The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s student bookstore ‘The COOP‘ announced plans to begin accepting Bitcoin through payment processor BitPay, making them the first major university bookstore to accept the cryptocurrency. In such a vibrant, young Bitcoin community, this could be a huge way of introducing Bitcoin to the future’s brilliant minds.


As BitPay Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Tony Gallippi wrote in a press release earlier today:

“Students are the next generation technology leaders and we expect them to be at the forefront of new technology adoption like bitcoin. As MIT and The COOP are two of America’s most historic examples of innovation, the adoption of bitcoin continues this tradition.”

MIT Harvard COOP

The COOP already offers a Bitcoin exchange in-store and will now be accepting it for logo merchandise, student textbooks, and other school essentials.

3424737048_b1ec9eaf96_oThis also shows how active and responsive the Bitcoin community on campus is. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a very passionate group of enthusiasts who, earlier this year, held a Bitcoin Expo in May with well-known speakers like Gavin Andresen and Seth Neville, launched a Bitcoin Club on campus and most known is their project to put $100 of Bitcoin into every MIT undergraduate student’s hands, which BitPay is anticipating and responding to.

The ‘COOP’ was founded in 1882 as The Harvard Cooperative Society. Today, The Coop stands as one of the largest campus stores in the nation, with five store locations and an expansive online store to serve the Harvard and MIT community.

“The MIT COOP is the first campus-based business to respond to this student-led adoption, continuing its reputation as a cooperative by students and for students.”

– Jerry Murphy, COOP President

Bitcoin in Education

This year has brought lots of attention to Bitcoin, many from educators in colleges and universities. If you’re interested in higher education in the realm of cryptocurrencies, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus is offering a Master’s of Science Degree in Digital Currency as an online course and has already accepted Bitcoin for tuition, which can apply to any degree offered by the university while the University of Cumbria in the UK accepts Bitcoin for certain courses.

New York University is looking to begin courses on cryptocurrencies as well. The classes will cover many different topics and areas including introductory classes like “Class One (Law Students): What is money?” to a broader, more public class like “Class Fifteen (optional and open to the broader community): Bitcoin’s conflict with the political system” and in between are plenty of good explorations into the ever-growing topic of Cryptocurrencies.