Kate Middleton ‘Handcuffs’ Insult Proves Media’s Royal Women Loathing

  • It’s long been claimed that the British media dislikes Meghan Markle based on her racial background.
  • This isn’t true. The British media is many things, but racist? Not in my opinion.
  • The truth is, the media has always had it in for royal women.

We have long been told by Meghan Markle fans who have followed the royal family for five minutes that the media in Britain is entirely biased towards Duchess Kate Middleton while victimizing Meghan Markle.

Those of us who live in the UK and who have some experience with how the media works here know differently.

I’ve long argued that both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have had a tough time when it comes to the media

I know plenty of Meghan fans have spent their time reading my articles while frothing at the mouth in anger, but what most of them fail to see through their red mist is that I’m not claiming the media in Britain doesn’t have it in for Meghan.

I’m claiming that the media doesn’t have a problem with Meghan Markle exclusively, and certainly not because of her race.

There is one thing that both Duchess Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have in common. The British media has loved nothing more than sticking the knife into both of them, often-times based on how they look.

Why? Because they’re royal and female.

I know that doesn’t fit with the siege mentality that Meghan fans love to adopt, but it’s the truth.

The facts don’t lie.

Princess Diana, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle.

All have been victims of the British press in one way or another over the years. None of them has been cut the kind of slack that their male counterparts have.

It’s a view that garners hits no doubt, but it isn’t true. | Source: Twitter

Duchess Kate Middleton is the latest victim of an attack by a royal biographer

I’ll start here by saying that I think the book written by Netflix advisor Robert Lacey is trash. It’s sensationalistic nonsense that seeks to cash in on a family divided in Prince William and Prince Harry.

I’ll also admit to having not bought the book. I simply refuse to. I’ve read excerpts in the British media, and from that, I gleaned enough information to know that the book isn’t worth my time or money.

What is clear is that he has written this nonsense with a pro-Meghan Markle slant, which is fine. He’s pandering to a specific demographic. Other writers have done the same in the past.

But it’s not enough for Robert Lacey to champion his fellow Netflix minion. He has to actively bash Duchess Kate Middleton.

Not only does Lacey insult Duchess Kate, but he takes a dig at Camilla at the same time

According to Netflix Bob, Camilla Parker-Bowles had confided to Duchess Kate that to “hang on” to Prince William, she’d have to devote her entire life to him.

Quoted in The Sun, Lacey claims:

Camilla had confided to Kate the secret of hanging on to a busy prince: fit your timetable – well, basically your whole life – around his.

This in itself is absolute nonsense, of course. But wait! It gets better. Lacey goes on to betray his own beliefs and values when he claims:

While Kate’s medium-to-long-term objective was quite simple – to lead William in handcuffs to the altar – for the time being, she had to devise her own independent career path as camouflage. This was a matter of both personal and public tactics.

What an absolutely awful thing to say. In writing these words, Lacey shows himself to be the chauvinistic, out of touch 76-year-old privileged man many of us suspected him of being.

Why would Kate Middleton, a beautiful, independent, charismatic young woman, have to lead anyone to the altar in handcuffs?

This bumbling old fool is insinuating that Kate somehow had to convince Prince William to marry her?


Robert Lacey is talking nonsense about Duchess Kate and Camilla. | Source: Twitter

In Duchess Kate Middleton Prince William knows he has a rare woman

I’m as big a fan of William as anyone else, but it’s abundantly clear that he’s punching above his weight in Duchess Kate Middleton. I have little doubt he’d whole-heartedly agree.

Not only is she stunningly beautiful and the mother of three lovely royal children, but she’s the rock upon which our future king has and will depend. Even Queen Elizabeth knows what Duchess Kate brings to the table.

We’ve seen examples of how key royal figures can find themselves in relationships that do more harm than good. Prince William has landed lucky, and he knows it.

And to Robert Lacey, I have this to say: I expect this kind of sensationalist approach from certain other writers, but you’re old enough and experienced enough to know better.

Shame on you.

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17 thoughts on “Kate Middleton ‘Handcuffs’ Insult Proves Media’s Royal Women Loathing”

  1. That old fool Robert Lacey has lost the plot. Am sure if William and Kate ever saw any of his silly excerpts from his novel, they would just have a bit of a chuckle at how absurd he is. If Lacey keeps this up he will lose all respect from his peers and the public, if hasn’t already. Memo to Lacey: it’s 2020 mate, not 1420, get with the program.

  2. My apologies in advance for length of comment. What follows is my opinion & all allegedly, not necessarily fact, just opinion.

    Because Diana had only 2 boys, only 1 who’d be King, she raised them as equals to compensate for H’s feelings, INSTEAD of instilling a sense of brotherly support from H to Wm’s inevitable role as King of England. Concurrently, Wm was being trained by HMtQ to be a compassionate leader who would’ve given H a prominent position in his court, had H been trusting enough to see! Key to understanding this mess is the necessary hierarchy of the firm. H was raised to be EQUAL in rank to Wm to not hurt his feelings. As a result of Markle’s urging then, he demanded a court of his own, EQUAL to Wm, in the Queen’s primary residence at Windsor Palace! He demanded his OWN foundation rather than continuing as a team with Wm. Markle played on H’s vulnerabilities & poured LITERS of fuel onto Harry’s jealousy of Wm. They DEMANDED equal PR ops, equal invites & even began to believe they were MORE popular, the MOST beloved members of the royal family, exceeding William & Kate & even, HMtQ!!! As more of their demands were rejected, Markle’s vindictive retaliation escalated. She attacked Kate with lies or by spinning half-truths spilled by H, into sensational news leaks! Markle purposely flaunted protocol to generate anger from other family members just so she could cry, “poor me, poor me, the r@cist Windsors don’t treat me fairly ’cause they’re all r@cist bullies who never even asked if I was ok!” (Cue: fake tears & prompt “Thank you for asking if I’m alright!” But the interviewer reminds Markle that she said her “lines” BEFORE he actually had a chance to ask her if she was ok because, as per her M.O., she monopolized the mic & jumped over his lines in their, “spontaneous & unscripted” interview-bwah ha ha). But truthfully, whether it was to curate her victim narrative or simply a narcissistic reflex to being told, “no,” Markle broke EVERY rule she saw. She HAD to barge ahead of H, even in front of the King at Monaco, amidst a Muslim culture where such behavior is considered unbelievably inappropriate!!! If the royal family were told to follow a clothing color-scheme of reds, blues or whites for an event, Markle’d stand-out in Kermit-green, DELIBERATELY! “Look at me! Look at me!” If told ONLY immediate heirs to the throne were to attend an event, Markle’d drag H along & CRASH it. If told NOT to announce PR concurrent with sr royal’s announcements, Markle’d RUSH to publish ANYTHING to distract from them. Knowing that even if proven a lie, rumors would nonetheless besmirch the firm or family, Markle’d leak horrific lies because she knew the firm wouldn’t respond. Add her psychopathic narcissism to her being late & unprepared for engagements, leaving official duties early (after 15 min, or canceling them altogether) or using events to promote herself INSTEAD of the Queen while furthering the “royal brand” she believed she was entitled to merch (& many more ex of her FAILURE as a royal), you can see WHY the Queen had to progressively reduce the Sussex’s role in professional engagements. (All of which was spun as her having “secret” events, taking a break, stepping down, etc). But what REALLY sunk Markle’s reputation was all the DECEIT, the SECRET this, SECRET that (aka uninvited, crashed) events used for self-promotion) & the bizarrely changing maternity “bump,” the mysterious birth of “Arche” & Markle’s incessant need to compete with Kate (rather than being supportive!). THIS is the basis for people disliking her!!! Lies Lies Lies nonstop lies, non-stop self-promotion, non-stop plagiarizing other’s ideas, unheard-of levels of merchandising ANYTHING or ANYONE … this is what created animosity & disdain, NOT HER RACE! Concurrent as well was her attempt to HURT the monarchy, the Queen & Kate! Markle believed no one could see through her transparent, evil schemes! The outcome of this saga is predictable. Markle will discard H when she finds a richer, more connected male to con. She will utterly trash H in books, interviews & ANY platform that will have her. She’ll be the poor, picked on r@cial minority who did EVERYTHING the mean firm wanted, but in the end, they were just bullies, r@cist bullies. Years will pass & men to con will run out. Her money from the royal con will have been foolishly spent on a lavish lifestyle, futile PR & never ending atty fees. In the end, like her grifter mother, bankrupt & broke, she’ll return to her father to inherit whatever meek means he has left! Maybe her father will even meet with the suspicious demise her mother’s father met? All for the love of money & fame!

    • Oh Jen, beautifully said, you have MM pegged to a “T”. She is such a pathetic creature. Money she amasses from all the people she has and is conning, will never bring her any happiness. Her greed and desiring of world wide fame will consume her. Totally despicable in every way!

  3. Ms Hansen is completely correct. Lacey has been writing trash to make money, regardless what is right or wrong. I have lost respect to him as a journalist. I despise him as he is a liar abusing his professional position. But his narrative is so weird and lacking logic and common sense, I don’t think many people will take him seriously.

  4. Me again brings it on herself. Not cause she is black or green or white. All of which she could be if it helps her situation at the time. She is a soo obvious social climbing user. Harry es such a sucker. Poor royal family…

  5. Robert is a 76 years old white privilege man. He just wants to take the opportunity to fill his pocket by writing this book. Everyone on earth can see how genuine, sincere, and committed Duchess Kate is. She never seeks to find where the camera is when doing her duty in the public. She is wholeheartedly committed to the Monarchy. So Bob, stop writing fiction and untrue story.

    • I agree. I mean William had 9 years to decide if Kate is the right girl for him. Lets say that she is a social climber as the author claims then, William would have seen through her after all those years together. In Harry case, he was in lust and refused to see anything else except Meghan during their short courtship and his rashness in his actions with everything else proved that.

      • True. And if Kate is a social climber, she certainly doesn’t appear to take any great pleasure in having climbed so high. She simply carries on in the good British way.

        • I think the reports were that it was Kate’s mother who is / was a social climber. However they have behaved impeccably to date (as far as I am aware) by not trading on their royal connections or behaving in an embarrassing manner. Nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself or marrying up, as long as you fulfill your part of the bargain – there is honour and integrity in that. And it is quite clear as to who has done what.

    • @connie hung What does Robert Lacey’s white privilege have to do with his book? I’m all for calling out this sort of behaviour where it is warranted, but otherwise it’s just throwing in buzzwords that confuse the issue. For my part, he has lost credibility as a respected biographer, but not because of his white privilege.

  6. Robert Lacey has lost respect of many with this book. His target audience for this book is obviously US and he knows that they have more population over there than UK. I have seen the interview in the US vs UK that Robert does, he is more scathing toward William and Kate in the US than in UK’s interview. I am disgusted at Robert for obviously making things sensational to sell books and fill money in his pocket while being misogynistic.

    Their relationship started as friend. Yes when William enrolled in St Andrew University, there were many girls that enrolled especially from the US. Out of all those girls that enrolled at the university, Kate become his long term girlfriend. Just because you enrolled in that university doesn’t mean that you will have some relationship with William. Even if you become William’s girlfriend, it does not mean that he will marry you as Harry’s earlier long term relationships proved. What I am trying to say is there is inherent character or qualities that Kate possess that William clearly see although being a cautious person that he is and now everyone can see why she is befitting of future Queen consort. Whatever happens in their private lives is their own issues but I will judge Kate base on what she is doing as a public figure. What I see in Kate is a wonderful mother, a kind human being and an asset to the nation.

    During the engagement interview of Kate and William’s, the journalist asked Kate if she feels lucky that she is marrying William. Kate’s reply was “William is the one lucky to marry me”. That is what I call girl power. She has proven that right 100 times over. Enough said.

  7. Kate Middleton is a class act. William was very, very, very lucky to get her. She represents the monarchy beautifully. Thank you Lord Jesus.

    • I agree. Kate and me again are radically different. Sparkle markle resents her. I hope the crazy world rejects joke and awoke. That enlightened couple

    • Yes. Kate has a natural sweetness and refinement that is a pleasure to observe. And I think that beneath that, she is strong. It’s the quiet ones who sometimes surprise us with their courage.


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