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Trump’s ‘Sarcastic’ COVID-19 Cure Might Be Safer Than His ‘Game-Changer’ Drug

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • Donald Trump recently recommended consuming Lysol as a way to treat COVID-19.
  • Today, he walked back those statements, claiming he was being sarcastic.
  • New studies show that the real drug he’s been touting is also deadly and possibly ineffective.

For someone who wants to win the election this year, Donald Trump isn’t doing much to keep his fanbase alive. Yesterday, he recommended Lysol as a cure for COVID-19. Today, he said he was being ‘sarcastic.’ 

But new data shows that the one drug Trump was genuinely promoting, chloroquine, might also be a death-trap.

This drug is the ultimate ‘game-changer.’ | Source: Twitter 

Chloroquine Studies Cut Short

About a month ago, the leader of the United States, Donald Trump, told the entire country that chloroquine was a “game-changer.” Donald Trump is not a doctor or a scientist.

Luckily, we have those types of people, and they just did a study.

According to a new report from the Journal of the American Medical Association,  the “primary outcome” of chloroquine treatment was death.

The report was based on studies conducted in Brazil. Half of the patients with COVID-19 were given a low dose of chloroquine, while the other half were given a high dose.

After nearly two weeks, six of the low-dose patients had died, while sixteen of the high-dose patients died. 11 of the 81 patients developed heart abnormalities, and two more developed ventricular tachycardia, a heart rhythm disorder.

In an editorial published alongside the study, Dr. Stephan Fihn of Harborview Medical Center in Seattle said:

One can only conclude from this trial that high-dose chloroquine (and by close association, hydroxychloroquine) in combination and azithromycin and possibly oseltamivir, is potentially associated with increased mortality among patients with severe, suspected COVID-19.

It sounds like a game-changer indeed, especially if you were alive when you started taking this drug.

Is Trump Trying to Kill His Supporters?

Let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s medical recommendations for treating COVID-19:

  • Don’t worry about it; it’s a hoax
  • Drink Lysol
  • Get sunlight inside of your lungs
  • Take chloroquine
  • Go outside and ‘liberate’ yourselves
Please, listen to your brilliant president! | Source: Twitter 

It’s probably safe to assume that the only people taking medical advice from this reality TV star are the people who blindly support him. And boy, are they listening.

Protestors have taken to the streets, shoulder-to-shoulder, while Trump eggs them on. Countless others don’t believe the virus is even real. The ones who do believe are probably scouring the internet for chloroquine. Or maybe they’re opening their mouths real wide to get some sunlight into those lungs.

Hillary Clinton
It’s the one month anniversary of the best thing Hillary Clinton has ever said. | Source: Twitter 

The good news is that if Trump gets more and more people to follow his medical advice, he might thin the herd and lose himself the 2020 election.

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