The Curious YouTube Wormhole of Mock Grand Theft Auto VI Trailers

A band of eager fans is weaving together increasingly convincing trailers and concept videos for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto VI.

What You Can Expect from PlayStation’s Final 2019 State of Play (Hint: It Involves Resident Evil 3)

PlayStation unexpectedly announced one final State of Play for 2019, and Sony fans should expect news about the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Rockstar’s Terrible PC-Mod Nukes Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam Launch

The PC version of cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Steam yesterday and it hasn’t gone well at all to say the least.

Hideo Kojima is Patching Death Stranding’s 3 Most Frustrating Mechanics

New Death Stranding patch arrives mid-December. It should fix three of the…

The Strange Tale of Soviet Jump Game, the Original Battle Royale

A lost, unfinished Dendy game? The first-ever Battle Royale game 30-years before its time? Soviet Jump Game seems too good to be true.

You Can Now Get a Head Start on Your 2020 PlayStation 5 Pre-Order

The grand march to next year’s PlayStation 5 release is ratcheting up a notch as online retailers publish pre-order notification pages.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Flexes With Project Scarlett Humble-Brag

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has a Project Scarlett console at home and is having a great time of it.

CD Projekt Red Leaves Gwent Console Players High & Dry

CD Projekt Red announced today it is axing support for its digital collectible card game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on console.

FBI Demands Details on This Cocaine Dealer’s PlayStation Library

An FBI agent contacted Sony last month to find out what this brazen PlayStation player-come drug peddler has been playing.

$400 Billion Tencent Spearheads Next Week’s Nintendo Switch China Launch

Nintendo Switch to launch in China next week. Tencent named as official…

Halo: Reach Storms the Steam & Twitch Rankings Just Hours After PC Launch

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s jump to PC is a roaring coup, with over 100,000 concurrent players and impressive Twitch viewership.

Donate a Pint of Blood for a Google Stadia Buddy Pass

Stadia Buddy Pass feature rolled out last week. Founder’s Edition owner is…

PlayStation Dwarfs Xbox & Nintendo As Best-Selling Console Ever

PlayStation has officially secured a berth in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling home video game console brand of all time.

YouTube’s New Gaming Violence Policies May Jilt These Fighting Titles

Google announces it is relaxing the enforcement of violent or graphic content policies for gaming content on its video platform YouTube.

Scuffed Death Stranding Spoof Game Looks Absolutely Dreadful

An enterprising soul took it upon themselves to conjure up a rather elaborate spoof of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding in video game form.

Broken WWE 2K20 Mess Sees Embarrassed Devs Jumping Ship

WWE 2K20 weathered a disastrous launch due to game-breaking bugs and glitches.…

This Guy Beat Halo 3 on Legendary Difficulty Using a Guitar Hero Controller

It took a whole month and 252 deaths, but SuperLouis64 was able to beat Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty with a Guitar Hero controller.

New Snap of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Appears Online

A much clearer picture of the PlayStation 5 dev kit has surfaced online alongside what appears to be the next-gen console’s controller.

This GTA V ‘Pleasure Bot’ Is the Best Thing on Twitch Right Now

GTA V streamer MiltonTPike1’s unexpectedly wholesome “Pleasure Bot” is hands down the best thing on Twitch right now.

Samsung’s New PlayGalaxy Link Is Basically Steam Link – But Even Worse

Samsung has announced a brand new game streaming service, dubbed PlayGalaxy Link, and it bears more than few similarities with Steam Link.

Bluepoint Games Reveals Yet Another Cryptic PlayStation 5 Title Tease

Bluepoint Games offers yet another cryptic tease about its next project(s). The…

Check Out This Absurd Death Stranding YouTube Parody

Absurdists Mega64 have conjured a parody for Death Stranding, and it’s a wonderful comedy-infused jab at the quirks of Kojima’s latest effort.

Still-Expensive VR Hardware is Bad News for Half-Life: Alyx

The biggest obstacles to Half-Life: Alyx and VR ‘s success are the price of the hardware and the associated system requirements.

Google’s Update-Free Stadia Downloads Update to Play Buggy NBA 2K20

Upon launching NBA 2K20 on Google Stadia, players are now met with a screen asking them to wait patiently for an update to download.

Titanfall 2 Leads Next Month’s Free PlayStation Plus Games

Sony announces Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame as next month’s free PlayStation Plus games.