China’s Massive Microsoft Gut-Punch Won’t Hurt MSFT Bull Run

China’s ruling party has an order for all state offices: remove foreign hardware and software by 2023.

Dow Rally Thrills Retail Investors but Why Are Billionaires Running Scared?

Dow Jones is up 500 points in 5 days and retail investors seem to be happy. But, high profile investors are actively raising cash.

41% Billionaire Investors Wrongly Predicted 2019 Stock Market. Here’s Their 2020 Call

Almost half of the world’s biggest stock market investors predicted a downturn in 2019. Instead, it was the second-best year of the decade

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The gold price dropped by 1.75% in the past three days despite…

Google Founders Need to Disappear for a GOOGL Stock Skyrocket

Larry Page and Sergey Brin should completely leave Google in order for the stock to record growth similar to Microsoft and Apple.

Growth Recession Chokes India as GDP Tumbles, and No One Seems to Care

India’s GDP growth fell to a six-year low in Q2, but the country’s government is in denial while the economy reels under a recession.

In Spite of Elon Musk, SpaceX’s Valuation Has Surged 122,233% Since 2002

In 2002, SpaceX was valued at $27 million. Seventeen years later, Elon Musk’s ambitious space transportation company is worth $33.3 billion.

Gold Price Just Crashed Again: 2 Reasons Why

Gold’s price tumbled on Friday, erasing gains for the week after better than expected jobs data pushed stocks higher.

Dow Booms as Sky-High Stock Market Pressures Trump to Cut a Deal

The Dow Jones enjoyed a monster rally on Friday as the stars aligned in the jobs data and Dow bulls bet on a last-minute tariff breakthrough.

Are Employment Numbers Solid or a Debt Fueled Jobs Bubble?

The jobs report for November gave Wall Street a jolt, but sky high corporate debt and declining earnings threaten to burst the jobs bubble.

5 Reasons Why the Dow Jones Skyrocketed by 300 Points on Friday

The Dow Jones secured a wild rally on Friday, jumping more than 300 points. Here are five reasons why the stock market soared so high today.

Facebook (FB) Is the ‘Most Deceptive’ FAANG Stock; What’s Mark Zuckerberg Really Hiding?

Facebook’s Q3 earnings transcript suggests the firm was far less transparent than the rest of the FAANG stocks

Dow Surges After Blowout Jobs Data Distract from Sluggish Economy

The Dow surged on Friday after blowout jobs data dovetailed with new Chinese tariff waivers to distract from a sluggish US economy.

Will the Longest Bull Market in U.S. History Lead to Economic Ruin? History Says Yes

The U.S. stock market is in the longest bull market in history. The last time there was a decade-long rally, a tragic recession followed.

Dow Futures Tread Cautiously Despite Strong Jobs Growth Expectations

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures were up by 0.23% in Friday’s premarket hours ahead of the release of the non-farm payrolls report.

Consumer Credit Bubble Could Drag Economy into Recession

Consumer credit card and other debts are showing distress after years of easy money chasing risky profits like the subprime housing bubble.

Treasury Yields Drift Higher as New York Fed’s Recession Indicator Flashes Warning Sign

U.S. Treasury yields edged higher on Thursday, as investors monitored ongoing trade talks between the United States and China.

Dow Stuck Ahead of Friday’s Jobs Report & Next Week’s Tariff Time-Bomb

The Dow Jones stumbled sideways ahead of Friday’s jobs report and a troublesome weekend, as Trump’s December tariffs loom large.

5 Reasons Why the Dow Unexpectedly Struggled Today

The Dow Jones struggled to secure a second straight gain on Thursday. Here are five reasons stocks wavered today.

Dow Plods Higher After Jobless Claims Plunge to 7-Month Low

The Dow Jones plowed higher, bolstered by the trade war’s return to the status quo and unexpectedly-bright jobless claims data.

2020 Will Be a Make or Break Year for the Longest Bull Market in U.S. History

The current market boom represents the longest and best-performing bull run in the history of the S&P 500. But, is the end near?

Dow Futures Surge but Wells Fargo Warns 4 Critical Stock Market Risks

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures jumped 111 points on Thursday, extending…

Treasury Yields Bounce Back from Biggest Plunge in Four Months After Fake News Breathes New Life Into Dow

Treasury yields rebounded sharply Wednesday, as traders cycled back into stocks and risk assets over U.S.-China trade optimism.

Dow Storms Back While Stock Market Bulls Bet on a Trump Miracle

The Dow Jones recovered on Wednesday as traders ignored miserable economic data and bulls bet on last-minute trade deal magic from Trump.

Tariffs Aren’t Saving Boeing (BA) from Airbus Onslaught

The Trump administration may have slapped tariffs on Airbus but that is not preventing the jet maker from wiping the floor with Boeing.