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Video: Tesla Model 3 Bursts Into Flames TWICE After Autopilot Crash

video tesla model 3 explodes twice

By CCN Markets: It's no secret that Tesla's electric vehicles have developed an incendiary reputation. However, this Tesla Model 3 crash could be Elon Musk's most "explosive" failure yet. This video taken in Moscow shows a Tesla Model 3 exploding not once, but twice, following a crash involving the car's controversial Autopilot feature. Tesla Model 3 explosion is even scarier when you know the...

Is Another Hong Kong Emerging in Cuba amid Gamer Revolt?

gaming, online

By CCN Markets: Cuban authorities have stated that the government will be taking over the country's largest private network, SNET. Its users are unhappy and fearful for the future of their communication. Gamers have begun to protest, and some are under threat of being arrested based on social media updates. We doubt the protests will reach the escalated levels that have gripped Hong Kong, but it...

Cringeworthy DOOM Movie Trailer Looks Like a Student Film Project

doom: annihilation movie teaser trailer

By CCN Markets: Did you know there's a movie adaptation of the classic video game DOOM on its way? You probably didn't. We don't blame you for it, and we apologize in advance for letting you know like this. But the second teaser trailer just dropped, in all its cringeworthy glory. Bethesda Disowns Cringeworthy DOOM Movie The first trailer for DOOM: Annihilation came out five months ago, and the...

Jio Console: 5 Things You NEED to Know About India's Stadia Rival

jio video game console, google stadia

By CCN Markets: Google tantalized the gaming industry when it revealed that its console, Stadia, would be a streaming service. However, Jio, India's telecom giant, is promising what it claims could be an even better platform in India. Jio's console launches in early September, nearly two months ahead of Google's service, and it could provide some interesting insights into the challenges that...

Watch Fox News Hilariously Crash & Burn Trying to Explain 4chan

fox news 4chan

By CCN Markets: It takes roughly five seconds to Google, "What is 4chan?" That was apparently too much work for the intrepid news anchors at Fox News, who instead decided to wing a description of the online imageboard during this morning's broadcast of "Fox & Friends." Fox & Friends research concludes 4chan is "a site where you can write things on it." It didn't go well. "4chan...

Apex Legends: 'Iron Crown' Solo Mode Proves There's an 'I' in 'Team'

apex legends, "the iron crown" solo mode

Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm when it launched in February, amassing millions of players and briefly becoming the most popular game on Twitch. The Respawn/EA juggernaut revolutionized the team-oriented Battle Royale genre so much that its biggest competitors were quick to take note and copy the best aspects of it, such as the respawn mechanic. Faithful to its ever-surprising nature...

E3 Could be in Serious Trouble, Journalists Start Receiving Death Threats Due to Doxxing

E3 Doxxed Thousands of Game Journalists Due to Gross Negligence.

Let's say it right away: E3 is known for unfortunate security breaches. Generally, such breaches result simply in hackers revealing games ahead of the companies that made them. This year, the ESA, the organization in charge of E3's management, messed up in a way not even Keanu Reeves will be able to save them from. A massive security breach just released the data, not of games, but of thousands...

10 Ultra-Rare Video Games Worth Even More Than $10,000

rare video games worth more than Kid Icarus for Ninetndo

A Nevada man's surprising discovery of a mint copy of a rare 1987 Nintendo video game in an attic is the modern equivalent of finding buried treasure. With fewer than ten sealed copies known to exist, that copy of Kid Icarus brought Scott Amos a $9,000 windfall. However, believe it or not, there might be an even more valuable vintage video game lurking in your attic. Here are ten ultra-rare video...

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