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Meghan Markle Quit the Royal Family Because She Couldn’t Control It

Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:48 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:48 PM
  • Did Meghan Markle know how the royal family worked before she married Prince Harry?
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William took their time before committing to the life they have today for a reason.
  • Meghan has rushed head-first into a PR war with the royals that she simply will not win.

I often wonder if Meghan Markle had any idea what she was getting herself into that evening she pressed her phone number into Prince Harry’s hand.

Often we read about Meghan wanting to be a Disney princess, but surely she knew that wasn’t how it would work in real life. Most girls stop dreaming of being a Disney princess way before their teenage years.

No, Meghan must have known that being part of the royal family wasn’t a fairytale.

meghan markle tweet
That nasty media at it again! Proof that it wasn’t always bad for Meghan. | Source: Twitter 

Meghan Markle’s claims of feeling unprotected are a sign of naivety

I’ve said it before, but what exactly did Meghan Markle want the royal family to do when the British media didn’t say favorable things about her?

I wasn’t the only person dumbfounded by Meghan’s claims, as Jane Moore, the royal expert on the Loose Women panel,  commented:

For Meghan, I feel a bit sorry for her. She obviously has been shocked by what she’s discovered. Yes, she’s a strong, feisty woman, but if you marry into the institution. It’s got different rules.

While the royals may go about things differently, if the press says blatant untruths, that can be dealt with.

We’ve seen Duchess Kate Middleton do precisely that with Tatler, and at the moment, Meghan Markle herself is taking the Daily Mail to task.

Meghan’s making a complete pig’s ear of it admittedly, but still.

Meghan’s real problem with the royal family is lack of control

From what we see and read, Meghan Markle is a woman who is accustomed to getting what she wants.

She’s a social climber who most likely believed she’d reached the top of the mountain when she snared herself a British prince.

It seems she didn’t do her research though, as unlike the movies, the Prince doesn’t get to call all his own shots.

When it comes to the royal family and how they deal with the media, Jane Moore made an interesting point:

Diana called them the ‘Grey Men of the Palace’. Each member of the royal family has a different set of press people. They control the narrative, it’s never about the individuals. If you think about that old adage, never complain, never explain. It’s the ethos of the Palace.

I wonder if Meghan believed that the royal family consisted of different royals all going about things in their own way, making their statements to the media, and threatening those reporters who dared say something nasty about them?

Sorry Meghan, but that’s not how it works. Even for Kings and Queens!

In hindsight, it’s probably for the best that Meghan wasn’t given much freedom with the press during her stint as a working royal.

We’ve seen the mess she and her highly-touted PR team have gotten into since leaving the U.K.

meghan markle tweet
Meghan and Harry were warned about life in L.A., and sadly Sharon Osbourne’s words are ringing true. | Source: Twitter 

The grey men of the palace are there for a reason, and the British royal family appears to be coated in Teflon when it comes to the media.

Sadly, both Meghan and Prince Harry seem set to find out exactly how effective the royal grey men of the palace are.

Meghan has cast the first stone claiming she was unprotected. This has seemingly upset the Queen.

That’s not something you want to do.

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