feminist if you study her actions rather than listening to her words.

Meghan reportedly believes the royal family is sexist. | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle reportedly believes the royal family is sexist

According to a royal analyst speaking to the Express:

The Duchess of Sussex, who has a history of speaking out about women’s empowerment, was not happy about “old-fashioned rules and regulations – like wearing dresses below the knee.

She is also, according to another source, looking to raise Archie outwith royal protocol:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are raising their young son Archie in their footsteps. This will mean he will not follow royal protocol, especially the sexist traditions.

Before we go any further, I’ll happily admit that there are parts of royal protocol I wouldn’t mind seeing updated.

However, that isn’t my issue with Meghan’s supposed beliefs. I agree with her that the royal family, in many ways, does need to modernize.

My issue with Meghan Markle is that she knew fine well what she was marrying into.

It seems that some people aren’t able to understand that no one forced Meghan Markle to marry into the royal family and accept the title she was given.

She wasn’t walking into a situation as Kate Middleton faced. Meghan’s husband is nowhere near the throne in reality, so Meghan was under no real obligation to become a full-time working royal.

I daresay she could have married Prince Harry, refused any of the titles and perks of royal life, and continued as an independent woman.

But she didn’t. And that’s where the problems lie.

Meghan wants to have her cake and eat it too

The problem with Meghan Markle is that she honestly believes she should be exempt from the rules that most people have to follow.

It’s incredibly simple.

If you don’t wish to be held accountable to the traditions and rules of royal life, don’t be a working royal.

A real feminist would have seen the supposed outdated and “sexist” aspects of royal life and immediately declined to be part of it.

A real feminist would never have accepted a royal title, thus becoming part of the problem.

But, Meghan Markle isn’t a real feminist. She can’t be when you dismiss what she spouts on her video calls and look at her actions over the years.

The truth is, Meghan Markle isn’t a feminist. It’s that simple

I’ve said it many times already, but Meghan Markle isn’t a feminist. Her actions don’t back up her words.

Her preaching at the virtual Girl Up summit was nothing short of an embarrassment.

During the call, she claimed:

Women have always historically gotten a lot of ‘that’s not how it’s done,’ ‘yeah, that’s a good idea, but we’re going to do this instead. But when do we hear that as women? We hear that in the moments that we challenge the norms.

Sorry Meghan, but that kind of approach applies when you’re trying to break through societal barriers to the benefit of all women.

Not when you’re trying to change protocols within a wealthy family that you married into for money so that you can further exploit your position as a privileged individual for even more financial gain.

Meghan’s feminism, like everything else she does, is carefully staged. | Source: Twitter

That anyone would consider you a role model for young women is ridiculous, especially when there are so many unheard and unseen true feminists out there.

Women who didn’t marry and date strategically for their own benefit. Women who deal in actions, not words.

If Meghan wants to be a true feminist, she could try these steps

There are a few steps Meghan Markle can take if she wants anyone to take her halfway seriously as a feminist.

Drop your royal titles and renounce your ties to the royal family. You seem to harbor a real dislike towards what the British monarchy represents, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you if you have the kind of principles you love to talk about in your speeches.

Also, pay back the British taxpayers the $43 million that the royal family paid for your wedding.

At that point, you can claim to be a woman of empowerment and self-determination.

Until then, you’re just another part of the problem cashing in on the work and deeds of real feminists while living the life of a woman who relies on aristocratic men and a wealthy establishment to pay your way for you.

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36 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Can’t Have Her Feminist Cake and Eat It Too”

  1. Guys you know the British Royal Family is sexist and racist. The amount of people kissing the royal families ass while ignoring the vast amount of racism entrenched in it is the definition of British hypocrisy. It’s interesting more people are obsessed with Meghan than Prince Andrew who may very well be a pedophile. The royal family is shady

    • Royal family Sexist? You are accusing royal family whose head is a woman, the Queen of being sexist? Are you saying the royal family is sexist against men? You say the vast amount of racism entrenched in royal family, where is your evidence of that. I don’t mean you can apply what happened 100 or more years ago because that will not be fair.

    • No, the Royal Family isn’t sexist. What they are is hierarchical. No, the Royal Family is not racist. The Queen has been an early advocate of racial equality before Meghan was even out of school. No, people are not kissing the RF’s ass just because we see these things clearly and we are not biased with a violent hatred for anyone not black, as you are. The biggest symbol of hypocrisy right now is Meghan. People react to Meghan’s (and her supporters) because you are all trying to foist a false narrative. You are trying to make it look like she’s the victim of racism. She isn’t. If we kept our silence, then this false narrative would stand. People aren’t idiots. We refuse to let this false narrative, these lies, stand, and therefore we speak up. It s our right to speak up. Meghan say she has a voice? Well, WE also have our voices, and we are using them. Using our voices, as Meghan loves to advocate so much, is not obsession. Otherwise that’s yet another hypocrisy. Are you saying Meghan can use her voice, but we can’t? Hah! As for Andrew, you don’t speak for us and cannot tell us what our level of interest in him may be. However, it’s not mutually exclusvie. We can speak up about Meghan and still be concerned about Andrew. Andrew, by the way, has not been convicted as a pedophile. He is entitled to be innocent until proven guilty. If you have evidence, it is your duty to share with the authorities. Otherwise, you are just a hater and guilty of libel. No, I don’t like Andrew either, but there’s a difference between disliking him and calling him a criminal. No, the Royal Family isn’t shady. Yes, this is a prime example of rational thinking. Unlike your muddled ones.

  2. Well written. MM is neither a feminist nor a true humanitarian, only a cable TV actress dreaming to be a queen, faking her way and working very hard to climb up the social ladder by having relationships or marrying those men useful to her purpose. At the end of the day, she is only a hypocrite and a laughing stock.

  3. Pleeease!!! I guarantee Meghan wants her pretend baby Archie to not only have a title but to be king. she’s lied about everything else to this point. She played Harry and will continue to do so. That was no blind date. She had her BFF Markus from Soho house set her up so she could milk a millionaire for all he’s worth.

  4. Being a feminist in the year 2020 is a joke. Women have never had it so good. In fact, they get preferential treatment wherever they go. The real “oppressed” group are white males who are treated like virtual s— in today’s world, especially when it comes to college admissions.

    As a 70 year-old woman who was in to feminism for a very, very short time in my early twenties, I can say that back then there were some real issues, primarily job opportunities and pay scale. Those days are over. OVER. So that makes people like Gloria Steinem irrelevant. And that’s who Meghan is identifying with, an 80-plus has been.

    Feminism is stupid.I was all excited to be a professional woman, graduating in 1974 with a degree in accounting. I got a job with a prestigious accounting firm BECAUSE I was a woman. While I was able to hold my own, I was shocked at the long 60-70 hour weeks we had to work and by the time I was 28 all I wanted to do was have a family. I also worked as an financial and investment analyst until my son was born in 1984. I couldn’t wait to stop working and stay at home. This is what I learned: there is no glamour in working. Women are just merely envious of men, thinking they have it so great. They don’t.

    Feminists are malcontents.

    • So spot on – my husband is about to loose his job to a woman, he is much better than her but she will get the job because she is the only female around and the company has to hit their ‘diversity’ target. He will not get anywhere because he is male and white. Nowadays the women and the ethnic minorities are the ones getting preferential treatment.

  5. What the hell does that quote from Markle even mean? I know she went to school for drama studies or whatever, but, still, Northwestern is a really good school. I wouldn’t have thought they’d even admit a kid who wrote such circuitous nonsense in an admission essay.

  6. If she wants to be truly called a feminist, she would not have left her job as an actress from the start. She was given a choice by the Queen prior to the wedding to either continue with her career or to perform the royal duty. If she prided herself as her own women and as a strong independent women as she liked to claim, then she would have said to Harry, look I love you but my own identity is so important for me and my own career is important to me. I don’t want to be identified by my husband. She would have marry Harry but would continue with her own career. That was not the case. So just because you said that you are a feminist does not make you one. Just because you give your 2 cents speeches on feminism does not make you one. You become a true feminist by setting examples. You set examples by telling the world that I don’t need the titles that I gained through marriage which is nothing to do with my effort and merit and denounce it. Own it. That is not the case however as the titles, privileges and money attached to the titles is more important to her.

    • I read the English paper morning and again at night and nowhere have I ever read the Queen gave her a choice to carry on with her career. The daughter in laws do what tradition says, she tried letting Sophie carry on working and it was a disaster

      • search “queen gave meghan choice to continue with her career” on google and you will see a few articles on this. Express and daily mail has reported on it.

      • She and Kate were in different situation. Kate is going to be a future Queen consort. Kate really do not have a choice in terms of performing public duties while Harry is way down the list on succession and Meghan had a choice. Queen gave her that choice prior to the wedding but she chose the royal titles, million pound wardrobe and millions pound house reno and travels and promised to do royal duties instead of continuing with her fading career. So you get the picture of what it is all about right?

        • Well said Joan. I wonder how many people actually read the very first original statement they made on their “Sussex Royal” page after choosing to cut ties, the explanations written in such a way as to suggest it was approved and to be accepted as genuine fact.
          BEFORE the Sandringham summit.
          It’s breathtaking in its blatant audacity!!
          They made it clear they were creating a “new” type of Royal (as if they had the authority to do so), claims to split time between the UK and North America, (implying Canada was rather disengenous, being a Commonwealth), but paltry attempts to convince media/public their move was because Canada refused to pay security, was a transparent lie; because after the Sandringham summit, it was made clear they would NOT be considered “persons of international importance” nor covered by taxpayer funded security, ANYWHERE, full stop, Canada, US, Africa, Timbuktu!
          Their original statement also clearly stated they fully intended to use their HRH and titles, “to support the Queen” whilst becoming “financially independent” i.e. deals & money, that would far exceed “full time royal funds” from the Queen via the Civil list. Their belief that a “new” type of Royal position created by THEM, (with obvious American influence, displayed via the ignorance throughout), would be just as they demanded, was not only pure fantasy, but so far removed from any realistic situation, that one wonders if Harry even read, or understood what it implied. Sadly, after the summit, seeing everything they planned and published as gospel, crushed, their final words to our Queen will be one of the most famous in history forever.

          “The Queen does NOT own the word ‘Royal’

          ….if that isn’t the most unforgivable insult, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it myself..THAT was the turning point for people to stop thinking Harry was being led.
          For him to let THAT pass, and let it be published worldwide, a stab at Our queen, his Grandmother, shows such a complete lack of respect, regard, and whilst She may forgive him, I doubt the rest of the world would. It was as if he insulted not just our beloved Queen, but also every one of our own Nans. Shame on him.

          • I completely agree with you. They who got the platform, very much thanks to the royal family, has been taking jabs at the royal family repeatedly since they left the country. It takes a lot to spit at people that feed you and that is exactly what Harry and Meghan are doing. They have made multiple little insults over the past few months such as breaking the status quo, the Queen not owning the word royal, the royal family not being affectionate by hugging each other, not wanting to raise Archie in toxic family environment etc. The audacity of this coming from a woman who comes from toxic family of her own is unreal.

      • You read ONE paper in the morning and another at night, and you’re shocked that you can’t find it in those particular newspapers? And you don’t see what the problem is?

  7. That Girl empowerment speech sound inspiring on the outset but it is full of wrong messages to young girls. She said “Believe in what makes you unique and don’t be afraid to do what you know is right even when it’s not popular” “those voices can appear on the outside and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud but you can use your own voice to drown out that noise. Because that’s what it is: It is just noise. But your voices are those of truth and hope, and your voices can and should be much louder” (it seems she is encouraging young girls who has no life experience of their own to think that their own voice is the only truth and not to listen to anyone else however wrong their own thoughts may be). She also said to break the status quo, to push it forcefully (this essentially is encouraging youth to cause riots). Actions speaks louder than words and her word salad is not enough to convince us of her feminist credentials.

    • Joan, I completely agree with you. That narcissistic woman is trying to convince young people to rebel against authority to do whatever they want, drug,sex, anything that gives them what they want, doesn’t matter if the acts are wrong, immoral or illegal. That’s also why I find her a really bad model for anyone especially she is a preachy hypocrite.

  8. Gloria got used big time here, I am surprised she was not new discriminatory toward “this girl” whom we all know loves the titles but not the work…remember Meghan abandons anyone who gets in her way, just ask Jessica

  9. She will never give up that title. It’s all she has. Markus Anderson hit a home run for Meghan on lining up prince harry for her at Soho house. She was a PAID hostess for Soho but let prince harry think she was his blind date-and the rest as they say is history.

  10. ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea, but we’re going to do this instead’ – this doesn’t ring true, as no one would openly admit to not following up on a good idea. The quote seems incomplete – good idea, but experience has shown otherwise; or it is not practicable; or we don’t have the resources. A clear example of obfuscation.

  11. Perhaps Meghan is a new breed of feminist who ‘chooses’ to accept a title derived from her husband – that’s beyond me, but whatever floats her boat. Not sure which aspect of the Royal Family she finds sexist – it is headed by a female, after all. Is it the dress rules? If so, she’s confusing proper dressing with sexism – it is not at all appropriate to bare shoulders at the Trooping of the Colour. Is it the PDA, or lack thereof? The RF aren’t teenagers. Plus why should a female cling to a male? (Where’s the PDA now?)

  12. I’m so confused. I clicked on Aubrey’s author page, and it took me to the main page of CCN. I only read CCN for Aubrey’s articles. Is she gone?

  13. Meghan knew her time was running out, as a nearly forty year old hustler, to get truly famous. She probably couldn’t believe her luck when she bagged the dim one. A feminist doesn’t have to use men to achieve anything. MM is only where she is because of the men she has used.

  14. Meghans problem is that she isn’t true to herself. Meghan plays a role in front of every new person she meets and this goes back to pre Royal. Look at the story she told about when she met Harry who is he? Is he cute? Then their are videos of her acting as The Royals in her backyard & having Princess Di’s book. Please you’d have to live under a rock not to know who The Royal Family is. Meeting Peirs Morgan her friend pre Mrs Royal but not pre Mrs….he was great resources for her until she found out he calls a spade a spade which of course would ruin her before she got a ring on it! Look at her responses in regards to BLM (we haven’t been preached to about that because she realized oops that’s not the group I want to be associated with)she speaks out in regards to her needs at the moment which group will get her the furthest up the social ladder. Honestly, I don’t don’t how anyone so self absorbed can look in to a mirror daily and like what is staring back at her. We had high hopes like everyone in the beginning but to come in and take control of ANY FAMILY is not going to sit well with inner circles nor outsiders looking in. As a paid actress Ms Markle is the bottom of the barrel but acting for every new individual she meets unfortunately has become a pro. Her bubble will eventually combust because NO ONE likes a fake and this one is. As they say…You can’t make a Silk purse out of a sow’s ear….nor can you buy class………I certainly would have more respect for her if she requested her titles to be stripped

  15. Exactly which royal protocols does MM deem to be sexist? The one where JH is supposed to go ahead of her? That’s a matter of hierarchy, not sexism: a born royal always has precedence over someone who married into royalty, Did she fail to notice that Prince Philip always walks behind Queen Elizabeth? Look at Sweden, where royal-born Crown Princess Victoria has precedence over her husband, Prince Daniel. Not that she bothered to observe that protocol, of course; there are numerous videos of her elbowing JH to the side so that she can walk ahead of him, even at events where he was the guest of honor and she was there just in a supporting role (the Royal Marines concert) or where it created a diplomatic incident (the trip to Morocco, after which the royal family had to apologize to the king).

    • She couldn’t stand the thought ofbeing a nobody in the RF and behind Kate, who everyone loves. I feel sorry for Harry, he had a wide circle of friends, his Invictus Games, his Army connections and lots of other stuff in his life, now all he does is sit on a chair taking about racism and feminism, he must be bored out of his tree. If she had really loved him she would have got on with his family and worked hard for the Queen. She had no intention of staying or wouldn’t have put her stuff in storage in Canada

      • Canada is not crazy about these two. There were petitions against canada funding their security.

        Mind you canadas socialist leader es one of me again’s crew

  16. That Girl empowerment speech sound inspiring on the outset but it is full of wrong messages to young girls. She said “Believe in what makes you unique and don’t be afraid to do what you know is right even when it’s not popular” “those voices can appear on the outside and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud but you can use your own voice to drown out that noise. Because that’s what it is: It is just noise. But your voices are those of truth and hope, and your voices can and should be much louder” (it seems she is encouraging young girls who has no life experience of their own to think that their own voice is the only truth and not to listen to anyone else however wrong their own thoughts may be). She also said to break the status quo, to push it forcefully (this essentially is encouraging youth to cause riots). Actions speaks louder than words and her word salad is not enough to convince us of her feminist credentials.

  17. To call the British Royal Family- led by on outstanding woman, HMTQ Elisabeth II – sexist, is an act of colossal arrogance. Unfortunately, Meghan lacks the mental capability to understand the foolishness of calling a family led by a powerful woman Leader, sexist.

    • She is as dumb as they come. It is unbelievable what has happened and I feel so sorry for the Queen and Prince Philip. None of us cannot stop reading or thinking about the whole thing because it is so shocking and unending.


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