Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle Claim Exposes His Tone-Deaf Ignorance

  • Prince Harry, the newly-minted social justice campaigner, had the chance to speak with a BLM hero and a man of action.
  • Did he sit back and allow himself to be educated by someone who’s living life on the front line in London?
  • Of course not. He shoehorned into the conversation how bad his wife, Meghan Markle, has it.

It’s at times like this I honestly wonder who Prince Harry is being advised by. Or if he’s even being advised by anyone except his wife, Meghan Markle.

I don’t know of a PR company in the land which would encourage him to make the comments he did about unconscious bias and how he knew absolutely nothing of the term before he “walked a day” in Meghan Markle’s shoes.

Seriously, Harry?

Prince Harry is committing PR blunders regularly these days. | Source: Twitter

Prince Harry knows nothing of the hardships and biases ordinary people face

In an interview conducted for GQ Magazine with BLM activist Patrick Hutchinson, Prince Harry positioned himself once more for ridicule by showing how little he knows of the world outside of his pampered, royal bubble.

Sitting there in his $14 million mansion, he claims his upbringing shielded him from the uncomfortable side of life, which includes unconscious bias.

On that front, I absolutely agree. Prince Harry, much like the rest of the royal family, lives a very insulated and pampered life.

Speaking to Mr. Hutchinson, Harry commented:

Once you realize or you feel a little bit uncomfortable, then the onus is on you to go out and educate yourself because ignorance is no longer an excuse. And unconscious bias, from my understanding, having the upbringing and the education that I had, I had no idea what it was.

So far, so good. There isn’t a lot there with which to disagree.

Both Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, lead very privileged lives, and in recent years we’ve seen Prince William, in particular, look to break through the wall of privilege as best a future king realistically can.

It wasn’t long before Harry managed to shoehorn his wife, Meghan Markle, into the discussion

Even though Prince Harry was speaking with a bona fide hero who actively stepped up and potentially saved the life of another man along with a group of his friends, it didn’t take Prince Harry long to find a way to slip Meghan Markle and her supposed hardships into the discussion.

That’s right.

While speaking with one of his British subjects, an ordinary man from Wimbledon who put himself in danger to do the right thing, Prince Harry decided to say the following on unconscious bias:

I had no idea it existed. And then, sad as it is to say, it took me many, many years to realize it, especially then living a day or a week in my wife’s shoes.

Really, Harry? And how do you figure that?

This interview shows how tone-deaf Harry is on social matters beyond his scope

I noticed that he didn’t really expand much on the unconscious bias that he’s seen his wife face.

Maybe it was during one of her shopping sprees where she spent $1 million of taxpayers money in a single year?

Or was it during their time seeking out a multi-million dollar mansion in an affluent, and primarily white, I may add, neighborhood?

As if mentioning Meghan’s hardships wasn’t bad enough, he then decided to begin rambling on about how he and Meghan called Ashley Banjo during Britain’s Got Talent:

You talk about unconscious bias to start with, which you and I both know is a huge thing globally. But, yes, it exists in the UK as well. But I think with the Ashley Banjo stuff, we – Meghan and I – spoke to him shortly after that whole process, that whole moment in his life and Diversity’s life.

You’re talking to a man who risked his own wellbeing for the welfare of another in a pressure cooker of an environment on the streets of London, and you think that picking up the phone from your safe haven in California warrants a mention?

Prince Harry’s GQ interview was, quite frankly, embarrassing. | Source: Twitter

If Prince Harry wants to really experience unconscious bias, there’s one way he could do so

If Prince Harry wants to really experience what unconscious bias looks like, he could drag his backside off the couch in his mansion, take his private jet back to the UK, and spend a few days living with someone like Patrick Hutchinson.

To even think it was a good idea to shoehorn Meghan Markle, a privileged Duchess who lives a life of luxury far from anything a regular person will ever know, into a discussion with Patrick Hutchinson is another PR blunder to add to the long list that Prince Harry has committed since walking away from his royal support team.

If the inconvenience of spending time with one of the taxpayers who funded your wedding and your wife’s shopping spree doesn’t appeal, there’s something else you could do, Harry.

Shut up, and listen.

Don’t talk about the hardships experienced by the wife of a royal prince. Don’t talk about telephoning a candidate on a television show.

Just pipe down and learn from someone who’s out there in the real world, living with unconscious bias every day.

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98 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle Claim Exposes His Tone-Deaf Ignorance”

  1. How can he say he never knew any of this until Meghan? He was sent to diversity courses after using racist slurs to his comrades in the military. Do what, did he sleep through them? It was his UPBRINGING ( RF) that sent him to diversity courses and yet he says he had no guidance in racism??? Waiting for someone to call him out on this.

  2. You’re really reaching and trying to find racial problems in everything, which is the cause of the mess in America. A normal person would look at the first few minutes of the video and not read all your hateful garbage into it. It’s just a boring interview.

  3. What a moron! Meghan saw him as a weak minded little boy because he is one, hell the only people that even knew she had a black mother were the people she couldn’t hide it from. She is whiter than most of the white people in America!

  4. I am pretty sure prince Harry is lost I mean to be married to a sweeheard should not ending up in such a drama life I am not so much in to all f it but moving to the USA and leaving a great life behind it takes a lot I guess this couple has no clue and will soon regret it

  5. I’m only commenting because I have never heard anyone comment on her cosmetic nose surgery yrs ago and how she justifies that to her “sisters” in Africa and around the world? Or anyone less fortunate than her. And what about all those children born with cleft pallets and lips whose parents are too poor to afford the surgery?
    Harry dear dimwit, go home and escape this conniving insufferable.

    • i am a child of cleft palate and i would love to have more surgeries on straightening my nose and giving me a full lucious lip but my insurance regards it as COSMETIC surgery.

  6. For Harry to piggyback on this true hero’s newly deserved fame is shameful, Mr. Hutchinson was taken advantage of by Harry. Harry at this time really had no place or platform to be on the same stage as Mr. Hutchinson. Who the hell is advising Harry? Must he put his ridiculous input out there, does he really think people look up to him like a reader of Oprah’s O magazine tracing lifestyle and wellness tips…come on…get with it Harry, do something on your own without capitalizing on someone else’s game.

  7. You all sound like a bunch of jealous school girls! Leave Harry and Megan alone and report on or discuss important things, not gossip.

    • And you sound like the clingy little girl who ran after the popular kids because you wanted to be one and failed. Your point? Please, look up the definition of ‘opinion’ and ‘freedom of speech.’ Also anytime someone says “Leave so and so alone,” we are all just reminded of the mid-2000s nutcase screaming “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” That’s seriously how I read your post. Grow up.

    • Jealousy, the favorite word of Meghan’s fans. It makes me think of them as having been emotionally stunted, never having matured beyond adolescence.

      In the grown-up world, people dislike other people for very valid reasons. For instance, if someone is rude to you, or is selfish. Or hurts someone you care for. All perfectly understandable reasons that do not include jealousy.

      But Meghan’s fans are incapable of seeing anyone else’s point of view. To them, life is still contained within the mental framework of immature, over-emotional teen years. Unfortunately, there’s no way to help someone who refuses to grow up and live in the real world.

      Next, she’s going to call us negative and insist on only being positive. As if real life is a one-tone experience, and that one always positive.

  8. totally agree. For someone who is pretends to be such a strong feminist she is always whining and depending on men to get her ahead.

    • She got into college & earned her grades to graduate without a man. She got acting jobs by auditioning. The director of suits said he hired her cuz she was “more worldly” than his other choice, & that “MM & her costar had chemistry.” How has she “depended on a man” for everything?! She moved to Canada for her job; that’s hardly depending on her husband! Quite the opposite!

      • She got into college and earned her graduate degree thanked to her dad paying for her private school education as well as university fees. She has been a struggling actress for nearly a decade and couldn’t crack it. How did she get the audition for Suit her breakout role? It is well known that knowing who matter more than knowing what in the entertainment industry. It is also well known that her husband at the time was a Producer/manager and he certainly have connections in the industry which helped her with the audition. How did she get to marry Harry and become the royal celebrity that she is today? She got into the high society circle thanks to introduction by her boyfriend at the time the celebrity chef to the stars, Cory Vitiello. So all that she has achieved in her life has in some form or another men propping her up to get there. Audrey has gone into much more detail in the following article.

      • I can give a million examples but no time. Her ex husband helped her get that job! Men are always helping her she’s got no talent either then to lie, and be a manipulative crook. It’s disgusting that she ditched her dad after a heart attack. She has been nasty to her family and the Royals dislike her too cause she leaks gossip and has been greedy and nasty with them with her tell all book Funding Freedom which everyone knows she was the ghost writer. She constantly complains even in Africa where people have no food to eat it’s always about privileged meGain whining. She’s devisive split up Harry and William and she is sickly jeaulous of Kate and couldn’t bare not being the Future Queen. If she was a true feminist she should stop taking money and give up titles but she keeps telling everyone titles must be displayed. She uses people and is a social climber ask her family and her old best friends.

      • 1. Her dad paid for her college tuition.
        2. Her first husband had the connections to help her into Suits. She may very well have had chemistry with the guy who played Mike Ross, but so would other actresses. That foot in the door is very crucial.
        3. Her Candian chef boyfriend introduced her into the upper echelons of Canadian society, positioning her for her eventual first date with….
        4. Prince Harry, who gave her wealth, titles, privileges and a global stage on which to perform

        So yes, Meghan made it “entirely on her own” and “without a man.”

        Not even mentioning the uncle who got her her internship. Nor the Foreign Service exam she failed, which shows you just how brilliant she is. Yes, with that record, there is no question she could absolutely be queen of the world based purely on her own merit.

      • Amazing how getting into college and earning your own grades is supposed to set you above and beyond everyone else. Isn’t that what thousands of people around the world do, every day? It’s a personal achievement, yes, but it’s also pretty ordinary. You’re just like everyone else.

        Kate got into college and earned her own grades too. So?

  9. I’d advise people to give Price Harry a chance. He has been brave enough to break away from the royal family. He is trying to live like an ordinary citizen. He is on a learning curve and is is honest enough to admit his ignorance. Give him a chance. His life has shielded him from knowing the daily hardships experienced by Black people who do not have it easy all over the world.
    It’s a sensitive socio political issue. There is a world of whites and a world of blacks. In the apartheid South Africa it was legal. For example what would a child from Durban North know about the hardships experienced by a child in the shanty towns of Inanda ?

    People should wander why he is suddenly disgusted by being a royal. What has he suddenly seen so rotten in the royal family.

    Its possible that Meghan who is of mixed race mentions issues that touch a core in him . He suddenly feels guilty when realises the different world of blacks and whites. He is brave enough to express his ignorance. He possibly doesnt like the world of us and them. He would like this bad world to disappear and see the world of people.

    • We aren’t taking his chances away from him. He’s got more chances to succeed than many of us ordinary British citizens. He has a name people immediately recognize, and a network of powerful friends. He has wealth. He has royal titles. He has a lot.

      If he’s trying to live like an ordinary citizen, these things are really not what ordinary citizens have. He ought to know that.

      He has admitted his ignorance… good. But that doesn’t give him the chops to be lecturing to us about issues of race.

      I don’t agree there is a world of whites and a world of blacks. There is ONE world, and we’re all living in it, like it or not. And it’s not a static world but a constantly changing one. Apartheid ended in the 90s, and I really hope the people of South Africa are building a community that is good for all their people, whatever race.

      If he’s disgusted with being a royal, he should chuck everything connected to it. Pretty lame to say he’s disgusted with being a royal when he’s still holding on to the titles, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and the money. That makes him a hypocrite. So great, he sees something rotten in the royal family? Walk away from every bit of it, then! Otherwise he is a big hypocrite.

      Harry wants the world to disappear? Are you saying he’s the type of guy to blow up places then?

      • And don’t forget parliament needs to remove him from the line of succession otherwise Rachel can be known as “Princess Henry”. OH I GET IT. That’s the title she wanted all along.

    • In America today, most of the “hardships” black Americans suffer are in large part their own doing, the worst of it being illegitimacy. 70% of black children are born out of wedlock and raised in fatherless homes. THIS IS CATASTROPHIC. With no father in the home, kids are a mess, black or white. By almost every statistical measure, children growing up without a dad do more poorly in school, act out, get in trouble with the law and are prone to drug and alcohol addictions. There is no “systemic” racism in America. It’s just a propaganda tool of the left.

  10. He has to constantly steer the conversation to Meghan—she’s the only person he’s allowed to speak to! I wouldn’t doubt that, when she’s not around, he isn’t allowed to watch the news or anything except Suits reruns on his own. Have to protect against the chance that the man child idiot might form an independent opinion on something.

  11. I truly am confused how anyone can believe or even trust what Harry & Meghan say! I agree with most of you, Harry saying what he said about unconscious bias, & walking in Meghans shoes has changed how he see’s thing! Meghans shoes, Meghans life! Since marrying Meghan, he has lost contact with his life long friends, pulled away from his loving family! Moved thousands and thousands of miles away from his home! From what I understand & I could be wrong but I believe Meghan has had a life of somewhat privilege, stayed away from her heritage from her mom until she decided to marry Harry! Now all of a sudden she feel differently! I call Bull S… Look I have followed the Royals for as long as I can remember! Harry has disrespected his family so much since marrying Meghan, & you can’t tell me that Meghan is his family now only! She is not! His Dad, Brother, Grandparents they too are his family! He has no conscious now, NONE, He must not respect himself to beat up his family so verbally since he got married! Them walking away from the Royal family is their chose if they followed through with why they said they walk away! Instead they are constantly trying to be in the limelight! They truly do not want their privacy or they would not be doing what they are doing! Meghans fans that say they Love them, I’m pretty sure are new to following the Royals. I am not Bashing Meghan as many of her fans have bash The duchess of Cambridge, I am just saying Actions speak louder than words. Their words are useless if they have no follow-up with what they are saying! I am so tired of seeing them in the news! I am also tried of seeing them in magazines under Royal. Remember they are Royal no more! I agree that they should be striped of their titles and HHR. They have broken their promise to the Queen and that is … Again I am not bashing anyone, Meghan and Harry have a right to the life that they want, Just stop running Harry’s family through the Mud! FYI when Meghan’s sister spoke up I felt she was wrong, I felt she was hurtful, I still feel she is wrong, so there is NO ONE that can say I dislike Meghan, what I dislike is how Harry is now behaving… Thanks for letting me vent! Also I believe Prince Harry’s Mum Princess Diana, would be so disappointed in how he just walked away from his brother, dad and grandparents without looking back and seeing how badly he may be hurting them all!

  12. I’ve read all the comments. I didn’t start following M&H until she was pregnant and announced she and Harry were going to raise their baby to be gender neutral. I knew then she was a total whack job.

    I think Meghan was horribly trolled because she is such a screwball. And I’m sure a lot of it was deserved, but the trolling from a number of people probably included racial slurs. So she shows these to Harry who was probably appalled at what he saw. There was probably a lot of crying and sobbing and Harry manned up into a protective mode. The trolling of Meghan is probably behind Harry’s saying, I “walked a day in Meghan’s shoes.”

    This thing is such a huge mess. All Meghan had to do was follow royal protocol. Simple. And all this could have been avoided. I’m glad my mother beat in to us that we had to follow rules. No exceptions. It has served me well in life. And it really isn’t that hard to do. Rebellion is very, very costly.

  13. Excellent article Aubrey. I couldn’t agree with you more. Very well said. I listen PH and MM and every thing is turned around about themselves. It’s tiring listening to these pampered people complaining.

  14. Meghan never identified as a black woman until she and Marcus cleverly brainstormed over wine one night and decided that using this would endear her to dumb dumb as he spent a lot of time in Africa. Bingo-“we got a ticket in”…funny how after Megan and Harry married and there was even the slightest suggestion that they may be transferred to Africa to work boy did she hightail it back to the Canada and the United States quicker than slick she had no intention of ever going to Live in Africa to serve the monarchy this girl had a plan with Marcus from the get-go. Harry, we miss you so, wake up!

    • It takes two to tango. Harry was attracted to Megan’s strong personality, her enjoying charity work & her bit of a free spirit attitude. He’s not the puppet some make him out to be. She was a self made multimillionaire when he met her. Social climber? Yes!

      • There is no evidence that Meghan was a self-made multimillionaire prior to marrying Harry. She earned about $450,000 a year in Suits, from which you take living expenses, taxes, fees for her staff (publicist, manager, etc), non-essential expenses. Her IG showed she lived a pretty luxe lifestyle — not the level she’s living at now, but she wasn’t skimping and saving either. She didn’t own a house, she didn’t own a car. Where would the multimillions be coming from?

    • They are living life quite nicely in $14 million mansion in Montecito, CA. They have it very good but leave a trail of havoc and hurt feelings after they ditched the royal family, but didn’t feel the need to ditch their royal titles.

  15. Being a woman, and american, how can you not understand what they are saying? Of course Meghan is treated with unconscious bias. This is a term every feminist knows by heart, and you should too. Stop attacking them. They represent freedom and rebelious and I really love them!

    • How very pithy to accuse someone of unconscious bias because of course, that person has no defense! If you’re not conscious of it, how do you know you have it! How convenient.

      How about this. There is no unconscious bias towards Meghan. It is fabricated or imagined. She grew up presenting herself as white. Her social milieu was predominantly white. I’m a woman too and biracial. I say this is fabrication and utter bull.

      Meghan and Harry do NOT represent freedom. They represent the snowflake mentality. Feeling sorry for themselves, embracing and reveling in victimhood (is that freedom and rebellion?), entitled, demanding things that they have not earned. They are the worst examples of utter lack of empathy and humanity, greed and aggrandizement.

      Go ahead and love them, that’s your business. But don’t you be telling us what to think about them.

      • With all the respect I was talking to the jornalist that wrote this, not you.

        No need for so much hate. And in fact, your comment is full of hate. If you dont like, look for subjects that you like. I dont like to spend my time with hate, not even yours. I prefer to love. If I am spending time commenting this, it is for love, not hate, for sure. but MAYBE I have to rethink about making comments around so much haters.

        And I think Meghan is treated with unconcious bias for being a woman not black. But, yeah you have your opinion and I am really ok with that. It doesnt make any difference for me what you hate or not. Peace for all of us.

        • You’re the one with the unconscious bias. You’re the one who sees hate everywhere, where there is only emphatic resolve.

          Where is the hate in my comment? When I said unconscious bias is an unfair accusation because if it’s unconscious, how do you even know you have it? How can you be responsible for something you didn’t even know?

          When I said the Meghan and Harry’s claims of unconscious bias against her are fabricated? Why is that hate, when that is what I truly observe? I’m calling it as I see it, and that is not hate.

          When I said Meghan and Harry do not represent freedom, but rather entitled woke snowflakes? That’s exactly what they are — enjoying so many privileges, and yet actively finding any small thing to complain about.

          Are you saying it is hate to disagree with you? I don’t agree with you. You say one thing, I see it very differently.

          I don’t agree with you and I do not hate. I dislike and I strongly disapprove.

          But if all you can see is hate, then I suggest you check yourself for unconscious bias. Against anyone who doesn’t see the world the same as you.

        • I do not see any hate toward you in Niniane’s comment. You are being overly dramatic. This is a forum that allows people to express their view and there will be counter argument against you if there is something you said that others disagree with. It is a healthy discussion/debate and if you cannot bear counter argument against you and view that as hate then, may be that you might not be fit to comment here as you may be too fragile for this forum. Peace for all of us.

  16. He wouldn’t know how a black or white person lives because he hasn’t ever been in contact with the working class. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The media fail to tell us how many black people are happy with their lives in the UK and there are many. The BLM marches were made up heavily with white protesters who don’t even know how a hard working black person feels. Just a case of joining the bandwagon. Possibly Antifa thrown in. They are both up each others……. They dont get it.

  17. You really are a hateful person. Having money doesn’t prevent Meghan from experiencing racism. You’re probably a Meghan hater

    • There is a difference between hating someone for no reason and hating the BEHAVIOR of people who have done great damage to their families, deeply, deeply hurting them.

    • You know what, let’s tackle this question right now. What’s wrong with having a strong opinion about people and deciding you love them or hate them? One can, for example, love Mother Teresa and hate Hitler. What’s wrong with that? Are you REQUIRING every single person to love Meghan? Why? What makes her worthy of everyone’s love? She’s just an ordinary human being. Nothing special about her, except that she’s living a very public life that invites scrutiny because of her marriage and inclusion in the Royal Family. But there’s nothing about her really that makes her so particularly lovable.

      People will have opinions. Some will love her, some won’t care, some will hate her. At this point, I’d say more people can’t stand her, which is not hate but more of a very strong dislike.

      Anyway, we have our opinions and we’re entitled to them. And YOU are NOT entitled to TELL US what our opinions and feelings should be. When you do that, then YOU are hateful because you are trying to CONTROL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. Get it?

  18. Here we go again! Megan’s a victim again. Funny she wasn’t a victim when she was 15 sitting on the fence out by Buckingham palace. I didn’t get to go to London at 16. Nor private white girls school, nor Paris as a SOHO house hostess “wink wink” with Marcus Anderson from SOHOI, not who’s yacht she is pictured on. She’s only the victim of a racial incident when it suits her and Oprah and Obummer and Michael. WAKE UP HARRY. You’re being used

    • correction, meant to say “nor who’s yacht she is pictured on in a white string bikini”. harry and meghan both had the upbringing of everything “white priviledge”. how racist!

    • Here he goes again the frogprince in full croak. I wished tabloids and papers ignored them and send them to press exposure at all would be the best option

    • Shut up about President Obama. He has always fought and stood up about Civil Rights. Oprah Winfrey has also struggled growing up. Neither of them came from money. Oprah worked for her money and so did Predident Obama. Who the hell is Michael? You don’t know what these 2 people went through to get where they are in life. Talk about Harry and his wife

      • Leslie the last i knew this was a FREE country – not communist or socialist yet. My right under the1st amendment. And Obama got his money and backing from George Soros. Dig deeper and you’ll see he got a kickback from Iran regarding the hostage money he gave them without consent from Congress. You really must check these stories out.

        • The “Iran money” he “gave” them was actually Iran’s own money frozen by American Banks under the Bush Administration. When Iran came on onboard and formed a detente with the US regarding nuclear policy, their own money was given back to them.

          • They were supposed to receive the money in Iran’s currency and the UN said absolutely no dollars or pounds or euros because it ends up in terrorists’ hands . Why the heck do you think he sent the cash secretly ? He violated the sanctions

      • Yes Meghan cannot be compared to the likes of Opera or Obama. Obama has chosen careers not based on money but helping mankind, he is not a greedy gold digger like Meghan. Obama really has done good things. Not bringing photographers for ten minute photo ops to pretend.

      • While I do like Obama, etc, you’ve got to admit Shiri has every right to voice her opinion. Free speech, remember? Nobody gets to tell anyone to shut up.

    • Is that how she got onto her quest for prince Harry?? She stalked him when she was a teenager?? Now I am impressed. Social climber gold digger dirty bum and also a psycho stalker. You lucked out Harry found yourself a different type of girl.

      His poor grandparents

    • You are indeed unfair and seem to dislike her because she was a middle-class black girl. Why the animosity?!
      If Harry still is impressed with his wife, good for him!!!!!

      • how about a privilege bi-racial girl going to private schools and her classmates thinking Doria was the maid – and she never corrected them. that’s in black and white from one of her classmates. dig deeper and you’ll see the truth.

      • Meghan was born middle class, but so was Kate, Sophie, Princess Anne’s two husbands, the Queen of Spain, the Crown Princess of Denmark, etc, etc, etc. It’s not the reason Meghan is disliked.

        Meghan is not black, she’s biracial.

        We have repeatedly stated the specific behaviors and character traits Meghan has that we dislike.

        Just because you don’t like our reasons doesn’t mean they aren’t valid and can be ignored.

        And because we have taken pains to state them, it is completely irrational to say we dislike her because she’s black (she’s not) and middle class (who cares).

    • The whole thing is wretched. Yes, Meghan is being advised by Oprah, who used to be a lot of fun until she got so rich she gave up her show, started her own cable outlet, and then got involved with the Obamas. Now she fancies herself a political intellectual and Meghan is trying to copy her. It’s nauseating. Gone is normal Oprah to woke, word-salad, bullshit-artist Oprah. It’s no accident Meghan is living next door to her. She’s listening raptly to everything Oprah says. Make not doubt about it.

      • Why you so jealous grownup irene of Oprah? When white franchises buy up cable companies or T- Mobile bought up Sprint nothing said.
        , but a Black woman gets an education and works hard archives something you never will have so you got to down her right ? What was/is a normal Oprah was she supposed to host a TV for the rest of her life ? She’s written books and yes she’s educated she had dreams and aspirations and I feel anyone can be anything they want to be. She did just that not bad for a little girl black born in Mississippi . Irene it’s evident you ain’t woke at all and your pathetic petty jealousy is just sad cause you will never have what she has . I’m a person who is happy for anyone who achieves and lives their dreams . Ain’t enough shade out here for you to throw at her and make a miniscule spec in her life ok and there’s no doubt about that . Make something of your own life and you won’t have complain about Oprah’s life.😒

        • Oh boy, if there are two people I am not jealous of, it is Meghan and Oprah. I don’t measure success by money or achievement. I measure success by the kind of person someone is, or how they think or believe.

          I used to like Oprah because Oprah was real. Her success on TV came from her ability to relate to ordinary women and the problems they have. She is sincere and authentic. And Oprah is someone who has struggled with her weight as long as she has been in the public eye and she was always publicly honest about it. In the early days, Oprah used to be open about her Christianity. That was how she was raised. Did she have a rough life? Sure, but her experience gave her a special ability to empathize with others and she became a multi-millionaire because of it. God blessed her.

          When Oprah dropped her show and bought a cable channel, SHE CHANGED. Her magazine O did not reflect the Oprah we saw on TV. It is way too sophisticated for the kind of women that used to be in her audiences. Then she started with the new age stuff and political correctness, and that’s when she started to turn off a lot of people. When she began to associate with the Obamas, she became what you would call”woke” and what I would call a radical leftist with marxists leanings. I do not like that Oprah. And here Meghan is trying emulate Oprah’s politics and people hate her for it. Look what has happened.

        • Why do you see jealousy everywhere, Sunny? It seems to be the default motive you attribute to everyone. Is that the only thing that motivates you, jealousy? You are projecting. You do realize, don’t you, that people can dislike or disapprove of other people for other reasons? For example, if a person disrespects you or is rude to you. Or hurts someone you care for. Or betrays you.

          Why only jealousy? You seem to have lived a very narrow life and do not realize the broad spectrum of human experience.

    • You can talk about Megan if you must and I’m quite sure she’s had some racial drama in her life regardless how light bright damn near white some of us are there is drama and pain I can attest to that, I’m a Black -German. When you talk about Oprah I got a problem with that ,it’s evident you don’t know about her at all She’s not one to put on or the wear a victim role. When she was a young girl she was abused sexually ,emotionally and physically and got raped causing her to become pregnant that baby died. Acting as a victim of racial incidents well it’s evident you know nothing about the state of Mississippi USA Oprah’s birth place. My great great grandparents were slaves my great grands born into slavery and my dear grandparents were all born under Jim Crow law’s,night rider’s, kkk, segregation hangings and murders of all type let’s not forget rape and all other atrocities committed by whites in the state of Mississippi so you see she never had to pretend about any racial incidents when your black and live in Mississippi that hate came with the territory and you got your shit twisted ok.President Barack Obama now you’ve really pissed me off he’s never been one to use the” Race Card”. Isn’t that what you all call it when a Black person talks about race based atrocities committed against them by whites ?His life held a lot of pain being born into a interracial family believe me I know about that.He didn’t go looking his white. princess he fell in love and married a beautiful Black Queen from the south side of Chicago.The Michael I’m not sure who your talking about, but I know it’s not Michael Jackson .Point No one not even Megan has to lie about racial injustice.Anywhere the ancestor of the African was takin in this world whether it be Europe the Caribbean or any of the Americas north, south or central wherever
      those ancestors were mistreated,demeaned and disrespected including yours truly No one has to pretend about racial incidents or abuse of any kind caused by whites, shirl , and his name is Barack Obama shirl.Also Harry ain’t being used by Megs at all. You may not like my response / reply but I really don’t give a damn at 73yrs of do you think I really care about someone thinks about me shirl?Be safe and get woke.😒

      • I am also a woman of mixed heritage and 6 yrs younger than you so don’t preach to me about being woke. My relatives died fighting to free yours but we get no thanks do we. Oh and I thought his name was Barry Sotero? Why was he ashamed of his real name then? And why may I ask does he have a social security card from New Jersey. He wasn’t born there. It’s because his grandmother worked for the social security office in Hawaii and finagled it since he was foreign born. You see I’m from around Kansas where his mother was from And we all know the truth. you have to ask who Michael is then that means you only want to seek the truth on some things. And Meghan doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her mother’s black relatives. Why is that? And if you do your research Oprah was given her show in Chicago because she was of color and they needed someone to compete with Phil Donahue in the ratings.

      • Dear Sunny, you can have a problem with whatever subject anyone of us wants to talk about, but the simple fact is this:

        We have freedom of speech.

        You don’t tell us what to talk about. Ever.

  19. With respect, I would suggest that if you think being able to spend lots of money and being financially privileged shields you from all unconscious bias and a lack of racial priviledge, it is, in fact, you who do not understand. Yes, if he sees what his wife goes through, really cares, and has studied this topic, even he as a royal, can begin to understand.

    • Perhaps you would care to itemise a list of those dreadful things you claim Markle goes through!?! This will of course be impossible for you because Markle hasn’t lead a life of suffering filled with racial discrimination. To the contrary, she has an expensive education, a career as a bit part actress that allows her to be worth $3 million, and is now married to a Royal Rich Teerp. Her house was gifted to her, she’s spent over £1 million on clothes etc and she travels on private planes. She’s living the life of Riley.

      That you try to persuade anyone that this isn’t the case is pitiful and pathetic.

      Are you Harry the Dimwit per chance?

    • I think the point of the article is that it is arguable that Harry’s wife has gone through experiences which have exposed her to the degree, and comprehension, of racism that other persons of colour might have.

    • When did she ever experience even a moment as a “black woman”? She has been living as a Caucasian all of her privileged life.

    • We now live in a snowflake world it seems. The supposed white privilege that exist, I would like to see that apply to a white person on the street homeless with no food to eat. The unconscious bias is calling now for everyone whose skin colour is not black to feel guilty of that sin and apologise for their skin colour that they are being born with? SMH. On second note, I applaud Patrick Hutchinson for his heroic action and I would like to see people like him recognised more and become prominent figure in this conversation of racial relation.

      • @Joan I think it now is a conscious bias that all white people are racist and / or practise unconscious bias. Frankly, EVERYONE is guilty of unconscious bias, whether in favour or, or against, different ethnic groups.

        • I agree to a degree. People’s bias are shaped by their life experiences and it is how we make assessments in meeting new people. However, most normal intelligent people are adult enough to ty and get to know the person before they let that bias take over. There are always fools in any society that are ignorant no matter what and let their bias take over and Sussex squad are perfect example of that.

    • Money does afford a shield of sorts against bias because money is power, and powerful people are automatically afforded a certain amount of respect and acknowledgement. it isn’t a blanket shield, but it does afford some protection.

      Now to Meghan. What exactly did she go through? If you go through the coverage of the engagement and wedding, you’ll see how warmly she was welcomed and cheered by the British. No expense was spared, and no honor withheld — a grand wedding, royal titles, royal residences, etc.

      We get our first inklings of the souring of relations between Meghan and the Royal Family, and the British public, in these events: (1) news that she revealed her pregnancy during Princess Eugenie’s wedding, (2) news that she had a tantrum about the tiara, (3) Meghan clearing the stands around her in Wimbledon which people considered diva behavior unworthy of a royal, (4) the expensive baby shower [the Brits like their royals to not flaunt their wealth], (5) the controversial Vogue cover with its political tone [British royals are not supposed to get political], etc.

      If you look at these things, they are very clearly issues with Meghan’s BEHAVIOR, or even CHARACTER, and not race.

      Therefore, the conclusion that Harry was reacting to “what his wife went through” doesn’t hold water. Harry saw his wife reaping the consequences of her actions. It was never about race, and thus never unconscious bias.

      When Meghan began to cry racism, this had the effect of enraging the British public. Why? Because she was gaslighting. When someone offends you or does something wrong, what you expect is a simple apology. If that person turns around and accuses you of racism, while blatantly not acknowledging the wrong, that will make anyone angry.

      So the Brits are angry. It is not racism.

    • Of all the things Meghan has said or done , among the worst IMO were the return flight on a private plane for the baby shower in NYC by someone who with H preaches against global warming . Then there was the announcing of her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding
      reception – could not let someone else be the center of attention . And as a Canadian,
      while H and M were hiding out on Vancouver Island , they reportedly used the RCMP Protection Officers , paid for by Canadian taxpayers , to pick up their grocery and coffee orders .Lastly as a retired Newborn ICU nurse , baby Archie was not correctly placed in the baby carrier . The neck muscles are still very weak relative to the weight of the head and the
      head not being supported can allow tiny neck muscles and blood vessels to tear..I just shake my head evrytime I read about M and H.

      • There’s a few other things happened that helped turn people off her like hiding the baby when he was born and keeping secret who the godparents were going to be.Also the grandfinale in Africa which shocked many people to the core

  20. So princey Harry wears me again’s shoes?? Now that some great imagery.. she is only black when the situation is good for her. I feel for the Queen and her husband. It is like Oprah and Jerry springer have slipped into the royal family. It only gets better

    • I’m seriously getting sick of these two.

      I was all for Megs, happy Harry was happy. But she now reminds me of a hybrid Marie Antoinette aspiring to be Angelina Jolie/Amalia Clooney but failing mis-erably. No finesse style or elegance. Doesn’t she realise people she aspires to be, EARN respect? Waste of time and news columns. Harry appears spineless under her spell. Enough of their preachings. We have more worrying things to deal with like COVID 19, people losing jobs and the state of the nation. It now annoys me to see their spurious interviews plastered over the papers – what was with the privacy that they so craved? Major case of Emperor wears no clothes…. they just look ridiculous to the point no one actually cares about them.

      • Get a life! You need to find something positive to occupy yourself other than being so negative. Negativity will eat you up and spit you out, making you look old beyond your years with frown wrinkles and a drooping mouth. Not real attractive, and this attitude will shorten your life. Try surrounding yourself with happy people and you will likely feel better about yourself. Associating with them will help you get over your own self loathing.

        • Nothing in Rachel’s post indicates self loathing. Perhaps you should try to not project your own faults onto others. Since when is having an opinion “being negative” about the world? Since snowflaking became trendy, I suppose?

        • Perhaps the negativity these two spread all over the world about the RF , Harry’s blood relatives, would be a good place to start. Tell them to stop trashing people and the negativity towards them will end.

    • These two are mental please keep your mouths closed. You wanted privately you got it. Everyone should be stripped of all titles and make your own money. Brothers are jealous of one another and they don’t know if they want to be Caucasian or black. Remove yourselves from all comments and stop asking for favors.stay away from everyone and everything and you will have pure privacy.who cares stay out of sight and mind.and you will be private. Sooner than later we will not Know you People.


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