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How Prince Harry Transformed from ‘Rebel Royal’ into Perpetual Victim

Last Updated September 25, 2020 10:31 AM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 25, 2020 10:31 AM
  • Not that long ago, Prince Harry had a reputation as the lovable “rebel” of the royal family.
  • Those days are gone. He’s taken on the role of perpetual victim.
  • His reputation with his longtime fans has plummeted to an all-time low. Is there any way back?

I feel sorry for those who jumped aboard the royal bandwagon during the past few months. Their impression of Prince Harry must look remarkably different from how longtime fans of the monarchy view him.

These days, even I’m beginning to forget what it was like when Harry was the “rebel royal” – the cheeky young lad who bent the rules and had us all wondering what he’d be up to next.

That Harry is long gone – probably forever. The rebellious, carefree young Prince has transformed into a whining, “woke,” and bitter man who revels in playing the martyr.

Video: Royal biographer claims Prince Harry is a “shadow of his former self.”


Prince Harry wasn’t always like this

Royal biographer Angela Levin detailed Prince Harry’s devolution in a recent interview.

(Oh, and by royal biographer, I mean she’s an actual royal biographer. Not the type of “royal biographer” we’ve seen in the news of late.)

Speaking to Chris Ship, Levin commented: 

Harry has changed enormously since I met him. I found that he was charismatic and had royal stardust about him. He was brilliant with people, especially if they were physically, emotionally, or psychologically damaged, he had a mischievous charm to him.

I’m not for a second suggesting Prince Harry never had his flaws. He most certainly did (and does). He was as imperfect as everyone else – in his own way. And he won the hearts of the public by not lecturing us.

The Harry of old did not put himself on a pedestal. He never claimed to be perfect, and he never preached to the public.

Those days are gone. Nowadays, he regularly steps into his Zoom pulpit to admonish us to “do better” and have the “uncomfortable” conversations he’s seemingly unwilling to have himself.

prince harry, meghan markle
Angela Levin is well-placed to offer an opinion on Prince Harry and the changes in his personality. | Source: Twitter 

The “royal rebel” has become the victim of his own melodrama

Suppose we set aside the rather absurd notion that Finding Freedom, the biography written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, had zero input from the Hollywood Royals.

As Angela Levin said, the book reveals quite a bit about where Prince Harry’s head is at:

When you read the book, you realize the pile of grievances Meghan and Harry hold.  This is going back a few years now. It is absolutely extraordinary. Most of these grievances are incredibly petty, but when you add them up, it is like a great big sandcastle.

Levin’s assessment is bang on the money. For all their bluster and whining, there’s precious little evidence Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been victims at all.

We’re talking about people who have lived the past few years in absolute luxury, all at the expense of a British population that they have since turned their backs on.

Judging by their inability to secure a viable income stream, I doubt very much that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in a position to be paying for anything.

Who paid the bill for Harry and Meghan’s ridiculously extravagant wedding? Who will pick up the tab for Meghan’s $1.2 million clothes collection? 

They live rent-free in a mansion, which is guarded by a security team paid for by Harry’s father.

Despite their obvious privilege, the Hollywood Royals are wallowing in self-pity

meghan markle, prince harry
In my opinion, it suits Meghan’s “woke” agenda to have Harry in a negative, combative frame of mind. | Source: AP Photo/Matt Dunham

They’re drowning in privilege, but – as Levin insightfully notes – they seem incapable of doing anything but complaining about their status.

They ignore all of the wonderful things they have had, the prerogatives and chances to meet great people and do charity work they want to do. It seems to me they have focused entirely on the negative.

Looking at the timeline of Prince Harry’s transformation, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that it’s been fueled by Meghan Markle. In my opinion, it suits her “woke” agenda to have Harry in a negative, combative frame of mind.

And while the likes of Finding Freedom paint Meghan as a saint, Harry’s reputation plummets further with each passing week.

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