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Meghan Markle is Taking on the Queen – And There’s Only One Winner

Last Updated September 24, 2020 3:01 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 3:01 PM
  • Meghan Markle has gone from a young lady who seemed to have the world at her feet to being on the verge of throwing it all away.
  • The days of enjoying a wedding and clothing budget far outwith anything she could ever hope to provide on her own are firmly in the past.
  • The Duchess of Sussex is now relegated to backdoor-managing a book intended to set her on a collision course with one of the world’s most powerful women.

Meghan Markle seemed like she had it all a few short years ago.

She had her very own Prince Charming on her arm, was set to embark on a lifestyle she could never afford on her own merit , and was looked upon favorably by one of the most popular and groundbreaking women on the planet in Queen Elizabeth.

That the former C-level actress managed to effectively throw all of that away in such a short space of time is not only breathtaking but a sign of just how desperate she is for fame and money.

Meghan Markle fans believe she’s putting the royal family in their place – but it’s a dangerous game

There’s been much said about the royal family by fans of Meghan Markle. Granted, much of it is uneducated nonsense, but you often wonder if Meghan herself is just as guilty of buying into her own hype?

Meghan’s ludicrous fanbase is nothing if not devoted | Source: Twitter 

For example, her fans see her as an international feminist superstar.

While her marriage to Prince Harry has undoubtedly brought her to the attention of many people, she’s far from an international superstar.

While I would never belittle the work the United Nations does, making a speech at a UN summit isn’t the hallmark of an international star.

Or a feminist.

There is much that younger fans of Meghan don’t know about the Queen | Source: Twitter 

Honestly, you could create a line-up of people who have spoken for the UN, and I doubt most of the general public would know who they are.

It’s this type of thinking, however, that has Meghan Markle and her fans believing she’s actually above the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth should not be underestimated by those too young to know who she really is

I think the mistake that many Meghan Markle fans, and indeed Meghan herself, is guilty of making is to underestimate Queen Elizabeth.

Such oversight could prove costly.

When both Meghan and Prince Harry made their surprise announcement telling of their intention to leave the royal family, it caught the palace off-guard.

This was undoubtedly the intention, of course, along with an attempt to take control of the narrative and the terms of their exit.

It didn’t take long for the Queen to set the couple straight  on how this situation was going to play out.

Queen Elizabeth and not the Sussexes would determine the state of play.

As reported by Channel 5:

In 2020, she beat Harry and Meghan in a war of words and proved herself to be the Queen of social media. Although the Queen had been caught off guard, a brief and concise tweet posted just hours later revealed that discussions were at an early stage. In just 34 friendly words, the Queen had taken back control of the situation.

Round one to her majesty.

The Finding Freedom book is the last throw of the dice for Meghan Markle in this battle

I’ll admit, Meghan has done a good job of positioning herself as an innocent party in her royal exit. The gullible Prince Harry looks set to take the fall for that.

But if, as many predict, this book is set to take some potshots at the royal family and the Queen, history suggests that Meghan Markle will come out of this battle second-best by quite some margin.

Even the much-lauded Princess Diana knew when to pick and choose her battles, and she was all too aware that the Queen was not an opponent that anyone wanted.

This new book will not shine a favorable light on the Hollywood Royals : Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle appears foolish enough, or perhaps it’s ego at work, to not take the lead from her childhood idol.

Regardless, it looks as though the first shots have been fired. Meghan’s fans will be reveling in the so-called explosive revelations of Omid Scobie’s book.

I fear those celebrations will be short-lived, however. To expect not just the Queen, but those that Princess Diana famously labeled “the grey men” of the palace, to just sit back is naive at best.

We’re told that we can learn from history. And history tells us that the Queen did not get where she is today, along with her family, by being outmaneuvered by the likes of Meghan Markle.

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