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New Secret Capcom Project is Obviously a New Resident Evil Game

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM
Tiago Manuel
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:55 PM

Capcom just revealed an upcoming mysterious project, one that’s not mysterious at all. Something called Project Resistance,  with the ‘RE’ letters in bright red can only mean one thing. A new Resident Evil title is coming. Is it Resident Evil 8? A new side title? So far we only know two things for sure.

We know Capcom will show it at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on September 9th, and we also know something else we shouldn’t know yet. Something that’s way more interesting.

The new Resident Evil is going to be co-op

On the vein of the old Resident Evil: Outbreak game from 03, and possibly taking cues from the success of the very popular Left 4 Dead from Valve, players will have to work together in to survive numerous hordes of zombies and other monsters. The site only shows the announcement date, but there’s a private trailer already on youtube. Savvy Twitter users were quick to take screenshots from Youtube’s thumbnails, which revealed us the game’s main cast. And they’re an interesting surprise. Instead of playing with series mainstays Leon, Jill or Claire, players will choose a character from a diverse cast of new faces.


On what’s likely a nod to the tried and true Left 4 Dead formula, the team will consist of 4 people. Whether or not different members will have different abilities is still unknown. Sounds great either way. This can work both as a new RE game, and the new Left 4 Dead sequel we’ll never get.

RE seems to be back on top

The Resident Evil series has been making some bold moves recently, all of which have struck gold. RE has revolutionized its stale formula, resulting in an amazing comeback in the last few years. RE7 and the remake for RE2  were critically acclaimed and managed to sell over 10 million units  combined. Those are amazing results that not many expected after the massive disappointment that was 2012’s RE6 . Capcom’s revealing Project Resistance on September 9th at TGS, and registered attendees will get to play it firsthand. It will come out on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. No information on next-gen consoles yet, but you can bet on it.

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