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GameFi Making A Comeback in 2024? Top Projects To Watch Out For

Last Updated February 20, 2024 3:41 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated February 20, 2024 3:41 PM
By Nikola Lazic
Verified by Peter Henn

Key Takeaways

  • GameFi merges play, earning, and blockchain innovation.
  • Launches, partnerships, and tech upgrades fuel growth.
  • Community engagement and tokenomics could drive GameFi success.

2024 is expected to be pivotal for GameFi projects due to technological innovation, financial investment, community engagement, and evolving game economies. These factors suggest a maturing market ready for more sophisticated and financially viable gaming, using blockchain technology.

For those interested in GameFi projects to watch out for in 2024, we have highlighted range of platforms. They all bring something unique to the blockchain space. Among them are some of the previous bull cycle winners, while there are also some that have come out more recently. 

Blockchain gaming is emerging as a dynamic sector within the broader gaming industry. It was worth over $3 billion in 2023 and could soar as high as $90 billion by 2030. This growth is partially driven by increased investment and NFT adoption. Meanwhile, the development of play-to-earn (P2E) and play-to-own (P2O) gaming, blending traditional gaming elements with blockchain’s decentralized, ownership-based features, also plays a part.

2024 Catalysts 

The GameFi sector could see significant developments in 2024 due to technological advancements, increasing mainstream adoption, and evolving player expectations. Here’s a closer at some catalysts to watch out for when looking at a particular project. 

Technological Advancements

Many of these GameFi projects leverage technology like Unreal Engine 5, blockchain for decentralized economies, NFTs for digital ownership, and AI for enhanced gaming experiences. These technologies are maturing and becoming more accessible, allowing for richer, more immersive, and engaging games​.

Mainstream Adoption and Investment

The gaming industry’s ongoing fusion with blockchain technology attracts gamers and investors. As seen with projects like Mythical Games and Gomble, significant investment from reputable funds indicates a strong belief in the potential growth of these platforms. Such financial backing is crucial for developing and marketing these games, making them more likely to succeed and become mainstream​​.

Increased Utility and Player Incentives

GameFi projects increasingly focus on providing players real value through play-to-earn models, staking, and governance participation. This economic incentive is a powerful motivator for players to engage with these games more deeply and for longer periods. As these models become more refined and balanced, they offer sustainable economies for both players and developers​​.

Community and Ecosystem Development

Projects like Exverse and Avalon emphasize community governance and content creation, enabling players to shape the game’s development. This participatory approach fosters a strong community and ensures the game evolves to meet player needs and preferences. It also opens up new possibilities for content creators within these ecosystems​​.

Broader Market Trends

The crypto market’s dynamics, including the broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, play a significant role. As the public becomes more familiar with and trusts these technologies, the barrier to entry for GameFi projects lowers, potentially leading to a larger player base.

Innovative Gaming Experiences

Projects are increasingly blending genres and modes of play, offering unique experiences that stand out in a crowded market. For example, Artyfact and Sandbox are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual worlds, combining gaming with social interaction, creativity, and commerce in ways that have not been widely explored before

Top GameFi Projects For 2024

To distill the some of the top GameFi projects and their expected catalysts for 2024 into a succinct list, we’ll highlight each project along with key developments that could significantly affect their trajectory:

Gomble. Expected to gain traction through ongoing game releases on platforms like Google Play and strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Binance Lab and Shima Capital, enhancing its ecosystem and user base​​.

Pixels. Anticipated growth through the expansion of its open-world farming and exploration game, and integration of its $PIXEL and $BERRY tokens for in-game transactions and rewards​​.

Mythical Games. Continued collaborations with major brands and the expansion of its blockchain-based games, leveraging the MYTH token within its ecosystem for game access and transactions​​.

Artyfact. With its focus on personalized gameplay and customizable characters, Artyfact may see significant growth by introducing new game modes and community-driven content​​.

The Sandbox. Expected to expand via the development of its virtual real estate and the creation of new games and experiences within its ecosystem, driving demand for the SAND token​​.

Shrapnel. This tactical shooter game aims to redefine GameFi with a player-driven economy and strategic gameplay, potentially gaining momentum from community-led tournaments and content creation​​.

Exverse. Its AI-powered universe could grow through integrating DeFi features and community governance, allowing players to own and trade in-game assets​​.

Avalon Project. An MMORPG, its focus on user-generated content and community-driven development​​ might drive growth

BloodLoop. This MMO-FPS aims to bridge Web3 and traditional gaming. It also features a decentralized economic ecosystem and competitive gameplay​​.

Oxya Origin. Blending AI and Web3 technologies, growth could come from the integration of shooter, strategy, and exploration modes​​.


After NFT mania, the last bull cycle ended with GameFi hype. Will the next one we start where the last one finished? Most likely not. This is because, usually, Bitcoin leads the way with its halving, followed by Ethereum and other altcoins. 

However, attention has shifted to GameFi recently. Following the success of Pixels and the Bitcoin halving fast approaching, crypto investors are looking for new opportunities. 

For each of these projects, the specific catalysts for growth include new game launches, token generation events, strategic partnerships with other companies or within the blockchain space, major updates or expansions that introduce new content or gameplay mechanics, and community-driven events or initiatives that engage and expand the player base. 

These catalysts are crucial for attracting new users, retaining existing ones, and enhancing the ecosystem’s value and appeal.


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