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Meghan Markle is a Diva, Not a Social Justice Feminist Icon

Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:51 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:51 PM
  • Meghan Markle’s lavish spending of royal funds since marrying Prince Harry is under scrutiny.
  • It was reported that Meghan’s spending habits were drawing the attention of the Queen.
  • It’s easy to spend other people’s money, but you can’t buy status and class, unfortunately.

The song may be ten years old, but when Countess Luann released “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” I’m sure it was with the likes of Meghan Markle in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, since hooking up with Prince Harry the Duchess of Difficult is undoubtedly trying to prove Countess Luann wrong at every turn!

Meghan’s spending signaled “alarm bells” for the Queen

According to the new book “Royals at War” by investigative journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett, Meghan Markle knew how to spend money.

Now she had a British prince on her arm, she had the actual money to go with the knowledge!

It should be remembered that the Queen, herself reportedly worth billions, is known for her frugality and modesty  when it comes to spending.

According to news.com.au, this is a woman who still begins her day by emptying breakfast cereal into a bowl from a Tupperware container.

The royal family as a whole, despite their vast wealth, aren’t really known for spending aside from the odd royal wedding or birthday bash.

Meghan likes to spend money that isn’t hers | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle isn’t recognized as a princess, but that doesn’t stop her spending like one

While the royals are low-key, those of us who know anything about Meghan Markle knew this wouldn’t be the case with her, and she didn’t take long in proving us correct.

According to Royals at War, Meghan didn’t hold back from spending during her pregnancy.

News.com.au reports: 

[Meghan] had sessions with a celebrity acupuncturist, the parents-to-be had a 12-week course of numerology readings costing $4515 and enjoyed a luxe babymoon which reportedly came with a $59,100 price tag.

Prince Harry’s motto of “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets” suddenly becomes all too real when you read those figures, doesn’t it?

What Meghan wants is access to royal cash. Plain and simple.

Meghan’s relentless spending on clothes shocked the royal family to the core

According to Royals at War:

It was Meghan’s maternity wardrobe – or wardrobes – that drew gasps of horror from the notoriously frugal royals.

Meghan Markle reportedly spent a whopping $525,000 on clothes alone in 2018,  not including her wedding dress.

This is many times more than any other royal woman in Europe.

In contrast, Kate Middleton, who isn’t exactly shopping at Primark, spent $87,000 in the same period.

Now, I’d argue that over $80,000 on clothes is excessive, highlighting the difference between the world the royals live in compared to a regular person, but $525,000 is obscene.

Meghan was by far the biggest royal fashion spender of 2018 | Source: The Sun 

Meghan Markle is many things, but she’s not a feminist icon in my opinion

This is the woman who we’re supposed to buy as a social justice campaigner? Seriously?

I’m sorry, but much of what I’ve seen from Meghan Markle since she joined the royal family reeks of a classic gold digger. I hate saying that about any woman, but in this instance, the evidence doesn’t lie.

Hilariously, her fans consider her to be some sort of social justice feminist icon!

She essentially married into money and is trying to use her husband’s family name as leverage to create a career for herself.

Meghan Markle is an anti-feminist. Her reported actions, if true, do nothing to further the cause of women.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, basks in the spotlight at the U.S. Open in New York. | Source: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP

It doesn’t take much to marry into money and rely on your husband and his family to support you. Many women have been doing that for centuries.

Meghan Markle doesn’t even come close to proper feminist icons such as Rosa Parks, Margaret Hamilton, and Jeanne Manford,  although I’m sure she believes she’s cut from the same cloth.

Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can’t buy you class or respect.

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