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‘Future Gamer’ Is Just a Lazy Caricature From an Online Casino

An online casino recently published their version of the 'Future Gamer', and as you might expect pretty much no one is happy about it.

  • An online casino company, CasinoOnline.CA, has recently created a sculpture of a ‘future gamer.’
  • This look at what gamers will supposedly become in 20 years features hair loss, weight gain, and dark bags under the eyes.
  • Not only does this ‘study’ lack any credible medical citations, but it’s also coming from an online casino of all places.

Sometimes as gamers, we need a reminder of our bad habits. Prolonged gaming can impact your health. Taking some time to go outside, catch some sun and do some exercise is a good idea. But, modeling a horrific vision of the ‘future gamer’ is a terrible way of imparting that message.

An online casino company, CasinoOnline.CA, recently created a sculpture of what gamers will supposedly become in 20 years. This ‘study’ lacks any medical basis at all and seems to be an extremist view of what ‘could’ happen.

Coming from an online casino of all places, this sculpture was a terrible idea.

While CasinoOnline.CA was probably aiming at a similar vibe to the ‘Meet Graham’ campaign, the lack of citations and generally hostile feeling of this campaign has provoked ire from the gaming community. | Source: CasinoOnline.CA

The ‘Future Gamer’ Sculpture Was Just a Terrible Plan

I get the idea that gaming addiction can be a problem. It has been an issue for a long time. It’s also true that some gamers, myself included, probably need to get out and exercise a bit more often. But making a ridiculous, sensationalist model of the ‘Future Gamer’ is the worst way of imparting that message.

The company behind this didn’t think about what sort of message this was sending. They’re a company that makes their money from people sitting around all day playing gambling games online.

Gamers Have Hit Back At This Rubbish

You probably won’t be shocked to hear that this ‘Future Gamer’ model has drawn ire from gamers. Folks over on Twitter weren’t pleased with this outdated stereotype. One user even called it “generalization at its most pathetic,” which is pretty on the nose if you ask me.

Long periods of gaming alone do not contribute to these issues. Gaming only becomes a problem if it’s all you’re doing. If you’re spending 8 hours a day playing video games, then going outside in the sunshine for another 4, then you’re probably going to be fine.

Let’s face it; this ‘Future Gamer’ model is more cringe-inducing than that old ‘how to spot a gamer’ t-shirt ever was.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:49 PM

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