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We Should Trust Hello Games Again. Here’s Why

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Hello Games founder, Sean Murray, was recently interview by Polygon.
  • In the interview, Murray revealed a new game and talked about the lessons the team learned from No Man’s Sky.
  • After the amount of work they put in, Hello Games has proved they’re worthy of your trust.

Sean Murray of Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky, was recently interviewed by Polygon.

In the interview, he talked about their upcoming project and how the team’s experience on No Man’s Sky has changed the development .

“A lot of opportunities were put in front of us, and we were told that they were the right things to do and I look back and I’m not sure that they were super, super important to the overall outcome kind of thing.”

With their next big project on the way, it’s time to start trusting Hello Games again.

Hello Games - No Man's Sky Sales
Despite a poor reception, No Man’s Sky made a lot of money, which the developers used to improve the game. | Source: Steam Spy 

Hello Games has Proven Themselves Trustworthy.

Back when No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, it was a total mess. Critics panned the game for being incredibly 1-dimensional and dull. Sean Murray was labeled a lying swindler, and videos of his interviews were passed around the internet as evidence.

Despite the backlash, No Man’s Sky had been an enormous success for Hello Games. The game made an estimated $43 million in revenue, according to SteamSpy .

At that point, rather than taking the cowards way out and moving on to another project, Hello Games buckled down and spent their time and money on fixing No Man’s Sky. You can see the process of improving the game in the video below. As well as adding features that were missing at launch, the team included a free VR update and various quality-of-life improvements.

They’re the Authority on What Not to Do

Hello Games has learned a lot of lessons from the production of No Man’s Sky that they’ll take forward with them. Murray recognizes that mistakes were made with how the company managed PR in the past:

“I look back, having done a lot of different press opportunities and things like that. And I reckon about half of what we did — and a lot of where we had problems, I think, where we were naive — we didn’t really need to do and we would have had the same level of success, you know?”

If they’re smart, Hello Games will take this particular lesson to heart. No matter what their next game is, we can be sure they’ll put the time and effort into making it great.