Satoshis Games Unveils Lightnite, First Bitcoin Battle Royale
Kill your enemies to earn bitcoin. Die and you’ll lose yours. | Source: Satoshis Games Studio

Satoshis Games Studio has announced the first-ever Bitcoin battle royale game, dubbed Lightnite in a rather conspicuous reference to Epic Games flagship Fortnite, albeit without the fanfare of its game-changing Chapter 2 launch.

So how does it work?

What Is Lightnite?

As of writing details are scarce, but Lightnite features all the trappings of any battle royale shooter worthy of the name, except with the Bitcoin twist mixed in. In a Medium post sharing the announcement, Satoshis Games co-creator Federico Spitaleri explains;

Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where every specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty. In simple words, players earn Bitcoin by shooting other players and lose Bitcoin when they get shot.

Every player has an in-game Bitcoin balance in the form of a wallet that updates in real-time. They can add to their balance by shooting and killing opponents as well as by picking up in-game items from downed enemies.

The accrued Bitcoin can then be used to purchase items in a fashion reminiscent of traditional video game microtransactions. Alternatively, the player can exit the game at any time and deposit their winnings into a regular crypto wallet.

Satoshis Games Plans Non-Bitcoin Version As Well

Satoshis Games is aware that the Bitcoin aspect isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and is integrating a non-Bitcoin version of the game with the hope that players will eventually migrate over to earning and losing Bitcoin to foster mass adoption of cryptocurrency. The non-Bitcoin version grants in-game points rather than currency, while allowing players to purchase items using fiat money.

Source: Satoshis Games Studio

Spitaleri explains Lightnite uses Lightning Network tech to manage the Bitcoin aspect of the game. When first launching the game, players must deposit Bitcoin to the wallet, and then they are ready to go.

Release On Multiple Platforms

Satoshis Games says the development of Lightnite still has a way to go but there are plans to release the game via the usual platforms, including Steam, the PlayStation Store,, and the studio’s Elixir distribution platform. For those interested in contributing to the project, they can donate either Bitcoin or regular currency via a crowdfunding campaign here.

While Lightnite is unlikely to trouble Fortnite or EA’s Apex Legends, it’s an interesting take on integrating cryptocurrency into the gaming sphere.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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