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Don’t Bank on Cam Newton Carrying the Patriots Too Far

Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:07 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:07 PM
  • Even though Cam Newton was a late addition to the roster, his teammates voted for him to be a captain.
  • So far, he appears to be doing anything and everything right with the Patriots—and it’s working. Three weeks in, they are 2-1.
  • But fans need to hold off on thinking Cam Newton can take the Patriots far this season.

There was a lot of concern over how well Bill Belichick and Cam Newton would mesh when the New England Patriots acquired Newton. Fans feared their styles could not coexist or whether they would even try to meet in the middle. Once Newton started practicing with the team, it became clear that he and Belichick would be fine.

Belichick’s recent comments about Newton’s leadership make it evident that he is a fan of his new quarterback:

When a quarterback can instill confidence in the rest of the team, good things are bound to happen. From how the first three weeks of the season have gone, it appears that good things are indeed happening.

This would usually be the point where people would say something like, “The Patriots are going to go as far as Cam Newton can take them.” However, while that is quite likely true, fans will want to check their expectations at the door.

Cam Newton Tests Positive for Covid-19

Patriots fans likely woke up Saturday looking forward to seeing their team take on the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night. But as they went to bed, the game was the last thing on their minds after hearing earlier in the day Cam Newton tested positive for Covid-19.

new england patriots
It wasn’t long before Cam Newton was reported to be the player who tested positive. | Source: Twitter .

Concerns are first and foremost with his health—but then it is also reasonable to think about when he can return . According to the league’s protocols, he will be out from five to ten days, meaning he will miss this week’s game and probably the next (against the Broncos), as well.

That is assuming he is asymptomatic. If he is not, his return could take some time, depending on the severity of his symptoms.

But that is not why fans should not bank on Cam Newton leading the Patriots too far this season.

They Haven’t Played Anyone– Yet

Patriots fans are excited about Cam Newton, and they should be. He did an excellent job managing the offense in both wins. While the team ultimately lost to the Seahawks, he proved he could throw the ball when necessary.

He’s completing a career-high 68.1% of his passes, and he’s not making mistakes. Newton is playing good football–against bad teams. Miami has been one of the worst teams in the league in recent years. Okay, so the Raiders were undefeated when the Patriots played them. But they have been a lackluster team for years.

It is too early to say they have turned the corner and become respectable.

Yes, the Seattle Seahawks are a great team, but they have a terrible defense. No one is giving up as many yards as them, total and in the passing game (ranked last in both). So, while Newton’s performance in Seattle was admirable–and almost led to a win (the final play was a heartbreaker)–everyone is throwing on the Seahawks. Watch the video:

That does not mean that Newton can’t take the Patriots to great heights, but to think he is the future franchise quarterback that will get them back to the Super Bowl is a little premature.

In the weeks ahead, they will face some tougher competition in the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Baltimore Ravens. Should they go 2-1 (or better) against those three, fans should start getting excited.

For now, temper those expectations, Patriots fans. You haven’t beaten anyone worth bragging about, yet.

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