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PS5 Scalpers Brag £1 Million Profit Flipping Next-Gen Consoles

Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
  • Sony’s PS5 console, launched on Nov. 12/Nov. 19, is in short supply, with many would-be owners struggling to secure a purchase.
  • A scalper group obtained nearly 3,500 units from pre-orders and limited launch day stock.
  • The group boasts a profit of over £1 million from reselling the PS5.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t managed to secure a PS5 from a retailer, then we may have an explanation.

A reselling group based UK boasts banking over £1 million for its members from the resale of Sony’s freshly-launched next-gen PS5.

The group, called CrepChiefNotify, has taken the controversial practice of scalping to new heights. They’ve seemingly organizined into a legitimate business armed with an army of bots ready to snap up stock faster than even the most well-versed F5 tapping veteran. A horde of paying monthly subscribers enticed by the prospect of significant profits includes thousands.

Sony’s PS5 has sold out worldwide. | Source: PlayStation/Sony Interactive Entertainment

For £30 a month , members secure access to a reseller Discord server, bot slots, instant notifications when restocks pop up, and ever 24/7 admin support. Although predominantly focused on the sneaker resale market, the group deals in all manner of in-demand products ranging from electronics and home appliances, notably the PS5, to even hot tubs . With its ear to the ground, the group actively seeks out opportunities to make the most of limited stocks.

£1 M PS5 Resale Profit

In the case of the PS5, the group successfully amassed a staggering haul of 2,472 units within 24 hours of the console’s launch in the UK on Nov. 19. 1,000 pre-orders secured back in September bring the total to just shy of 3,500 units.

PS5 reselling banks group $1 million in profit. | Source: Twitter 

According to a tweet published on Nov. 20 , CrepChiefNotify’s thousands-strong membership has banked over £1 million from reselling the PS5 for up to double the retail price. A quick visit to auction sites such as eBay confirms there’s no shortage of scalpers capitalizing on limited PS5 supply. It’s safe to assume CrepChiefNotify members feature among them.

When Sony releases new PS5 stock to retailers, which will come in fits and starts until supply and demand level out in 2021, it’s more than likely these will be snapped up by organized reseller groups like CrepChiefNotify.