Daneel, the World's Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading a.I Launches Fundraising Efforts

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Today, Daneel Assistant, a company dealing with artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, announced that it is excited to move forward to the next phase of their project; fundraising. Daneel is in itself one of the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world. It’s precisely designed to help cryptocurrency investors to have an easier time dealing cryptocurrencies. Based on IBM’s Watson, the platform is equipped with the best in emotional analysis and natural language meaning you can hold a meaningful conversation with Daneel.

Over the years, it has become excitingly apparent that cryptocurrency will do to the banking sector what email did to the postal service. With the continued rise in value and popularity of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, naturally, investors will want a slice of the cake ? With Bitcoin gaining the value of up to $11000 investing in Bitcoin can be incredibly profitable.

Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in various sectors of life and making life better. The passion for both cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence is what pushed founders to create Daneel A.I - a solution to help anyone who wants to join the crypto markets but does not have as much expertise in the field and seasoned investors alike. The beauty of artificial intelligence is that it gets smarter by the day and learns from every input. As such, it’s able not only to see patterns better; it also analyses information at a much larger scale.

The CEO of Daneel Assistant Company, Joseph Bedminster says, “Daneel is born from the passion of its creators for Blockchain and cryptocurrency, in a changing world, one in which the two technologies have a real role to play. Our role is to democratize cryptocurrency to make it more accessible to mass market investors, by proposing a thoughtful and innovative solution for them.

To ensure only the best for their esteemed clients, Daneel does a couple of things for the investors. These include but not limited to:

Accessing relevant information: data is the driving force behind the markets. If you have the correct data, making the right decision on whether to buy or sell an asset is easy. Since they are aware of this challenge, Daneel does all the legwork for you by cross-referencing sources, capturing the correct information at the right time and assessing the emotional state of the markets.

Allow easy portfolio management: managing portfolios can be quite time-consuming and tiresome especially when there is no clear structure at play. What Daneel does is giving all the power to the user by helping them efficiently manage various trading accounts and different cryptocurrency portfolios. The user can also follow the investments in real-time and use Daneel’s smart advice, make moves on the market.

Improved accessibility: most trading platforms only stick to the website model for their clients. With Daneel, users have the options to use either the mobile application or web platform. Either way, you are assured of not missing a moment of the action.

Daneel will simply revolutionize the cryptocurrency markets. To facilitate the fundraising efforts, Daneel Assistant Company is doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Check out the website: https://daneel.io, and the project Whitepaper from https://daneel.io/whitepaper/en/ for more information.

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