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Have Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Earned Any Money Since Leaving Royal Family?

Last Updated September 24, 2020 4:56 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 4:56 PM
  • When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the royal family, it was with dollar signs in their eyes and big plans for the future.
  • Aside from Prince Harry appearing at a JPMorgan event in Miami, the couple hasn’t made any money.
  • The L.A. lifestyle Meghan enjoys doesn’t come cheap. Harry better get working!

Over the past few months, we’ve heard a lot about what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning to do, but very little has come of the ideas and lofty ambitions.

Be it scripts that will catapult Meghan to the White House, or providing the next big Hollywood blockbuster to Brad Pitt.

Plenty of rumors, but not much by way of action.

meghan markle tweet
Meghan’s pursuit of Brad Pitt has been hilarious. | Source: Twitter 

But what about the pandemic, Markle fans cry!

Yes, I know. We’ve all lived through some peculiar and unsettling times of late, and it is hard to get anything done during a lockdown, right?

Well, not for everyone, it would seem.

The world has continued turning. Yet, for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it’s been all about Zoom calls, telling us how the Queen should go about her business, and shoehorning Grey’s Anatomy quotes into speeches.

Don’t get me wrong, these antics have provided hours of amusement, but sadly, they haven’t brought in any dollars.

Have Meghan and Harry made any money since leaving the U.K.?

A valid question, and one which royal expert Katie Nicholl discussed with Entertainment Tonight: 

They do need to make money. They’ve been in LA since March, they left the Royal Family at the end of March, and as yet, they haven’t actually earned anything.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the Hollywood Royals will be hurting for money. Together they are thought to have a net worth of around $30 million, so they won’t be clipping coupons any time soon.

At the same time, Meghan Markle has been known to enjoy a shopping spree or two, so Prince Harry better get that public speaking career rolling, and quickly.

The $1 million he was rumored to have been paid for speaking at a JPMorgan event in Miami was the last time either of them earned any money.

For all of Meghan’s big plans, nothing has come to fruition yet

I could understand the logic behind Meghan Markle wanting to return to L.A. for a career in Hollywood.

She was returning home with a British prince on her arm. This would maybe open doors that were closed previously. I get it.

So, what happened?

She’s been chasing Brad Pitt around like a stalker, had Prince Harry pitching her services to anyone who’d listen, and was reported to have lots of huge offers sitting there on her desk.

Why the delay? Is she waiting on that one special project? Or has her Hollywood dream amounted to nothing?

prince harry tweet
Prince Harry has made one public speaking appearance. | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle’s pivot to social activism tells its own story

Markle deciding to pivot into social activism has less to do with a sudden need to step up and help and more to do with a lack of viable offers in Hollywood.

Make no mistake. If Brad Pitt’s agent called her tomorrow, the Black Lives Matter social justice campaign would be placed firmly on the backburner.

At this stage of the game, both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting desperate.

The scattergun approach and constant changing of exactly what Meghan intends to do post-royal life is a telltale sign that things aren’t working out as they had hoped.

One thing is for sure: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need to start earning. They can’t rely on handouts and freebies forever.

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