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Dogecoin Users Outraged Over Trademark

Update: Ultra Pro has made an announcement on the subject after the article was published. It can be read here. The Dogecoin community was introduced

Expedia Experiments With Bitcoin

Seems like a lot of big-name companies are becoming bitcoin-friendly recently. Dish Network began accepting bitcoin about two weeks ago; Apple reversed its ban on

4 Lines of Defence Against a 51% Attack

The bitcoin community has been critical for the past two days of the increasing hash rate of the biggest bitcoin mining pool Ghash which states

Interview with Tyler Roye, CEO of eGifter

eGifter is an online retailer specializing in electronic gift cards from a very large assortment of businesses. eGifter makes it easy to send gift cards

BTC-e and its secrets: trustworthy or recipe for disaster?

BTC-e: trustworthy or recipe for disaster?

After the failure of the largest Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, its users were forced to spread out to different locations to trade in cryptocurrencies. There

Breaking: Vircurex Halts Withdrawals

Vircurex Has Halted Withdrawals

Popular altcoin exchange Vircurex just announced that it has stopped withdrawals for BTC, LTC, FTC (Feathercoin) and TRC (Terracoin). Any incoming deposit will not be credited.