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Facebook Contractor Spies on Horrified Moderators. When Does It End?

mark zuckerberg

Facebook released a video last year apologizing for its data misuse that likely swayed the 2016 election. It ends by saying “if this place does what it was built for, we all get a little closer.” That is the problem, Facebook. It's time to back off. The Intercept just released an exposé detailing how managers at the Austin, Texas outpost have been pressuring trauma counselors to release...

Turkish Bitcoin Adoption Ramps Up amid Flagging Economic Recovery

turkey bitcoin adoption

By CCN Markets: Turkey likes bitcoin more than any of the other 14 nations polled in a recent survey by Dutch banking group ING. Sixty-two percent of Turks were crypto positive, while 36% said they would be happy to be paid in bitcoin. Meanwhile, Austrians were the most skeptical, with only 13% being pro-crypto. These sentiments make perfect sense given Turkey’s recent economic struggles...

Tilray Stock Sinks as Mike Tyson's Heavyweight Jolt Fails to Ignite Market

Mike Tyson

Tilray’s stock has fallen nearly 15% since yesterday when they reported larger-than-expected second-quarter losses after the market closed. Overall, the company’s net loss increased to $35.11 million, or 32 cents a share. Slumping Cannabis Industry Cannabis-related stocks have been steadily dropping over the past few months. Major companies like Aurora Cannabis, Canntrust, and Canopy Growth have...

Epstein’s Suicide Leaked on 4Chan Before Official Announcement 

Jeffrey Epstein suicide

Disgraced billionaire Jeffery Epstein died of an apparent suicide on Saturday, but the news broke in a surprising place. Thirty-eight minutes before the first tweet about Epstein’s death, by ABC reporter Aaron Katersky, an anonymous 4chan user posted news of the hanging. Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Sources tell @abc Epstein committed suicide at MCC Manhattan — Aaron Katersky (@AaronKatersky)...

Samsung Capitalizes on Gamer Craze, Laces New Lineup with Discord

Samsung Galaxy 10

Samsung announced its new lineup of smartphones today which includes the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. While traditional specs are getting most of the attention (battery life, screen size, camera), one new feature could truly set this lineup apart. The South Korean conglomerate is incorporating the popular gaming app Discord into Samsung’s Game Launcher. The app will...

Bernie Sanders Vows to Expose Area 51's UFO Secrets

Bernie Sanders, Area 51, UFOs

Bernie Sanders may not be the president you want, but he's absolutely the president you need. That is, if you're holding onto hope that one day soon someone will expose all of Area 51's dirty secrets. President Bernie Sanders Will Tell Us All About the UFOs Sanders went on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday to discuss various topics surrounding his presidential campaign. At...

Coinbase Goes to Battle With Binance, Looks to Add 8 New Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase to review 8 new cryptocurrencies

While Coinbase is still the place many Americans go for their first cryptocurrency purchase, another crypto exchange has them backpedalling. As the Malta-based exchange Binance continues its rise to the top, Coinbase is making moves to ensure they don’t become “Yahoo!” to Binance’s “Google.” The San Francisco-based platform just announced that they’re looking to add eight new coins to their...

Mark Cuban's Botched Miami Trade: Miscommunication or Revenge?

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban recently told the Miami Herald that his botched trade with the Miami Heat was a “miscommunication.” While there is no hard evidence to the contrary, the simplified story from the Dallas Mavericks owner leaves room for questions.  The trade materialized during the Miami Heat’s attempt to acquire Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler in June. The Heat needed to match his incoming salary...

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