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Jio Console: 5 Things You NEED to Know About India's Stadia Rival

jio video game console, google stadia

By CCN Markets: Google tantalized the gaming industry when it revealed that its console, Stadia, would be a streaming service. However, Jio, India's telecom giant, is promising what it claims could be an even better platform in India. Jio's console launches in early September, nearly two months ahead of Google's service, and it could provide some interesting insights into the challenges that...

Anthem Suffers Crippling Blow as Lead Producer Exits BioWare

anthem producer quits bioware

By CCN Markets: Anthem's lead producer, Ben Irving, revealed that he is set to depart from developer BioWare, marking a further somber note in the title's short, but turbulent history. Taking to Twitter to announce the news earlier today, Irving explains he will be moving to an as of yet undisclosed company, but still within the gaming industry. (1/3) After 8 amazing years at BioWare I have made...

Fortnite's New Patch Is So Awful Gamers Are Rage-Quitting

fortnite patch

By CCN Markets: Epic Games released the first post-mech controversy Fortnite patch, dubbed v10.10, and to say players are unhappy about it is an understatement. It may be Fortnite's most underwhelming patch to date. Chiefly, the update fails to nerf the BRUTE mech as clamored for by the community. If anything, the patch buffs the much-beleaguered vehicles by adding a mini-map alert that allows...

No Man's Sky Hospital Donation Bolsters Gaming's Tarnished Image

playstation 4

By CCN Markets: As recent events have framed video games in a bad light, it's vital to remind ourselves that they can be a source of immeasurable good. A case in point is a group of No Man's Sky players who've rallied their collective might to make a sizeable donation to a children's hospital in Sydney, Australia. Our community raised more money than they needed to put up a billboard to thank...

Ninja Porn Fiasco Exposes Even More Serious Twitch Controversy

fortnite streamer ninja twitch porn scandal

By CCN Markets: As the streaming community reels from Twitch's controversial decision to use Fortnite star Ninja's channel to highlight other streamers, accidentally promoting pornography in the process, some say that it has exposed a far more serious issue with the platform. Ex-VP: Twitch Betrayed Fortnite Legend Ninja Even Before It Streamed Porn on His Channel On Twitter, early Twitch investor...

Secret Email Leak Hints at Sony’s Huge Playstation 5 Reveal

Playstation 5

According to an alleged email leak, Sony plans to fully unveil its next-generation PlayStation 5 console at a special event scheduled for February 12, 2020, supposedly dubbed PlayStation Meeting. Details ostensibly received from a former senior marketing manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, privy to a company email circulated to members of the marketing department, suggest preparations are...

Dismal G2A Keyblocking Tool Prompts Extension, Rings Hollow with Devs

g2a gaming

Grey market game key reseller G2A announced today that it is extending the deadline on its proposed and much-publicized keyblocking tool. G2A initially scheduled to close signups on Aug. 15 but has since extended until the end of the month to allow time for other developers to register their interest. A meager 19 developers have signed up as of writing, jeopardizing the entire scheme before it...

Esports Is Outgrowing Traditional Sports, First The Super Bowl, Now Monetization

esports outgrowing traditional sports

Esports teams have a long history of struggling with monetization for their operations. If they win, the payouts can readily cover their expenses and then some. The only issue? Only a handful of teams ever win, and the teams that do win often win again—with the resources from their last victory. Others are left to close their doors in the face of success. The fact that so many Esports businesses...

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