Spoiled Patriots Fans Believe New England’s Dynasty Is Imploding – Are They Right?

The Patriots dynasty may be imploding in epic fashion (at least according to spoiled New England fans), and it couldn’t be more glorious.

How Much Will the Yankees Pay for a World Series? Gerrit Cole’s About to Find Out

The New York Yankees appear to be willing to buy their way into the World Series next year with a ridiculous offer to Gerrit Cole.

Dallas Cowboys Finally Make a Long Overdue Change

Fans have been clamoring for the Dallas Cowboys to make some changes, and the team finally decided to make one that was long overdue.

How the Patriots Can Upgrade at Wide Receiver – Without Signing You-Know-Who

The Patriots desperately need to give Tom Brady help at wide receiver. Here’s how they can do just that – without caving to you-know-who.

Chase Young Boasts Ohio State Is the Best Team in the CFP—Is He Right?

Chase Young wasted no time throwing down the gauntlet after Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin by declaring the Buckeyes the best in the nation.

Michael Vick Doesn’t Deserve Pro Bowl Honors – But Not for the Reason You Think

Michael Vick should not be a captain at the NFL Pro Bowl, but it isn’t because of the dog-fighting scandal that landed him in prison.

Philadelphia Phillies Spend $100+ Million to Become NL East’s 3rd Best Team

The Philadelphia Phillies had hoped to make some giant leaps forward last…

Poor Jerry Jones Is Losing It Over Cowboys’ Descent Into Mediocrity

Jerry Jones has struggled to deal with how his team is playing this season, and it seems like the pressure may be getting to him.

Jason Garrett May Not Survive The Weekend After Cowboys Lose again

Jerry Jones has been critical of his coaching staff after the Cowboys…

Watch Out NFL, the Baltimore Ravens Have a New Secret Weapon

After a close call against the 49ers Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens decided it might be good to have a certain someone on their side.

New XFL Uniforms Prove Vince McMahon Learned from 2001 Disaster

Vince McMahon made lots of mistakes the first time around with his football league, but the XFL uniforms will not be one of them this time.

Gardner Minshew Is Back for the Jags and So Is Minshew Mania

After two and a half games of lackluster play by Nick Foles, it appears that Gardner Minshew is back as the starting QB for the Jaguars.

Luka Doncic’s Magical ‘November to Remember’ Wasn’t a Fluke

Luka Doncic had a November to remember by averaging a triple-double throughout the month, but he got December off to a solid start Sunday.

Lamar Jackson And Baltimore Ravens Cement Status as NFL’s Best Team

Lamar Jackson have been on a roll for the last two months, but with a win over the 49ers, it may be safe to call them the NFL’s best.

Terrible NFL Officiating Gets Even Worse With Ejection of Ryan Anderson But Not DeAndrew White

NFL Officials have been under fire a lot this season and are under fire again for how Ryan Anderson and DeAndrew White were handled Sunday.

Is Justin Fields the Best Quarterback in the Country?

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields proved against Michigan that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, but is he the best?

Cleveland Browns Coach Trolls Steelers With Epic T-Shirt Ahead of Rematch

Freddie Kitchens wore a t-shirt while seeing the Mr. Rogers movie with his family Friday night that he had to know would get some attention.

Earl Thomas Has Doomed Ravens With Super Bowl Promise

Earl Thomas may have ushered in impeding doom for the Ravens by predicting the team would be in the Super Bowl this year.

Josh Shaw Suspension Is Proof NFL Wants to Look Tough, Not Be Tough

The NFL likes to look tough when it can, which is why it has suspended Arizona Cardinals defensive back Josh Shaw until 2021 at the earliest.

This Is Why Jerry Jones Might Be About to Blow up the Cowboys

This is why it’s starting to look like Jerry Jones might not just fire Jason Garrett. He might blow up the entire Cowboys franchise.

Philadelphia Eagles Lock Down Kicker Jake Elliot With Foolish Contract

The Eagles think they have a great kicker in Jake Elliot so they decided to pay him accordingly, but they will eventually regret doing so.

Kyle Shanahan Will Never Let Us Forget How Much the Redskins Suck

Kyle Shanahan is leading the 49ers on a possible Super Bowl run, but he doesn’t want us to ever forget how much the Redksins suck.

Jason Garrett Is on Borrowed Time After Latest Loss

With the comments Jerry Jones made after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett may be coaching on borrowed time.

Hey Jets Mystery Fan, Give the Stolen Ball Back to Brian Poole Already

Jets defensive back Brian Poole made the first pick-6 of his career Sunday, but needs help to #FindPoolePickSix because the ball was stolen.

Is LeBron James Closer to Retirement Than We Think?

LeBron James is having a great season, but could forces other than basketball convince him it is time to retire sooner rather than later?