Angry Apple Users Target Draconian iPhone Repair Policies

apple iphone right to repair

Apple customers have long complained about the $900 billion company’s draconian restrictions on repairing broken iPhones, MacBooks, and other devices. Now, consumer advocates are turning to lobbyists to pressure legislators to etch a “right to repair” into law. Apple & iPhone Owners Spar Over the Balance Between Ownership & IP Rights Apple and other Silicon … Read more

Bethesda’s Tacky Single-Player Cash Grab Sours DOOM Hype

Bethesda's Tacky Single-Player Cash Grab Sours DOOM Hype

Bethesda Softworks’ Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the last installment of the series before Wolfenstein 3 comes out, has a microtransaction system that’s got everyone talking. Save Your Silver Coins, Boys Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not a multiplayer-focused game. Instead, it has two modes: single-player and cooperative, which makes some wonder why the game should have a full-blown microtransactions … Read more

Watch: Facebook’s Crypto Chief Suffers Brutal Senate Backlash

Facebook crypto chief David Marcus

The US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing on Facebook’s Libra project this morning, with Facebook crypto chief David Marcus in the hot seat. After a lengthy introduction by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo in which he called Facebook’s aims “commendable,” the committee discussed the potential ramifications of Facebook banking services. … Read more

Tron’s Justin Sun Gives Official Statement on Police Incident

justin sun

Justin Sun and Tron had some strange news out this week regarding their potential entanglement with the Beijing police. However, on further review, it looks like the police are protecting the Tron building. Fake News or Fake Investment Scheme? Those who feel bereft by a scam run on the Tron blockchain (“Wave Field”) may get … Read more

Facebook Crypto Libra’s Leader Responds to Concerns and Misunderstandings

David Marcus, Libra, Facebook

In a responsive blog post on Wednesday, David Marcus, head of Facebook’s financial blockchain project ‘Libra’, covered a range of subjects including responding to sweeping concerns surrounding the crypto project. Congress Demands Facebook Halt Work on the Libra Cryptocurrency — CCN – Capital & Celeb News (@CapitalAndCeleb) July 3, 2019 He wrote: As expected … Read more

Toy Story Just Had Its #MeToo Moment

toy story, #metoo, casting couch

The latest version of Toy Story 2, first released in 1999, is missing a beloved fake blooper scene at the end. Fans noticed that when the 4K edition came out earlier this year, there was something missing: Stinky Pete’s casting couch. Take a Walk Stinky Pete, You’re Not Welcome in Post-#MeToo Toy Story All four … Read more

Apple’s Design Chief is Leaving. Here’s Why It’s Fabulously Good News

Jony Ive

Jony Ive is reportedly leaving Apple, and this is a big deal for everyone. Smartphone Revolutionary Founds His Own Firm We’re talking about the man who essentially kicked off the smartphone revolution, creating a wealth of opportunities for developers and businesspeople alike. He also invented that slick metal MacBook so many are fond of – … Read more

Iran’s Nuclear Tantrum Could Be a Game-Changer for US Businesses

Hassan Rouhani

Iran has admitted that it actively violates embargoes and treaties against its developing nuclear weapons or technology. The tiny country in the Middle East has become an increasing headache for the United States as it develops its nuclear ambitions in plain sight despite being told repeatedly that this could lead to severe consequences. Iran repeatedly … Read more

Kamala Harris’ Biden Beatdown Upends Democratic Primary Odds

kamala harris, democratic primary

According to data from gambling platform PredictIt, a surprising candidate has emerged as the betting favorite to win the 2020 Democratic primary: Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris Opens Surprise Lead in 2020 Betting Market Harris reportedly delivered a beatdown to former Vice President Joe Biden at the recent debates, which has many Democrats buzzing that she … Read more

Hong Kong Stock Market Recoils as Protesters Invade Government HQ

hong kong protests, stock market

Protesters in Hong Kong have reportedly taken over at least one government building, with tensions escalating over the weekend and preventing the local stock market from taking part in an otherwise-global rally. Tensions Escalate as Hong Kong Stock Market Tanks The protesters took over the legislature building, and police are not happy about it, reportedly … Read more