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Will Hitman 3 Being Epic Store Exclusive Hurt Their Image?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:11 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:11 PM
  • Hitman 3 will be coming to the Epic Game store exclusively on PC for a limited time.
  • This announcement has upset a large number of fans on Twitter.
  • If Epic wants to win their ongoing battle with Apple, then they need public favor, and this Hitman 3 deal will not help them.

Hitman 3 has been revealed to be a timed-exclusive for the Epic Store when it launched on PC at the beginning of next year . This announcement has caused a lot of backlashes online, as might be expected from any statement of exclusivity.

The big issue for Epic is that they’re currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Apple over the latter’s monopolistic practices.  This continued seeking of exclusivity is hurting Epic’s public image.

Epic Game Store Reaction
Unsurprisingly, the Hitman 3 announcement was met with a substantial amount of criticism online. | Source: Twitter

Epic Needs As Much Support As They Can Get

In the current lawsuit against Apple, Epic has been accused of weaponizing its fans . The Epic marketing team came up with a #FreeFortnite hashtag, which was all over Twitter when the lawsuit first came to light.

If Epic is trying to use their fans to win public favor, then this Hitman 3 situation will probably undo a lot of that work. Most people see these exclusivity deals, timed or not, as Epic trying to monopolize popular video games .

While the legal battle will be down to a judge, the court of public opinion is just as important for a gaming company. If the people turn against Epic, they could lose everything they’re trying to achieve.

Hitman 3 - Epic Blog Post
In hindsight, continuing with their pursuit of exclusivity like the Apple lawsuit isn’t happening was probably a poor decision on Epic’s part. | Source: Epic Games 

It May Have Been Wise to Forgo the Hitman 3 Exclusivity Contract for Now

Whether or not deals like the Hitman 3 exclusivity contract are a monopoly or not is debatable. It’s not like you can’t get Hitman 3 anywhere else. Hell, if you wait a year, you’ll able to play it on PC without using the Epic Store.

In the end, whether the deal is technically a monopoly or not isn’t important. If Epic wants to remain successful after the lawsuit, win or lose, they need public support. Keeping Hitman 3 away from Steam is no way to do that.

It’s not precisely monopolizing the game, but it’s not particularly consumer-friendly either. Epic is acting like a downtrodden, smalltime company out of one side of their mouth while reiterating their multi-billion-dollar business policies out of the other.

If Epic wants to win this fight, they need to be very, very careful. If the Hitman 3 situation shows anything, it’s that they’re not careful enough yet.