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Huntington Beach Proves That Even California Is Not Immune to Stupidity

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • Protestors gathered in Huntington Beach, CA, to voice their displeasure with stay-at-home orders.
  • They join Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida as the states with the most significant pushback against these lifesaving measures.
  • Even the coast is not safe from the spread of idiocy.

Just when you thought that most of America’s stupidity was contained in Florida and Lansing, they, like the coronavirus, have spread across the United States. Huntington Beach, California, is the latest hotspot for a stupidity outbreak.

That’s right. The coastal elites have been infected. They’re out on the beach, huddled together, protesting a virus.

Come to Huntington Beach – Where You Can Surf and Catch COVID-19 in the Same Day

More than 100 hundred protestors gathered at the popular beach community to voice their displeasure for California’s stay-at-home orders.

The group of mostly Trump supporters was not happy about being forced to help ‘flatten the curve.’ According to The Los Angeles Times, one protestor claimed: 

I don’t think there’s any reason for us to be on lockdown now. We didn’t have any dangers; we have no danger in our hospitals now of overflowing.

Another protestor said: 

We’re here in defiance of Gavin Newsom and his socialist agenda to ruin our economy. We’re definitely not practicing social distancing, which is all right in my book. Believe in Jesus — you won’t fear death.

Someone needs to tell this guy that you can still accidentally kill other people, even if you believe in Jesus.

Florida and Lansing: Unlikely Inspiration?

It’s been a hot week for coronavirus protests. A few days ago, protestors in Lansing, MI, got together to clog traffic in the state’s capital. These people, who don’t believe the coronavirus is dangerous, mostly stayed in their cars.

Minnesota got in on the action as well. Protestors gathered outside of Governor Tim Walz’s mansion  to “liberate Minnesota.” Of course, their ringleader had to jump into the action. Trump tweeted:

Patient Zero for stupidity speaks up. | Source: Twitter 

Florida, long known as trendsetters for moronic behavior, reopened some of their beaches today.  Their governor, Ron DeSantis, is already itching to open schools back up this year. If all states joined him, up to two million students could die.

Honestly, it might be worth it. Some of these states can’t afford to get any dumber.

Twitter Roasts Huntington Beach Protestors

While Twitter is usually a nightmare of internet trolls and uninformed people with strong emotions, they occasionally come together to roast the right things.

And boy, did they have some feelings about Huntington Beach.

Congressman Ted Lieu quickly got in on the action:

Ted Lieu
Good point, Ted. | Source: Twitter 
Huntington Beach
Even Christians are against these protests. | Source: Twitter 
Huntington Beach
Sounds like a plan. | Source: Twitter 
Huntington Beach
At least Huntington Beach has some hope. | Source: Twitter 

I think I finally understand what Trump meant when he said we’re about to experience “3 weeks like we’ve never seen.”

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